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Hello My name is Olive and I would like to tell you a few things about me! I have been in the Travel industry for over 25 years now. Enjoyed lots of family holidays, to some great and wonderful places. Now working in the cruise side of the industry for over 10 years and seen some amazing ships whilst keeping my legs firmly on land. Just enjoyed a Royal Caribbean cruise with my daughter & friend, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Great entertainment, staff very welcoming, food fabulous, even took advantage of a drinks package on board and would recommend this for you! A Cruise is for all ages from babes in arms to grandma & grandad. So keep checking for our special offers for your next cruise and let’s make that next dream cruise a reality!! Till then Olive.

New Princess ship to debut in Europe before China deployment

Princess have a new ship joining there fleet for 2017 the Majestic Princess making her debut in Mediterranean for the her inaugural sailing, she will be helping her sisters the Royal & Regal Princess before she re-locates in China.


Majestic is a very clever name for the ship for when see relocates in her port in China then she will start to work her magic in the capacity that she will be accustomed to, with lots on board to offer this  for the ever growing market in the China seas.


Why not visit our website see what all the fuss is about.

Before all of that thou the American and British Customer will be given the opportunity to have a taste of the new.

Majestic will stand tall taking on board 3,560 passengers alone before the crew. Her 28 days in the med is short but sweet sailing from the port of Barcelona through to Athens & Rome.

Not only the 3 ships I have mentioned above Princess have promised they will have 6 ships in total in the Mediterranean for the summer of 2017. So I if you love a Princess then I am sure you will not be stuck for choice in 2017. You will have a choice from 10-11-14-21-28 sailings!!!!!!.


You’ll never be stuck for destinations on a cruise ship with Princess as they are always offering you Scandinavia & Russia, Norway, Mediterranean.

Southampton sailings which there is a massive market to sail from Southampton all year round.

We never have to travel far a field to enjoy a cruise as we can take in the Beauty of the British Isle’s to and I am one to agree we do live in a beautiful country with great people in all corners of the UK!!!.

We have to remember also they do actually do use the port of Dover as well I think this port is overlooked as a possible embarkation port.!!!.

But the Cruise Companies just like to make sure you don’t.

So with this in mind regarding the Princess Ships the New Programme or 2017  which goes on sale on Thursday the 3rd December 2016 at 4pm.

So don’t forget check out our cruise’s on our website If you prefer to give me a call in the office dial my direct number 0161 798 2546.




We love a little luxury especially on our cruise, as we have saved all year for this special holiday so the best in accommodation, entertainment, excursions, food, and the great staff on board.

So with this in mind Holland America have taken the decision to give 10 ships in there fleet a Revamp.

They will be  offering new and exciting suites on board there ships. One of the newer ships the Eurodam is going to be the 1st in the fleet next year to make the move.

With the  change and a new look in the cabins with new Sofa’s curtains, carpets desk’s and new dressers, night stands and even new head boards.

Not forgetting the technology side of things with a new USB charging port, new television system offering free movies on demand.

They also are going to be offering Bose Docking stations, binoculars, coffee and espresso machine’s which I no would be great as I need my coffee in the mornings!!!.

The cruise line have also decided to forged a relationship with the BBC earth programme which give’s  people the great opportunity to enjoy some great concerts, film, shows, and for the Kids great activities across the fleet.

Spectacular themed cruises which other cruises companies have all ready offered to the cruise customer,  I am looking forward to finding out what they are going to be as I know I always love a little something different!!!!.

So keep an eye on this space and we will let you know what’s happening with the Holland America

You can always give us a call on 0161 798 2546 ask for me olive.










The new ship with Holland America the Konningsdam ( which translates to “king dame”. )

The new features for this new ship are going to set her apart from the rest of the Holland & America fleet.

The new Sel de Mer French restaurant having a contemporary twist in the menu, from the fresh oysters served & the Bouillabaisse. So you sea food lovers will have to try this one out.

She also has the new Grand Dutch café serving up tap beer, the specialty coffees to the favourite Dutch pastries, which we all love.

A New York style Deli on board you fancy that quick snack on board.

With The selections of dining on board your spoilt for choice, with the waiter restaurants, specialty dining and the buffet on board.

There is also the new 3 new restaurants on board starting with the Tamarind a intimate Sushi Bar.

Italian Canaletto casual small plate sharing option.

With the traditional Pinnacle Grill offering succulent steaks & seafood I love a good steak!!. With its  panoramic views all around the restaurant.


The new entertainment programme on board gives you the new 270 degree led projection in  the main showroom, adding extra sound to the shows and spectacular performances on board.

