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Hi I’m Marcia and I’m here to share all things on cruise and travel. Holidays are my life and I love to share my experiences and hear of others. I’ve worked in travel for almost 10 years now, and still love helping people find their dream holiday. As you may know if you’ve reads my previous blogs I have a little passion for Norway and the hunt for the Aurora Borealis, I blame it all on my mother, what started out as her dream has now become a passion for us both and once was never enough. Italy is another of my favourite countries, I’ve never had a bad trip there, in fact I don’t think there’s anywhere I’ve been to that I haven’t enjoyed, and I’ve been travelling since I was a baby, living in India for the first year of my life, not that I can remember that of course. My motto is enjoy yourself your on holiday and make the best of every opportunity, and once it’s over look forward to your next one, which is where we come in

Following on from my previous blog Lerwick in the Shetland Isles was our 3rd port and our tender dropped us in the heart of town to be greeted by some Vikings which added to the Scottish atmosphere. Located 123 miles from Northern point of Scotland Lerwick on the East coast is an old traditional harbour town surrounded by old stone buildings and it certainly feels like your going back in time. We had booked an excursion up to the North coast of the island and were told that no matter where you were in Shetland you would never be more than 3 miles from the coast

C feature

Driving through the Tingwall Valley the landscape is dramatic and baron, we passed Mavis Grind a narrow 300 yard strip of land where the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean seem almost to meet. Arriving at  Tangwick Haa Museum we had a quick stop however the highlight for me was heading down to the pebble beach to spot the seals swimming in the water and sleeping on the rocks. Driving out to the Eshaness cliffs the scenery became much more dramatic and moody.  The spectacular Atlantic coastline has no comparison elsewhere in all of Shetland and here you can view the striking sea cliffs, with their rock formations that have been carved by the unrelenting power of the ocean.

C esheness

Our last port of call was Invergordon, I’d set my heart on a visit to Lochness, it felt like it was something we had to do whilst in the area, we managed to get a last minute place on one of the excursions. The drive was also very picturesque, along the Lochs and through the heart of Inverness we had a very knowledgeable guide. Boarding the Jacobs queen we began our 30 minute cruise around the loch over to Urquhart castle. This a one of Scotlands largest castles and dates back to the 13th Century, I would highly recommend watching the short film in the exhibition there, it details how the castle has been invaded on many an occasion and how important it was to Scotland’s battles and history. It now belongs to the National Trust as a tourist destination.

C urquhart

And the question your all wanting to know is yes we did find Nessie……

C nessie

Sailing away from Invergordon to the sound of bag pipers , sat in a hot tub with a glass of fizz watching the sun set, this really was the perfect end to an amazing cruise.

C sunset invergordon

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I’ve always wondered why people wanted to cruise around the British Isles when there are so many other destinations to visit. Even when I told people where I was going on my cruise I could hear in their voice they were thinking why is she going there, however I can now say I can see exactly why. Scotland is beautiful, there are so many interesting things to see and the landscape is so dramatic. I think when we look at going on holiday we don’t tend to think about what’s on our doorstep and we should really take more time to experience our own country

c orkney beach

Our first port of call was Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands. First impressions were good ….it was dry. C&M provided a complimentary shuttles bus into the town centre only a 5minute drive away. We had been told there was a local tourist bus that took you to some of the main attractions, we found this to be exceptional value at £10 and almost identical to one of the shore excursions that had been offered. Our scenic drive took us past Scapa Flow, a body of water between Scapa Bay and Kirkwall, now a famous wreck and diving site, this was initially used as a harbour for the Vikings to the main Naval base for the Royal Navy in the first world war.

c scara brae

Skara Brae is a stone-built Neolithic settlement occupied from 3180 BC to about 2500 BC which was uncovered by a storm in 1850, excavations began and 8 houses were discovered. The preservation is immense and the Scots call it the Pompeii of Scotland, it has since been awarded a Unesco heritage site. A visitors centre and exhibition has also been built to immerse yourself in the history of the site

c brodgar

On our way back to Kirkwall we passed the Standing Stones of Stenness and The Rings of Brodgar, both stone circles also from the Neothilic period, they have previously been compared to Stonehenge

c kirkwall

Kirkwall itself is a pretty little town with old narrow streets surrounding its main church and the bay curves rounds from the town leading back to the port which is a lovely walk

