My Barcelona stay & cruise Part 5. Life On-board the ship!

My Barcelona stay & cruise Part 5. Life On-board the ship!

So as you can see from my previous blog the sail away party out of Barcelona was amazing. We headed back to our cabin after the party and our luggage had arrived. I would definitely recommend having anything you may need for the first few hours on-board the ship packed into your hand luggage as there can be a good few hours go by before you receive your luggage into your stateroom. Some people had prohibited item messages in there stateroom meaning they had items confiscated until the end of the cruise. The main thing to be aware of is that irons are strictly prohibited as they are a health and safety risk but hair straighteners are fine. We had an inside cabin up on deck 10 which was ideal for the three of us as and literally Windjammer (buffet style restaurant) is on the deck above so ideal for breakfast in the morning. We had a large double bed and my 6 year old daughter was in the bunk above us with a rail attached so she couldn’t fall out onto us. In the cabin there was also a curtain that could be pulled across, so if we were still awake when my daughter was in bed we could pull this across and watch T.V without disturbing her. It is always nice to have an ocean view or balcony cabin as a luxury but we do not find this necessary as we hardly spent any time in the cabin itself. We had an amazing stateroom attendant called Clever or Mr Clever to my 6yr old! He was south American and could not do enough to make our stay the best it could be. Clever provided us with such useful information about the ports of call and swapped stories about his own children and family life back home as well as looking after us incredibly. We all formed a strong attachment to him including my 6yr old whom he called Princess. We formed a lot of attachments to be honest on-board the ship. We found all of the staff so helpful and happy and easy to talk to and the cruise director was amazing and clearly very good at her job!


Freedom of the seas has everything a family could wish for from the ice skating rink to the rock climbing wall and the cinema there is just so much to do!! Especially during school holidays as they have even more events for the kids such as the DreamWorks parade that we were luckily enough to see. The parade was amazing so much going on in front of us, as well as above us as the characters danced through the promenade.


Stay tuned for my next blog as I talk about the facilities on board what has become my favourite family cruise ship Freedom of the Seas!!

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