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Hi I’m Marcia and I’m here to share all things on cruise and travel. Holidays are my life and I love to share my experiences and hear of others. I’ve worked in travel for almost 10 years now, and still love helping people find their dream holiday. As you may know if you’ve reads my previous blogs I have a little passion for Norway and the hunt for the Aurora Borealis, I blame it all on my mother, what started out as her dream has now become a passion for us both and once was never enough. Italy is another of my favourite countries, I’ve never had a bad trip there, in fact I don’t think there’s anywhere I’ve been to that I haven’t enjoyed, and I’ve been travelling since I was a baby, living in India for the first year of my life, not that I can remember that of course. My motto is enjoy yourself your on holiday and make the best of every opportunity, and once it’s over look forward to your next one, which is where we come in

From anyone who has read any of my previous blogs you will know that one of my favourite countries is Norway or any of the Scandic countries, however when I was younger I fell in love with a picture of Grand Cayman and promised myself one day I would go there. Never in my life did I ever really think this would really happen…………until now


Returning from my very first Caribbean cruise I can happily say that I love the Caribbean, so much so we are even planning another cruise next year. People say that once you visit one island you have visited them all as they are all the same, maybe we just chose our cruise well as each port had something different to offer, and aslong as there’s sun beach and cocktails then I’m happy


My first port of call was Cozumel in Mexico, we had decided to book a tour Tequila tasting at the Jose Cuervo distilery (well when in Rome as they say). This was so much better than I anticipated, we learnt all about the history of Tequila, interesting fact that in a way it is similar to Champagne in that it can only be produced in the Tequila region of Mexico, if not it is called Mezcal. There are different strengths depending on how pure the Agave is and some is aged in barrels for years costing up to $300, if you want to know more I suggest paying a visit. Any excuse to have a holiday I say. I can’t say I saw much of the beaches here in Cozumel as I didn’t get to experience them but the shopping is definitely worth a browse, Cozumel is one of the cheapest places in the Caribbean for Duty free


Next was the port I was most excited about Georgetown in Grand Cayman. From watching the sail in from my balcony I was like a child on Christmas day and couldn’t actually believe that I was here. Again at the port there is a mini shopping centre with shop after shop again as it is tax free another popular shopping destination mainly for duty free or jewellery. Stingray City is one of the most booked tour on the Island where you can feed and swim with Stingrays, however my plan was to visit Seven Mile beach, this is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, however actually only 5.5 miles not 7 so not sure where the name came from. Once you leave the port complex there are an abundance of taxis to take you anywhere on the island, the guide recommended SeaGrape beach and off we went…….and wow what can I say my memories of that picture lived up to all my expectations it was amazing, golden white sand, clear turquoise sea that shimmered in the sunlight. I literally threw my stuff on the sand and ran into the water, the strangest aspect was that it was warm. Go into any ocean in the Mediterranean and its always cold so this was a surprise. Sailing away at the end of the day was so very sad I could’ve stayed there for so much longer


Jamaica was our next port and off we went to Dunn’s river falls, I was a bit sceptical as I had heard such mixed reviews but it far exceeded my expectations, infact I would say its one of the best activities to clear a hangover and wake you up. The guides were amazing and made it so much fun, I would definitely recommend it. The tour of Ochos Rios afterwards wasn’t quite as good but driving along the coast road and seeing the stunning clear beaches made me want to jump out of the car and dive in, its a good job I’m sensible isn’t it!


Last stop was actually my favourite and this was CocoCay, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas. Wow this was as close to paradise as I think I’ll ever get. It was stunning from the tender boat into the little bay to walking over the white sand and seeing the view of the sparkling water and the colourful beach huts converted into shops, bars and water sports outlets. Best of all you needed no cash, Celebrity provided all the food almost like you were at the buffet restaurant on board and courtesy of our drinks package we could have all the water (and cocktails) we liked. The only downside and I’m being really picky now is that the image was slightly ruined by seaweed in the water, I am not a big lover of it but it didn’t deter me from enjoying my last day of the cruise in style

1460 1467 1465

So for my first trip to the Caribbean its a big thumbs up and something I would definitely recommend, if you haven’t already paid a visit you need to soon, I’m already looking at where we can go next year. I’ve heard Aruba and Barbados is lovely, if you have any recommendations or want to know anything then drop me a line