The new Lincoln centre stage is a new concept with classical strings, and 50 years of hits performed live and interactive. Wow!!!!.

With its Atrium taking centre Stage by the Guru Adam Tihany expanding over the 3 decks taking in its theme of the string quartet and high definition.

The choices on board are going to be exceptional something different for everyone weather you want to relax or take part in the cooking show, and for all you dancers out there she will be having on of the biggest dance floors on a ship with the BB jazz band taking centre stage.

Accommodation on board is going to appeal to everyone from young to the mature passenger.

Family now have to opportunity to have ocean view with 2 family bathrooms for a family of 5 passengers.

The single passenger also have a great opportunity as well with over  12 single staterooms for sole occupancy with ocean view.

I believe the start of more and more things to come.


so why not check the ship out as he is King and give us a call on my direct number 0161 798 2546

ask for me Olive.

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Who’s Single?

More & more cruise lines are recognising the singles market and making it more accessible to this

type of customer.

So your not alone out there anymore because of the options on the cruises you wont feel singled out!!!.

The likes of Cunard, NCL, Royal Caribbean & P&O,  have all brought  something a little different for the single passenger!!!!.

Cunard are Going to give the Queen Mary an overall refurbishment and create more cabins on their flag ship for you, the sole traveller, with its 15 Britannia single staterooms. she also is getting a new revamp on the balcony cabins too. They already have the option’s of single state rooms on there other 2 ships the Queen Victoria & Elizabeth.

Ncl Epic was the 1st of there fleet to offer the Single Studio on board, which offers you the opportunity to meet other like minded people as they have the separate area for the single cruiser on board ship.

Royal Caribbean with the launch of the Quantum class now offer the single traveller the option of a single cabin on board there ships!!!!.

The market for the Single passenger has grown over the last 10yrs & more & more people are choosing to travel by themselves.

So, its of an opinion there is no more need to think you would not like to travel on your own as there will be lots of the same like minded people travelling to some of the great destination just like you!!!

So, if your single and looking for something a little different then give me a call and lets see if we can get you the cruise of a life time.

Just call my direct line number 0161 798 2546 ask for Olive or if your prefer to email




Something very special is happening next year with Cunard they are going to be having a fashion week on board the Queen Mary 2.

If your a dedicated follower of fashion then this cruise is the one for you,  from the 1st of September until the  8th September 2016 its transatlantic is going to be having there very own fashion week on board ship.

With some of the big names in fashion with the likes of Dame Zandra Rhodes, CBE Colin Mcdowell, MBE Fern Mallis, OBE Gail Sackloff.

So  of you fashionista’s out there will be in your element with the new graduates of the Royal art college taking part you can be the 1st check the fashion’s that will be of the future.

With the special guest doing some Q&A sessions what you don’t know about fashion already, then this will give you your opportunity to take part in this rare occasion.




The Queen Elizabeth is touring the British isles

Not only have the fashion world been given this opportunity but also you wine buffs have also ben given something to look forward to aswell.

You will have the great experience chatting to Jilly Goolden about that special bottle of wine!! And to the owners of the prestige’s wine estate of Chateau Palmer.

This cruise on the 23rd June 2016 to the 5th July will give a rare insight to the Culinary world and also how wine is paired with your favourite foods. We all love a good wine I know I do!!!.

So as the song’s go. He’s a dedicated follower of Fashion.

And that great number little ole wine drinker me!!

Check out the two cruises on our website

If you prefer to call then you can contact me on 0161 798 2546 ask for olive




So check out your next cruising experience on our website or give me a call on my direct line 0161 798 2546 as for me Olive.


 Its going to be a first for Azamara Journey making the trip around-the-world in 100 days.

Whilst on board the Azamara Journey , you will be able to enjoy all the feature’s Azamara have to offer, as well as their famous Azamazing evenings.

The Journey will be making the epic sailing from Sydney, Australia to the Tower bridge in London.

So, the world is going to be your oyster with Azamara, for them this will be the 1st time into the unknown which is going to be as fabulous as the sailing’s they have offered in the past to the Galapagos islands.

The cruise ship her self is small and intimate, which is why she is such a popular choice for their customers and they return year after year because of the staff and the service which is renowned across the cruising community.

The accommodation on board.

Club Veranda StateroomInside with 237 sq ft

Club Oceanview Accessible Stateroom

Outside vary from clear view to obstructed from 143 sq ft up to 170 sq ft

Club Deluxe VerandaClear view Veranda 175 sq ft.

Club World Owner's SuiteThe club owners suite with its 560 sq ft and butler.