The Faroe Islands are a truly magical place and my favourite port of the trip. An archipelago of 18 volcanic islands located halfway in the Altantic between Scotland and Iceland with Danish ruling. All the islands are linked by tunnels, causeways and bridges and are very picturesque

C torshavn ship

Docking in Torshavn we had booked an excursion of a scenic tour, and it did not disappoint, the landscape is so green, with sparkling water, the array of salmon farms, pretty coloured houses, narrow hairpin bends as we drove up the mountains and rugged cliffs this is a spectacular drive. The island is actually also known as sheep island due to the volume that you see scattered in the hills.

The town of Gjógv where we stopped for traditional pancakes and a coffee before having some free time, I must’ve taken over 100 photos, these islands are special, somewhere I would love to return too. Torshavn itself is also very pretty, coloured fishing boats bobbing in the harbour, surrounded by little cafes, bars and shops perfect for people watching

C faro secenery

Read my next blog to see where I visited next

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My cruise was sailing from Tilbury and around the Scottish Isles on Cruise & Maritime’s new flagship Columbus, launched in June this year she has previously belonged to Princess cruises, Ocean Village and P&O. Following a huge refurbishment she has come to life with modern décor whilst still regaining the traditional style that Cruise and Maritime are known for and for which their loyal passengers love.

colombus atrium

The largest of their fleet Columbus is almost 64,000 tonnes, carries 1400 passengers and has 11 passenger decks. The cruise line has listened to what their passengers want, this ship has 64 balconies and junior suites, and 150 cabins for single occupancy which is much appreciated by passengers. Its nice that they do cater so much for solo travellers as much as couples, which is why Cruise and Maritime have such a large following. I met many people that cruise with them regularly.

With 1 main restaurant the Waterfront, Plantation buffet and 2 speciality restaurants, Fusion a mix of Asian Indian cuisine and Grill specialising in steak, plus the alfresco grill open daily for burgers, afternoon tea and the speciality coffee bars featuring cakes and pastries you can be sure never to go hungry.

c fusion

c grill

There are 7 lounges and bars onboard, Raffles is a classy affair overlooking the main atrium and is the perfect start to your evening. The Dome is the late night bar with music and dancing, the oldies can really teach the young a thing or two. My favourite bar was the Oasis bar at the aft of the ship on deck 8, the back has tiered sunbathing areas with comfy loungers spanning over 5 decks, deck 8 is also where the jacuzzi’s are located, we spent a goregous afternoon in the jacuzzi, glass of fizz whilst watching the ship sail from Invergordon

c sunbeds

Indoor bars included Connexions and Taverners pub, located next to each other but both with a very different feel, these featured resident singers every night which was a lovely way to spend your evening after dinner

C connexions

The spa and fitness centre I was told were both very good, neither of which I visited, one minute you are on your first day planning everything and what there is to do, the next its your last day and you realise you haven’t even seen half the ship. The atmosphere onboard is so relaxed that you think you have all the time in the world, I think this is where Cruise and Maritime have really hit the spot, they are a friendly professional cruise line that really do cater for all ages. Although the majority of passengers were older we met a few guests that were younger, some on their first cruise and they loved it. It’s taught me not to always believe what you hear, to try something different and make the most of every opportunity that opens to you.

Click on this link to carry on reading about my experience on Cruise & Maritime

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If you have read my previous blog you will of hopefully decided that Alaska is next on your list of travel destinations and you will also have a better idea of when you would like to cruise

Most cruise lines offer a variety of sailings, mainly 7 night durations. Your next decision is where to begin and where to cruise. Many begin in either Seattle or Vancouver, sailing North up the Inside passage. The Inside Passage is a waterway of islands than run along the Pacific coast of North America. This is a perfect itinerary for a first time cruiser as the waters tend to be calm and sailing through offers spectacular scenery. The main ports of call are Juneau, Skagway, Sitka and Ketchikan

juneau (1)

Alternatively you can cruise further afield up to the Gulf of Alaska to Anchorage, most itineraries start or end here and Vancouver. Still experiencing the Inside passage this opens up a world of glaciers and opportunities to add on a land tour to Denali National park or visit the Kenai fjords.