Every cruise line has a loyalty scheme and if you are a regular cruiser it is definitely worth registering for these, membership is free all it takes is a quick phone call or click of a mouse and you have your own personal membership number. The more you cruise with the cruise line the better the benefits from extra discount to priority boarding to freebies on board



Costa cruise lines have just announced as part of the 15th anniversary of the Costa club they are completely revamping their club beginning at the start of 2016, and now not only is it exclusive for existing members there is also a preview level for guests who haven’t already travelled on their cruise

Previously there were 4 tiers, starting with Acquamarine, then Coral, Pearl and the highest tier for the most travelled passengers Gold pearl, this gave them a host of onboard benefits. However there are now 2 new tiers, starting with Club Ambra, so you can now join before you’ve traveled and start reaping the rewards, and for the most loyal of Costa members there is now Club Pearl Diamante, however you need a whopping 26,000 points to reach this level.

Points are usually given dependent on how long your cruise is, the type of cabin you book but mainly on your onboard spend, so I see that as an excuse to spend more onboard, women’s logic means that if we want that extra spa treatment or cocktail we can because in the long run we are benefiting from it

costa spa

This has been taken directly from Costa’s website showing how you can earn extra points and gives a good breakdown of how they can be accumulated. The more points you have, the faster you move up
The basic number of points awarded for each cruise day will still be 100 like before. What’s changed is that there will be extra daily points awarded depending on the type of cabin you are travelling in:
100 points for inside cabins
150 points for outside cabins
175 points for outside cabins with balcony
Premium cabin guests still have their points doubled, meaning they receive 200 for inside cabins, 300 for outside cabins and 350 for outside cabins with balcony. Suite guests will receive a total of 450 points a day. We have also introduced points for the cost of air travel, up to a maximum of 500 points.
But that’s not all: the points for onboard purchases are doubled, meaning you earn 2 for each euro spent, including purchases made before departure on the website This is also valid for onboard purchases made on cruises at a special promotional rate. As in the past though, the cost of the cruise ticket for these cruises does not entitle Members to points.

I must admit too that the privileges were good before once you got to a high tier such as welcome back gift, priority boarding, discounts on board and 10% off your cabin at booking, but looking at the new benefits for the top tier is absolutely outstanding and I for one have a fair few passengers where this will benefit them nicely

costa club

Have a look at these

  • 1. Enjoy free access to the Club Restaurant for the duration of your cruise, not just for dinner but also at lunchtime and for breakfast.
  • 2. A special staff member will be available to you, without charge, for booking excursions, the spa, restaurants and other services. Just call and they will help you with making your special arrangement. No more queues on board!
  • 3. “Super upgrade” when you take one cruise more than the previous year: if you buy an inside cabin you’ll travel in a Suite!
  • 4. In the Theater for evening shows/performances, the first rows will be reserved just for you in the theatre. During dinner you may dine leisurely knowing that you will be accommodated in the first rows for the show.
  • 5. You may personally select the contents of Minibar in your cabin, to be sure your favorites are waiting for you there.
  • 6. Instant boarding: only you will have the chance to be the first on the ship.
  • 7. Complimentary day at the spa for complete relaxation and wellbeing. (Treatments and services are not included)
  • 8. Special excursions with a limited number of participants will be available to you.

So don’t delay book a Costa cruise today and start building up those points



With my cruise getting closer I’ve been doing my research on what there is to do in both Miami and each Caribbean destination that I’m visiting, the more I’ve been reading the more excited I’ve got, and it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m actually going to the Caribbean…… excited 🙂

And it’s got me thinking Miami is the main home of many Caribbean cruises, there are bound to be so many people out there like me who don’t know where to start. My only experience is when I went there when I was 17, we had a family holiday to Orlando and then Fort Myers and drove down to Miami for 1 night. The ocean took my breath away, it was the first time I remember seeing a sea that really did look like it did in the pictures, along with all the Art Deco buildings and cool looking oceanfront bars and I swore that one of these days I would return………fast forward many years and voila my dream is about to come true


So I guess the first must see has got to be what Miami is famous for and that is the beach. Beach culture is at the heart of Miami, from the well known South beach to the lesser know Sunny Isles, Crandon and Biscayne just to name a few. Each one has a different atmosphere attracting both the rich and famous to us ordinary people on holiday. Take in the soft white sand, the glittering turquoise water or perch yourself on a lounger and do what we do best and people watch, take in a bit of surf, or how about a salsa dance, roller blading along the promenade or watch the beautiful people shimmy along in their heels…you never know who you might spot on this famous landmark