The itinerary is going to be the most creative they have ever had, which I believe will sell very quickly. SO DONT MISS OUT!!!

Details of the cruise are going to available in November 2015 sometime, which we are awaiting with great anticipation. They also have decided for 2018 to put a couple of different itineraries in their schedule, so make sure you check back to hear about these!


Another new ship is heading our way, and, is she a ship.

Ovation of the seas !!!

There is much more to her than meets the eye.

Ripe cord…… The new indoor sports arena, includes the dodgems and other fairground attractions, its got to be perfect.  Roller skating…… we all remember having a pair of them, but, can we still stand up and skate????

Image result for ovation of the seas pictures

The flowrider……… if you fancy that surfing experience then this is the one for you. First introduced on their freedom class ships, the Independence and the Freedom of the seas.

Skydiving…….. well that’s another story, if you love heights then this is for you.

And…….. if you love the stars then the pod’s for you which is 300 feet above sea level.

There is something for everyone on board this ship, even if you just want to relax in the adult only Solarium on board.

Sipping champagne in the bar, trying your luck in the casino, or watching a show either in the Aqua theatre or the theatre with its west style shows.

The H20 zone is not just for the kids its for everyone who is young at heart….. which is me.

Even the Carousel can send you spinning. Your just have so much to see and do on board who needs to have a beach holiday when its all there for you, on one ship!

Image result for carousel on the ovation of the seas

The accommodation you can choose from starts with the  inside cabins. going to the extreme of a Royal loft suite.

Oasis Interior Staterooms

All the cabins include:

Twin beds that convert to a Royal king bed.

TV & Telephone

Minibar & Refrigerator

private bathroom and shower.

Vanity area.

Hair dryer and 24hr room service.


Accomodation in a class of its own


The feeling of your own City Loft Apartment in New York or even London. On a ship!!

So, is it true Big is Beautiful? I believe it is. Let me know what you think. Give me a call on my direct line number 0161 768 2546 or you can email

Happy Cruising!


Staying in touch through phone and the internet is a large part of our daily lives here at Cruise Club Uk.  After reading an article in travel weekly about Carnival making the internet more accessible to everyone on there cruises, they have decided to roll it out over the whole fleet all 24 ships..

The new upgraded Communications technology give’s a faster and wider access to the internet and more affordable with the rates starting as little  as $5 USD a day to access your popular social website’s.

The value package starts for a little as  $16 USD a day this gives you the opportunity to check you emails the news and not forgetting you sports enthusiast out there if you want to check your favorite football scores. It doesn’t support all access to the internet like Skype and if you want to add music.

There is also the premium package at $25 USD a day this does give you more coverage over the internet a lot faster it will let you use Skype if the coverage is there to support it,  the flexibility to go between the plans and make it work for you.

With internet being used now world wide in so many different industries its not surprising that the Cruising world has now stepped  it up and started to intrudes this more & more on board there ships.

we all have that time when we just need to make that call or check our emails.



Technology now is leaps & bounds ahead of itself its a big world out there and just a click of that button and we are chatting away to our family and friends.

This is my experience as my daughter is traveling in Australia just knowing I could speak to her if I need to was giving me peace of mind.

let me know if this has been your experience regarding the internet use on board ships

Are they offering us that service they say they are.

Lets go ahead and spoil ourselves with the vast choice to see the world and share with the family.

Give me a call or send me an email let me know how you have found the service on board.









Amber Cove is the new port in the Dominican Republic. Cruise Tourism has been dormant on the North Coast for over 30 years, so it’s no surprise that a whooping $85 million has been spent on its future

Situated near Puerto Plata, Amber Cove is a 2 berth Cruise Centre accommodating upto 8,000 cruise passengers a day. Featured as a port of call on selected sailings from Carnival Cruise Lines. Also Carnival Corp. have announced that 8 of its 10 cruise lines will include stops here


The architecture is based on elements of the Islands colonial past

So what can you expect:

Cobblestone plazas

Themed restaurants

Market Place – with locally produced arts & crafts


Pools with waterslides

Transportation centre

Take to the beach or be active with the huge array of watersports on offer. A great choice of shore excursions will be available to book including 4 x 4 buggies, horseback riding on the beach and snorkeling safaris


For the ultimate luxury experience you can rent out a private beachside bungalow, including a personal chef and bartender

It’s a brilliant way to show tourists what the island has to offer and of course pick up local Amber, apparently it’s the clearest in the world!

For further details on Carnival Corp. Cruises visit our website or call one our knowledgeable sales team