There are 2 very different types of cruising here depending on what type of experience you are looking for. The larger mainstream cruise lines such as Celebrity, Holland America and Princess offer the most flexibility on itineraries and tend to have 3-4 ships here every Summer. Here you get to experience the best of both worlds. The luxury of a cruise with your food and entertainment combined with the excitement of cruising to such a destination


Alternatively you have the very small expedition ships, these only carry a few hundred people, but means that you can experience a true Alaskan holiday getting closer to nature. Many of these have experienced guides and zodiaks, small boats that take you as close to the shoreline and wildlife as is possible. These don’t have any of the features of the larger ships but will give you a whole new perspective on your holiday


For this weekend only Celebrity cruises have an Alaskan sale with prices starting from as low as £1699p/p for a balcony cabin in May on their Solstice flagship. These offers also include a complimentary all inclusive drinks package, so whether its a glass of wine to celebrate what you have seen, or a steaming cup of coffee to warm you up after a long day out, everything is catered for.

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Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

One of my dreams is to visit Alaska but I as many of you probably can’t decide when to go, so sat at home on Sunday evening watching the beginning of a new series called Wild Alaska live it opened my eyes to the different times of year to visit. I always wanted to go at the beginning of May, thinking I’d catch the end of the snow, and still having a slight chance of seeing the Northern lights. What I didn’t realise was that the wildlife you see can depend on the month that you visit, I was fascinated to watch all the Salmon moving down the rivers which happens only in July and August


So to help me and all of you fellow adventurers here’s a quick brief on the different months to visit

Alaska season starts in May, the nights begin to get longer and the temperatures are on the up. May is also one of the driest months. Wildlife is rife as animals begin to come out of hibernation, particularly Moose and Dall sheep which are slowly moving down the slopes of the hills for better grazing, sightings of Bald eagles are also high where they will be preparing their nests for their young. At the beginning of the season prices tend to be lower and fewer crowds so would suit more people in the smaller ports and towns


June is the beginning of peak season, the temperatures are on the up and the nights are getting longer with long days and sparse nights, later June and into July tends to be very busy for cruise passengers, which does see a rise in prices as you can expect. Anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the famous Brown bear this is the time to visit, heading into Salmon season you can spot the bears doing a spot of fishing for food, building up their strength before hibernating again in the Autumn. If you can get close enough to see the salmon swimming up the river beds is something that you will never forget.

inside-passage (1)

August can be a great time for whales orcas and dolphins navigating the inside passage, in an ideal world I would be sitting on my balcony watching them swim alongside our ship, imagine the photos to take home to show family and friends.


September is the beginning of the end of the season here, prices tend to drop and similar to May it can be less crowded, this is classed as shoulder season. It can be slightly more rainy, but I believe the weather just like the UK is extremely changeable where you can have just as sunny a day as in June. The nights are drawing in and this starts the Autumn season, most cruise lines stop by the second week, tourist resorts close down but the biggest thrill is that Aurora season begins and so begins the possibilities of seeing the Northern lights in the North in Denali and Fairbanks.

Alaska really does have everything, from glaciers, forests, wilderness, rivers, bears, whales, wolves, and eagles, this is a combination that really does make a holiday of a lifetime. See my next blog for some fantastic special promotions

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If you have read my previous blog you will be fully read up on my trip to Amsterdam, here is part 2, our second day began with opening our curtains and seeing our ship MS Koningsdam  from our window, followed by the mother of all breakfasts at our hotel, there was so much to choose from, especially if your a sucker for fresh bread like me, and the most amazing cumin flavoured cheese, so much so I even bought some to bring home, the price I paid i shall not disclose!