Leading on from the beach the second must see has got to be Ocean Drive, situated again in South beach this long promenade of boutiques, trendy cafe bars, loud cocktail bars all set amongst a colourful set of art deco buildings, and perhaps the most famous Gianni Versace’s mansion, I have literally stood on the steps of where he was shot all those years ago, whether that is something to shout about I don’t know but it certainly put the area on the map and turned his house into a tourist hotspot for visitors


Miami is a shoppers haven, from the smaller boutiques in the lesser known areas, to the main shopping streets of Lincoln road, the huge indoor shopping malls or the outlet malls on the outskirts of the city. Miami is a shoppers delight and so many people I know actually have had to buy an extra suitcase to bring home all their purchases, and who can blame them with prices up to half the cost of the UK especially for any American brands

To take in something completely different and again something I would say you have to see when your there is to take a trip to Everglades national park. My main memory of this when I was younger was the alligator boat trips where they take you out to feed the alligators. Now on any nature related trip that I’ve ever been on I’ve seen nothing so didnt have high expectations, blimey was i wrong, there we were gently swaying along when our guide took a large pole with the biggest piece of steak I’ve ever seen and quite happily dangled it up in the air over the edge of our boat, well the next minute a huge alligator emerged from the water and literally jumped out of the water and bit it right off. I got some cracking photos and this will stay with me always, so if you get the chance this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but maybe one I wont repeat


Music is Miami’s passion, so many famous artists come from here, but each community has its own musical history, and music venues are on every corner, from the Reggae beats to Salsa music, Latin beats in Little Havana, Rock music in Little Haiti, there’s Jazz clubs to the huge American Airlines arena that hosts global artists, and I can’t not mention the man himself Mr Worldwide Pitbull is the epitomy of Miamis music scene, so much so he has been invited to be Godfather to the brand new NCL ship Escape.


But the one thing I think I am most looking forward to is sailing out on my cruise cocktail in hand head off into the unknown watching Miami’s spectacular skyline get smaller and smaller, because then I know my holiday has really started


There are so many more things to see and I’m sure I won’t get to do them all but and if there is another must see that I want you to all know about then I’ll tell you all about it. However if there is something else that I definately shouldn’t miss I would love to hear it

Our offers on the Norwegian Epic have been THE most successful advertisements I think I have ever seen and it got me thinking about where it all begins. The city of Barcelona is such a diverse city with so much to see and do, and from November we have literally got thousands of passengers visiting over the next few months so what better than to write a guide on this fabulous place

The best thing about Barcelona is its accessibility, a mere 2 hour flight from the UK and then only a short transfer ride from the airport this is a city that has so much to offer, and there aren’t many that are walking distance from the cruise port itself

So where to start……of course it has to be Las Ramblas. This is the hub of the city, the main road that starts in the heart of the main square at Placa de Catalunya and heads straight down to the waterfront. Its a huge pedestrianised area that is full of atmosphere, have some tapas and sangria, shop for local produce, listen to the strums of the Spanish guitar with street buskers or just meander down the cobbled streets off the main drag and see where you end up.



Leading off Las Ramblas is the Gothic quarter where you can find old decorative buildings and small cafes with many a table outside just perfect for people watching, leading off from here is something you can’t miss and that is the grand basillica of Sagrada Familia, made famous for not being finished by the artist Antoni Gaudi, it is the most impressive piece of architecture by the artist in the city.

sagrada familia

Gaudi also has another string to his bow as they say and that is Park Guell. It is a large open park with rows upon rows of the famous Gaudi mosaic walls, so colourful and intricate, there are statues made in the same style and create many a photo opportunity and the views from here overlooking the city are splendid

park guell

One for the men is the Nou Camp, Barcelona football clubs home stadium, I have been told the tour is well worth going. Now the easiest way to get here as it is on the outskirts of the city is the Hop on Hop off bus, there are a few different routes and you can easily see the whole city in a day.

nou camp

Anyway now onto the perfect way to end your day in Barcelona and only those in the know would know about. I haven’t actually been yet but was told about it by one of my passengers, as you’re heading back to the port and feeling maybe a little thirsty take a detour to the W hotel, it is meant to have a fabulous rooftop bar that gives stunning views of Barcelona and the ocean, and if the need takes you to sit down relax and have a cocktail……. why not you are on holiday after all, start as you mean to go on

W hotel

If anyone has any other must visit attractions in Barcelona I’d love to hear them


Wow so Princess have released information on their brand new ship the Majestic Princess, to be launched in Summer 2017 this will be the sister ship to both the Regal and Royal Princess. Now where as both of these ships have sailed from Europe and encourage mainly Europeans and Americans onboard, the Majestic Princess will have a different aim as she will be marketed mainly for the Chinese and Asian markets. Her home port will be Shanghai and will even have her name written in Chinese along her hull 盛世公主号meaning “Grand World” or “Grand Spirit.

