The 6 Best NCL Cruise Deals of 2017

The 6 Best NCL Cruise Deals of 2017

Spending time on a luxury cruise should be on everyone’s to-do list for 2017. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of the ocean and feeling cool sea spray on your warm skin. With Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), those feelings are closer than ever before. Take a look at six of Cruise Club UK’s favourite NCL 2017 cruises and let the dream of a cruise holiday drift ever nearer!

An infographic of the best NCL cruise deals of 2017

6. Adriatic & Greece (7 nights, £769pp)

Take in the delights of the Adriatic Sea on a seven-night cruise from Venice. Witness history’s most stunning monuments in Athens and see what makes tourists flock to Dubrovnik. You’ll enjoy this week-long cruise even more when you find out that flights, luggage and transfers are all included in the price!

This is the ideal cruise for those who have never sailed before. One week is not too long, so even those unaccustomed to spending days away from dry land will be able to cope. And of course, the stop-off points in idyllic coastal ports will give you ample time to put some land — and sand — underneath your feet.

5. Canary Islands (10 nights, £769pp)

One of our most popular cruises is this 10-night trip around the Canary Islands. Witness the Iberian Islands in all their glory while basking in the subtropical climate. Despite being a part of Spain, the Canary Islands are located closer to Africa than Europe. This may explain the so-called “best climate in the world”. We certainly wouldn’t disagree with that claim!

This NCL cruise comes with free flights from London Gatwick and free drinks once you’re on board. Plus, if you book an Ocean View cabin or above, you’ll get to choose from another free extra. You could opt for a free speciality dining package, internet access or $200 credit to spend on board.

4. Copenhagen to Miami (15 nights, £1099pp)

If sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in complete luxury sounds good to you, this NCL cruise from Copenhagen to Miami is your ideal match. Experience a whole change in culture as you depart from Denmark, one of Europe’s capitals of cycling, to Miami, home of white sandy beaches and art deco buildings.

If those things aren’t enough motivation for you, then how about free flights, luggage and transfers?

3. Norwegian Fjords (10 nights, £1489pp)

The only true way to see Norway’s natural beauty is from the water. There are more than a thousand fjords along Norway’s coastline and you’ll see the most breathtaking of them all on this NCL cruise. Don’t forget to pack your coat on this chilly ten-nighter, as you take in the quiet seclusion of the watery paradise. From the luxury of your cabin, you’ll witness the spectacular Geirangerfjord, which sits proudly on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

With departures from Southampton and free drinks included in the price, Norway’s fjords are closer than you might think.

2. Hawaiian Tropics (15 nights, £2499pp)

It might seem a bit cliched to describe Hawaii as an island paradise, but when you arrive, you’ll most certainly agree! Departing from Vancouver, this NCL cruise takes you around some of the most scenic islands on planet Earth. Jump in the serene, blue waters of Kona and marvel at the mountains of Kahului, all whilst cruising with NCL. On this fifteen-night cruise, you’ll forget all about your worries and sink into a state of relaxation.

And don’t worry about booking extra flights — they’re included in the price, as well as your luggage and airport transfers.

1. Australian Adventure (22 nights, £2499pp)

Our favourite NCL cruise of 2017 is also the longest on this list. For those who want a more substantial adventure, this 22-night cruise around Australia will get your blood pumping. On this longer trip, you can commit fully to relaxation. Research has found that taking a holiday can improve your skin, promote weight loss and even boost your confidence.

For those who aren’t used to longer cruises, the long time spent at sea may come as a bit of a surprise. We’d suggest starting off with a shorter one to begin with — perhaps the seven-night trip around the Adriatic Sea — and gradually finding your sea legs. However, if you do want to dive straight in, our adventure Down Under comes with free flights, luggage allowance and transfers!

Whether you’re a first-time cruise-goer or a veteran of the seas, our NCL 2017 cruises offer something for everyone. The past year may have been a hectic one, but this one is guaranteed to be more serene if you jump on board with NCL Cruises.

Call Cruise Club UK today on 0808 163 7698 or browse our NCL 2017 cruise collection and find the perfect cruise for you!


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