MS Koningsdam is Holland America’s newest ship launched in April 2016 she is their largest in their fleet to date and the first in their Pinnacle class. And what a ship she is, I’ve seen quite a few whilst working here at Cruise Club UK but wow this is by far the most impressive ship for me


Much more modern than I expected, Koningsdam has a bright open feel, what I loved most was the pale greys and creams with a splash of bright orange, pink and green flowers, beach towels and napkins giving an edge that makes her stand out from the others

Koningsdam, inkeeping with her Dutch heritage is a mix of contemporary and classic design which is significant of the Holland America line, her name also lends well to her roots “Koning,” means king in Dutch, and is a salute to King Willem-Alexander, the Netherland’s first king in over 100 years.


We began our tour in the Atrium which was light and airy, followed by the spa and pool deck, including the exclusive concierge area with private sun loungers and hydrotherapy pool. Dining plays a large part on any cruise and you wont be disappointed on this ship. The Lido restaurant has a more upmarket feel to any other buffet restaurant, instead of one large serving area they have smaller individual themed service stations for different types of food.  The main restaurant was spectacular, bright and colourful with creams and yellows, the pictures you may have seen do not do this justice at all. There are also a number of new speciality restaurants and innovations including the Culinary Arts Center, new ala carte dining such as Tamarind, Canaletto and Sel de Mer. Then there was my favourite Blend by Chateau Ste. Michelle, where you can blend your own wine whilst sampling a variety of grapes to help create your perfect wine


Artwork features heavily on the ship and with a modern feel you can discover creative new art around every corner, the Koningsdam has been decorated with a music theme and the art certainly blends well with this


Club Hal is popular for families, I was even told that their kids clubs are one of the best at sea, although I would say Holland America isn’t a cruise line that first springs to mind they are very welcoming for the younger generation

Public areas flow with the same style of openess and space, plenty sunbeds around the pool with a retractable roof for when the weather isn’t too great, a homemade ice cream section and a modern style theatre ready for your evening entertainment


All in all I was extremely impressed with this ship, my first Holland America experience, my only complaint was that we had to leave for our flight home, oh how tempted I was to become a stowaway.

Whether your a previous cruiser with Holland or similar lines, a first time cruiser or someone who likes the finer things in life I can truly recommend this ship and you will not be disappointed. She is currently sailing from Amsterdam to Northern Europe and then will move over to the Caribbean for the Winter season so if this sounds like your kind of cruise do not hesitate to contact me today

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Last weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fly to Amsterdam and sample the delights of a new promotion between Holland America and Superbreak

Superbreak are a rennouned company in the UK offering mainly hotels and theatre breaks, however this has all begun to change. They have recently expanded to offering worldwide hotels and tour packages and Amsterdam is one of their most popular breaks.

To gain an insight into what Superbreak packages have to offer a handful of travel agents were flown out for an unforgettable weekend to experience what our guests can book.


Once we arrived in Amsterdam we met with a local tour guide who was very knowledgable in the history of the city and took a group of us on a walking tour beginning at the port walking past the train station, past the famous Dam square, the shopping district and of course the red light district, which in daylight was a bit underwhelming, until dark came and the area came to life.

Lunch was served at  Haesje Claes, a typical Dutch restaurant which was full at lunchtime. A traditional set menu was served including smoked mackeral, roast chicken and the most amazing apple and cinnamon cake for dessert.


After lunch a wander around the flower market to see the many flowers and tulips on offer before we ventured back to our hotel, the grand Moevenpick right at the port. A beautiful hotel in an excellent location only a 10 minute walk from the central train station and situated right at the cruise terminal, we had a fantastic view of Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas from our bedroom window and watched a typical sail away


Once the evening came we were taken on a canal river boat dinner cruise, where we sailed through the canals of Amsterdam whilst being wined and dined with a 4 course meal and unlimited wine. Again a set menu which we had pre ordered but were given a choice of either meat, fish or vegetarian. The hosts offered a fantastic service and we saw a lovely sun set whilst onboard before arriving back at the dock, where we treated ourselves to a couple of cheeky drinks before heading back to our hotel for a well deserved nights rest before our visit to Holland America’s new MS Koningsdam on Sunday morning.