Many activities will also be focused on the Asian market including T’ai chi at sea, ballroom dancing, subtitled Hollywood movies and Chinese satellite TV channels. Also the restaurants will cater for them too with a wide selection on Chinese dishes in the buffet restaurant, this is a first for such an International cruise company to cater so specifically to one category of client, however the growth of the cruise industry has grown dramatically over the last few years, and Shanghai is a hub for the whole of Asia. I would imagine she will attract passengers from all over the world.

The 3560 passenger ship is expected to take over from the Sapphire Princess which currently sails out of Shanghai and although not fully released yet, her itineraries are expected to concentrate on a variety of Far Eastern ports including Seoul, Busan, South Korea, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Okinawa and Nagasaki.


The ship will feature Princess cruise signature Movies under the Stars, known as having the largest outdoor cinema at sea, as well as brand new innovative features which were initially launched on her sister ships the Royal and Regal princess, such as the above-the-water SeaWalk which is a glass floor walkway cantilevered over the sea, a little to scary for my liking, but no doubt you will definitely get the full ocean experience.

movies under starsseawalk

There is a multi-level atrium, Princess Water Colour Fantasy fountain and light show which sounds fantastic and multiple dining venues including the exclusive Chef’s Table Lumiere, which is a private dining experience that surrounds guests in a curtain of light. if your onboard celebrating a special occasion this experience will be a must do

light show

Majestic will also have more outdoor space, especially around the pools as she will have more pools than her sister ships as well as extra poolside cabanas. Plus there are more balcony cabins and also a first she will have a increased amount of single cabins onboard, which will definitely appeal to travellers

I for one am very excited to see how popular she will be when she is launched and waiting with baited breath when her full schedule will be released……so watch this space

How lucky am I? They always say things come in 2s and 3s and I can agree that this saying is definitely correct .Celebrity are one of the best cruise lines around and so far I have experienced the Celebrity Equinox on her launch from Southampton, but now I get to add a few more Celebrity Solstice class ships into the mix and compare them to her.


Tomorrow I get to experience this for myself, as I am off to Liverpool for a lovely day visit (or should I say a good old nosy) on the Celebrity Silhouette including a nice long lunch in the restaurant onboard. This is going to be a great opportunity to see the ship for the first time and see what everyone raves about, as the Silhouette is 2 years newer than the Equinox and slightly newer.


However I do understand that you can’t quite experience a cruise line all in a day so I have booked to go on the Celebrity Reflection in November sailing around the Caribbean, something which I am so very excited about, firstly to see the final ship in the Solstice class and also to visit some beautiful Caribbean islands

So to make it complete looks like it’ll have to be the Eclipse next year 🙂

So keep tuned for a full report of the Silhouette later in the week

Which is your favourite Celebrity ship I’d love to know? And if anyone’s got any inside knowledge on what’s recommended in the Caribbean please get in touch



Welcome to part two of Cruise Norway As I begin the journey back south sailing from the Midnight sun

The journey back South was just as delightful, perhaps even more so as my 2 favorite ports were on this leg



This was one of my favourite places, and one that I have since returned too. It’s the largest city in Northern Norway, known as gateway to the north, the centre is about about 8km from port, RCCL had a shuttle bus for $8p/p return into the town centre

They had a tourist train that took you to the main places. I’d say make a full day here as there is a lot to see and do. Lots of museums including Polaris, a big Arctic centre that gives info on Northern Norway, the Northern lights and an aquarium with bearded seals

Main recommendation is the cable car up Mount Storsteinen, BUT I’d go in afternoon rather than morning as we arrived just as a million tour buses came and queued for over an hour. It cost £15 to go up and there’s a huge area where you can walk, admire the views, café with terrace overlooking Tromso and even a kids playground. Really beautiful and fabulous views over the neighbouring islands and mountains with a scattering of hill snow.

