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Luxury Cruise Line

Well, they are called “luxury cruises” for a reason. If you’re looking to treat yourself this summer, look no further than choosing a luxury cruise for yourself. By virtue of the nature of travel, cruises offer a range of perks that aren’t shared by their landlubbing or air travel peers. When you’re considering what kind of a trip you’d like to have, these perks can really push you over the edge into committing to a luxury cruise of your own.

Benefits of a luxury cruise

The perks of a luxury cruise take many different forms, including spa treatments, butler service, and individually designed day trips to the cruises’ destinations. These perks help transform a regular holiday experience into something that’s a little out of this world.

Luxury Cruise Concierge Service

Luxury cruise lines come with a full concierge service, ready to make your holiday completely unforgettable. Whatever your holiday needs may be – perhaps to take a guided tour of a specific location, or to throw an in-suite cocktail party – they’ll be on hand to make sure that it comes to life in exactly the way you’d like. Concierge service also covers the more traditional five-star service, such as bringing your bags to and from your room and making restaurant reservations for you when the ship comes into port.

Tailor-made Food to Fit Your Needs

Speaking of dinner, luxury cruise lines come with a personalised chef service. This means that not only will there be an array of phenomenal food onboard for you to try but, if you’ve got a particular craving that doesn’t appear on the menu, you can also drop off the recipe (or just some instructions), and look forward to your custom-made meal!

Sip Champagne On Your Luxury Cruise

The majority of luxury cruise lines include drinks in the price of your room, which means that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of bubbly whenever you like. Additionally, luxury cruise ships come with many bar options, meaning that by the time happy hour rolls around, you’ll be simply spoilt for choice.

Allergies? No Problem

If you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, planning a holiday can be a real bore, but not on a luxury cruise! All you need to do is request a hypoallergenic room or suite, and you’ll be sorted.

Get Pampered Aboard a Luxury Cruise Line

Luxury cruise lines take the whole “poolside relaxing” vibe to the next level. In addition to deck pools and jacuzzi’s, you’ll also find full-scale spa treatments that include pool-side massages and mani-pedi service. So, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll feel great too.

Wanting to treat yourself to a luxury cruise? Get in touch!

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Luxury Cruise with Spa

When it comes to holidays, we often want to figure out a way to combine relaxation, adventure, and travel. This can seem almost impossible sometimes, but thanks to luxury cruise travel, now you really can have it all.

In recent years, the level of spa service on cruises has skyrocketed. There was once a time that pampering service onboard was simply a case of a steam room and a massage table, but not anymore. Now luxury cruise liners have a certifiable floating spa, with all the modern touches, which means that you can have a trip that not only widens your horizons in terms of travel but also relaxes and revives you.

Luxury Cruise Deals

Watch Tradition and Technology Combine On Your Luxury Cruise

Spas aboard luxury cruise lines have a range of treatments and services that beautifully combine the new and the old. You’ll be able to find all of your normal favourites – massages, manicures, pedicures and facials – alongside a range of modern and innovative methods and products, like acupressure and botox.

The thing is, relaxing doesn’t just feel good – it’s actually good for you, too. Numerous studies have not only shown the benefits of relaxing for steady periods of time, but a whole range of the treatments that are available aboard luxury liners have their own range of positive health attributes.

A one-hour massage has been shown to equate to about 7-8 hours of sleep on the body. If you’ve been suffering from long hours at the office this could be exactly what you need. And body scrubs – a cruise ship favourite – have been shown to have incredible restorative and hydrating abilities for the body’s skin.

Specialist Treatments

These incredible cruise ship spas have a range of specialised treatments that lay outside the range of traditional treatments like acupuncture, deep tissue massages, and a range of therapies that have been proven to deal with chronic pain. If you’ve been having health issues, these treatments are exactly what you need to meld both holiday and physical rehabilitation.

A unique dimension of these specialist treatments is that they’re often tailored to specifically match the locations that you are visiting. Not only does this mean that you have access to a whole range of exclusive treatments that aren’t available at home, but it adds an additional level of authenticity to your spa trip. Say you’re cruising the Red Sea and you dock in Aqaba – you can have the wonderful satisfaction of knowing that the Dead Sea mud you’re being given a facial with has only travelled 100 kilometres from the actual Dead Sea itself. Or if your next port of call is Phang Nga Bay in Thailand, you can arrange for an authentic Thai massage from a local expert, because although luxury cruise liners have their own highly qualified staff, they also often take advantage of the local knowledge and skills along their routes, bringing aboard renowned local practitioners.

Get Spa Service Whenever You Want It

One of the top attractions to taking a cruise is that the fun doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down. This goes for spa treatments, too. A luxury cruise liners’ expertly trained, and rigorously certified, team of on-board beauticians and practitioners will be available 24/7 in order to come to your assistance in whatever you need. Now, that’s what I call a holiday.

Wanting to treat yourself to a luxury cruise? Get in touch!

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