To read more please see my next blog by clicking HERE

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Event and themed cruises seem to becoming the new thing when it comes to cruising, cruise lines are constantly introducing new ideas to keep cruising exciting and innovative

Some cruise lines feature Celebrities, food heroes or dancers, some ensure they are in ports for some of the worlds most popular celebrations and events. Cunard have introduced a selection of special event sailings for 2018 that still are inkeeping with Cunards history and traditions of a first class traditional cruise line

There will be 5 sailings throughout the year and I would encourage to book early as these do usually sell out very quickly

Queen Victoria – Voyage Du Vin 1st June

cunard wine_tasting

This is a celebration of wine, calling at some of Europe’s finest wine destinations with ports such as Oporto and Lisbon in Portugal and Vigo in Spain. There will be bespoke shore excursions including a Douro river cruise , tastings at Colares winery and Cape Roca and the Galicia Trek and taste. There will be guest speakers and wine producers from over the world giving wine pairings, tastings, talks and dinners. You can even become a member of Cunard’s Wine academy

Queen Elizabeth – Photographic Journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun 1st July

cunard norway_midnight_sun

This sailing is right up my street, a 12 night Norwegian fjords itinerary featuring some of the most spectacular scenery along the coast and 2 maiden port calls for Cunard, Bodo and Narvik. The Midnight sun peaks on 21st June with 24 hour daylight and the light and sunsets are truly stunning. Featuring photography experts including Sir Malcolm MacGregor and Paul Ward, you can join in with a variety or workshops and guided tours ashore to capture that perfect photo.

Queen Elizabeth – Big Band Ball 24th Aug


This event is inspired by those iconic big bands of the 1920’s, combining their musicians from only 2 venues onboard creating a 13 piece orchestra performing classic music for your entertainment to dance the night away

Queen Mary 2 – Transatlantic Fashion Week 2nd September

cunard storm-at-sea

This has become an annual event whilst making your Transatlantic crossing you can enjoy hosted dinners, fashion shows, guestspeakers such as Hal Rubenstein the founding member of Instyle magazine and returning fashion experts Coin McDowell MBE and Gail Sackloff OBE. Exclusive to Cunard there will also be emerging new designers showcasing their new collections onboard, and once arriving in New York for the official NY Fashion week, you can put your knowledge to good use shopping your heart away

Queen Mary 2 – Journey of Genealogy 4th November

cunard journey_of_genealogy

A first for Cunard, Ancestry experts will be board to help trace your family tree. You will have the opportunity to learn how to start researching your ancestors even going back a 1000 years, explore the the largest online collection of family history records, and alongside Ancestry DNA you can discover how your DNA came together from different parts of the world

So if you are looking for a new adventure or something to excite your mind these sailings could be for you

For prices and information please contact me on 0161 798 2516 or

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Celebrity cruise lines are a Premium cruise company falling between their sister companies 4* Royal Caribbean and more specialized Azamara Club cruises.

I have sailed on a number of Celebrity ships and can honestly say I have been very impressed, from the ship layout, the service, food, exciting destinations and overall standard this cruise line definitely deserves its 5* rating, they have won many awards, most recently Best premium cruise line at the Travel weekly globe awards. In fact there is only one downside to cruising Celebrity which I have been told by a number of my passengers is that once you’ve cruised with them you won’t want to cruise with another company again.

Oceanview Bar - Deck 14 Aft Celebrity Solstice - Celebrity Cruises

With 10 larger ships in their fleet sailing worldwide and 3 explorer ships sailing the Galapagos and the launch of the brand new Celebrity Edge, Celebrity are constantly introducing more innovative features in their fleet. The Solstice class feature 5 ships the first Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette and Reflection, these are the largest and all very similar, with features such as the lawn club, cabanas and secret hideaways. Millenium class are mid sized, featuring 4 ships Millenium, Infinity, Constellation and Summit, these are a firm favourite with regular cruises, and all have been recently refurbished to bring them up to date with the Solstice class ships.

