My Barcelona stay & cruise part 4. The sail away!!!

My Barcelona stay & cruise part 4. The sail away!!!

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After the lifeboat drill everybody made their way to the pool deck 11 ready for the sail away party!! The pool area is amazing and is split into a few sections. The forward section of deck 11 has the solarium indoor area and then through the sliding doors you go through to the open deck pool area where there is a pool bar and a big movie screen as well as hot tubs (some hotter than others) and through to the other side going towards the aft of deck 11 is the H2O kids zone complete with self service ice cream station which was a favourite with my 6yr old.

royal h20 zone

One thing to mention is due to the slippery pool area and most people wearing flip flops there were a lot of accidents with people slipping across the deck. I myself had a fall coming from the toilets to the pool area but mainly it was my pride that hurt as I flew across the deck!. There is always visible lifeguards on hand constantly watching everyone and they don’t sit down they literally stand at the pool all day with the a red buoy in hand. I found this very reassuring as my 6 year old seems to have no fear when it comes to the water. As we sailed out of Barcelona port the atmosphere was amazing the sun was shining, champagne flowing and a DJ appeared from a hole near to the movie screen. As the sail away party got under way the DreamWorks characters appeared to all the children’s delights and they danced away to the music with the reps! This was the best sail away i have ever experienced all geared towards families as this was within half term break there were many families on board.


Please stay tuned for my next blog as we sail to Italy & France.

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