Back down there is the Arctic cathedral made out of glass. They have midnight concerts so in the summer you can too experience the Midnight Sun and in the winter the Northern lights. Its easy to walk around and there is a pedestrianized shopping street. Just incase anyone asks you can take the number 20 bus from where the Rccl bus drops you off to the Arctic cathedral or num 24 to the Cable car




My favourite place

So beautiful, this is actually down the fjord which is spectacular sailing back out into the sea, Geiranger is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet and has been awarded a Unesco world heritage site. We booked an excursion with RCCL as was told there wasn’t any other trips, however when we got back to the centre they offered their own independent bus tours (left 09.45), sightseeing bus or hop of hop off bus.


You arrive in the centre of town by tender, there is literally a little marina, few shops and restaurants or you can walk up to the Visitors centre, think it was about 1km away (uphill). The best views are from Mount Dalsnibba (fabulous unless you don’t like heights), its 1500m above sea level and there are 11 ‘hairpin bends’, ive never seen anything like it, the bus drivers are talented! think really narrow windy roads then imagine a really tight bend and that’s the bus going uphill, not sure if it was worse going up or down, especially when we ended up passing all these cyclists on a bike race. The views from the top however were unbelievable, you can just see green mountains sprinkled with snow, numerous waterfalls and then the ship in port looks like a tiny dot

Bergen –

Known as the gateway to the Fjords. Again walking distance of the ship, they had hop on hop off buses and a little tourist train (£15-£20) but not really needed, you could easily walk around and see everything. One thing that is a must is the Funiculur up Mount Fløyen, again mainly for the views, café, restaurant, walking/hiking trails up there. The fish market is famous and you can see live King crabs and lobsters which are a speciality in Norway, however don’t eat there as it’s expensive and not great food. Bryggn is the old part of town (most of the pictures you see are of this, little red and yellow wooden buildings along the front). You can basically just wander round and soak up the atmosphere

Kristiansand –


Again very pretty town and in walking distance from the ship, although they do have a tourist train that you can get from the port (£10 for half hr)There is an older part with lots of wooden buildings mainly restaurants along the water, then you get further into the city, they have a long promenade that you can walk along that leads onto a manmade beach which was pretty cool


All in all I’d defo recommend it as a cruise, it is surprising how much I did enjoy it you get the best of everything sun, picturesque scenery and adventure, and when other time can you tell people that you sunbathed in the Arctic circle

So if you read this and still aren’t convinced get in touch and I promise you it will one of the most special cruises you’ll go on

Welcome to part 1 of my newest series of blog posts Cruise Norway .

With the Northern European cruise season now in full swing it brought back happy memories of  when I cruised with Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas on a Norway and Arctic circle cruise. Over the last few years Northern Europe has become increasingly popular with cruisers, whether its Norway, Iceland or the Baltics, however some are still dubious on what to expect. Before I went I spent hours online researching the cruise, ports, weather, everything so here’s my quick guide from my own experience.

It ended up being a little long so not wanting to miss anything out I thought I’d split it into 2 parts so happy reading


The biggest surprise was the weather and this is what mainly puts people off as they just think its really cold. I went in June maybe I was lucky but the last few days we were up on deck sunbathing and it got to 21 degrees. The beginning of the cruise was about 12-16 degrees but once the sun came out it felt pretty warm and you didn’t need a jacket. Although it was freezing on the ship as we headed North, very windy but sailing back down was much more pleasant and I have my lovely pink Royal Caribbean fleece as a souvenir

Here’s a brief overview of all the ports I visited



Was a lovely little place. You can easily walk off the ship so no real need to book an excursion. They offer hop on hop off buses (approx. £20) and also a little tourist train, some areas are quite spread out so may be worth doing the bus if you aren’t too good at walking. Mainly if you want to go up Mount Aksla its 418 steps!!! Well worth it though for the views and there’s a little café at the top. Taxi cost us about £15 to go up then we walked back down. To the left of the port head left and you have the old part, very pretty, multi-coloured buildings running along a canal, with an old wooden church, all in art nouveau architecture


Royal Caribbean made an occasion out of crossing the Arctic circle, they even give you a certificate and paint your nose blue!  They do an initiation ceremony with King Neptune which was a bit daft and really funny. I was told all cruiselines do something to acknowledge the crossing but I suppose it depends on the individual company as to how fun it is


The further North you go the lighter the evenings, it was definitely unusual sitting In the Viking lounge at midnight with bright sunshine. There was one day where the sun set at 1.44 and rose at 1.59, but unfortunately that evening was thick with cloud so we couldn’t see anything.