Qsine - Deck 11 Midship Celebrity Infinity - Celebrity Cruises

The biggest advantage of booking a Celebrity cruise right now is the complimentary classic all inclusive drinks package and $300 credit to spend onboard that they are offering on all sailings. In our new May brochure we have some fantastic offers and itineraries with Celebrity.


If you want to stay local there are 2 Mediterranean sailings in October with prices starting at just £1549p/p for a balcony on the newly refurbished Constellation

For those that may already have plans in the Summer and looking for something a little different the Emirate states have had consistent growth as a Winter destination over the last few years. Constellation has sailings from Dubai visiting Abu Dhabi and Oman and sailing over to India and has been highly recommended from passengers of Cruise Club


Or for the more adventurous traveller how about further afield? We have an amazing trip to New Zealand and Australia next February on the Solstice for 21 nights, or Thailand and Vietnam on the Millennium. I cruised from Singapore to Malaysia 2 years ago, it was a fascinating experience, it was somewhere I hadn’t thought to visit before but I’m so very glad I got the opportunity to do so as it opened my eyes to new cities and cultures

Don’t forget: Get up to £100 off your next cruise with Double Bonus Points

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Carried on from my previous blog regarding P&O’s ships, P&O also do family cruising very well too, and here is the advantage of having specialised ships for different categories

Beginning with the smallest is the Aurora catering for 1874 guests, this elegant ship has a tiered stern, long bow and sleek funnel. This was my first P&O cruise and I was not disappointed in this world class ship. Her main feature is a stunning 4 deck atrium, perfect for formal evenings and featuring a dramatic 35ft scuplture.


Aurora also sails the world during the Winter world cruise and Europe and Scandinavia in Summer season for varying lengths between 3 and 25 nights

A family favourite is the Oceana, a mid sized ship carrying 2016 passengers. For the last 2 years she has been based in the Med as a fly cruise with alternate 7 and 14 night itineraries sailing around the West and East Mediterranean, giving people the opportunity to visit ports that are just that little out of reach on a Southampton sailing. This has proved very popular with P&O passengers and was a gamble worth taking, especially as they offer direct regional charter flights from many airports in the UK.


One of the first family ships to have a more informal atmosphere, Oceana’s redeeming features are a bustling atrium with palm trees and glass fronted lifts giving it a very airy vibe, and a secret sports court in her funnel is a constant surprise for all

Ventura is the most popular ship for families with lots of features. This was a huge step forward for P&O building a ship so big carrying 3078 people, and was launched to rival Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas.


Ventura has everything, shes a very sociable ship where there is always something going on, whether its kids playing in The Reef, adults relaxing in the Spa, 4 pools and a sports court and a 2 deck theatre for evening shows

Azura followed 2 years later and from the popularity of her sister ship Ventura P&O went bigger and better, she is one of the largest ships in P&O’s fleet. Described as a social paradise at sea this ships is great for all ages. she blends pure sophistication with a family friendly vibe and is a favourite with my passengers. Sailing from Barbados for some Winter sunshine and Europe and the Med in Summer


2015 saw the launch of Britannia, P&O’s new flagship, it’s moto……’Inspired by our past designed for the future’. This description perfectly describes the new innovations that P&O introduced on this new modern ship with a very different look to previous ships, even being voted best new ocean ship in 2015 and is the largest ship built exclusively for the UK market. From those first steps onboard be mesmorised by the spectacular ‘starburst’ centrepiece of her atrium, relax in the Retreat, have a cookery lesson with a host of famous chefs, watch a west end style show or The Beatles experience in the Live lounge, there is so much to do you will struggle to disembark at your chosen ports


And now for the exciting news, 2020 sees the launch of P&O’s next ship, promised to take cruising to a whole new generation, details are kept a secret so we can only wait in anticipation for news to filter through, but they have promised to take your holiday to new heights with a host of new innovative features to make you go wow.

I for one am excited, this will surely be a best seller

For any information on any P&O cruise please contact me on or cal1 0161 798 2516

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.