Honningsvag – North Cape

This is a mainly a fishing port, you can walk off ship easily, there’s one main street and the front promenade.


The main attraction is going up to the North Cape, the most Northernmost point of Europe. Its approx. 40mins away, you can take an excursion from the cruise or book the bus from right outside the port, the prices are pretty much the same. We did the bus, they went at 10.15 and 12.00 coming back at 14.00 and 16.00, cost about £49 including entrance (the excursion was about $89). It’s all baron landscape with snow on hills the higher up you go. There’s a monument of a globe at the highest point (there is only the Svalbard Islands separating you and the North pole about 200miles away), visitor centre with a museum, café, restaurant, champagne bar and shop.

This is off a Norwegian website that I found and I think it certainly sums up the atmosphere

When the clouds cover the ocean with a colorful, heavenly carpet, and the Midnight Sun is at its lowest, this is one of the most special places on earth. You do not get further north in mainland Europe – you are at the end of the world

it as a cruise



Celebrity cruises have done it again, just when you think they couldn’t get any better they have announced a brand new package that gives you the opportunity to travel in style to your chosen cruise


From the 7th July 2015 Celebrity’s Modern Luxury campaign goes one step further introducing Jet Set Sail. This is a VIP treatment service from Stansted Airport’s Private Jet Terminal direct to the port on selected Celebrity Equinox Mediterranean sailings for Summer 2016

EQ ship

This brand new package includes

  • Complimentary parking at Stansted Airport’s Private Terminal   car1


  • Access to our modern luxury departure lounge, and a choice of light refreshments  drinks


  • Premium economy flight   plane


  • Luggage allowance of up to 25kg  suitcase


  • Two-course breakfast and beverage service on outbound flights; or a two-course lunch and drinks on your return journey  breakfast


  • Transfers to and from the airport and port  car


  • Priority embarkation at departure port

I think this is a fantastic idea, if you’re anything like me the morning of departure is always a rush, last minute packing, making sure you haven’t forgotten anything, getting to the airport in plenty time, clearing customs, buying last minute bits and pieces from Boots and finally queuing up at the gate half an hour early to ensure you can fit your hand luggage in the overhead compartments, the first time I seem to relax is the minute I sit down on the plane….and more often or not straight to sleep before waking and worrying that my luggage will go missing and if I’ll make the ship in time for departure.

What could be better than enjoying a leisurely coffee in the exclusive departure lounge followed by a 2 course breakfast….especially on those early morning flights, that’s an extra 15 minutes in bed for me!

So instead of this


you have this


And the extra luggage, 5kg may not sound much but as a woman deciding between those 2 pairs of heels and that extra dress  it means that we can take both …..just in case!

So for more information and a Celebrity style holiday contact me anytime on or after the 7th July

There’s 1 week left to take advantage of some fantastic early booking offers with Fred Olsen so if you have already got all your holidays booked for this year now is the time to start planning for next year or later

Although this cruise line isn’t in the same league as the likes of Celebrity, Royal Caribbean or P&O, Fred Olsen have been sailing from the UK for years and are well known amongst regular cruisers for their small ships and cosy friendly service.  With traditional décor, delicious food and excellent itineraries this is a cruise line that is worth a look, and with 4 small ships in their fleet you can visit destinations that other ships can’t, how else can you sail to Arctic Norway, Canary Islands, over to the Caribbean or even through the Amazon

Still owned by the founding family from generations ago, this cruise line attracts mainly an older clientele but it is also popular for family gatherings featuring both the young and old, and with the majority of their itineraries sailing out of 10 ports in the UK there is a ship docking near you.

There are many other benefits of booking a cruise with Fred Olsen, probably the most helpful is that everything is priced in pound sterling so no need to worry about exchange rates the prices you see are the prices you pay, gratuities are some of the lowest in the business at a recommended amount of only £4 per day and with traditional dining mixed with the odd formal evening, it makes a great combination of old fashioned traditional style cruising that is getting rarer and rarer these days with the bigger and newer ‘floating hotels’ that are constantly launching sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and saver that feeling of old style cruising how it used to be.






So back to the bargains……if you book before the end of May you can take advantage of free gratuities, all inclusive drinks packages for only £10 a day, and if you are already an avid Fred Olsen cruiser if you book 3 cruises for 2015 – 2017 you will receive the 3rd one free, now if that isn’t a good excuse to get planning I don’t know what is