One of the best kept secrets in cruising.

One of the best kept secrets in cruising.

Hope you’re having a great Summer time and have plenty of cruises arranged to take you sailing into the sunshine.

Today I thought I’d talk about one of the industry’s best kept secrets.



Booking onboard.


This is booking your next cruise while you’re on board your current cruise, and it can be VERY rewarding.


All the cruise lines have an on board booking scheme, and the terms & offers vary from line to line.

  • Im speaking generally.


There are two main ways of booking your next voyage while on board.


Specific voyage


  • If you know which cruise you would like to do, this is the best deal.
  • You choose your specific sailing and put your deposit down there and then.
  • As a reward for this you can get a 5-15% discount and Extra freebies for doing so.

If the UK has a promotion on for that cruise – say a free drinks package, you’ll get the same plus another extra like onboard credit on-top.

As a thank you for booking onboard – some lines also give you a bit of onboard spend there and then as a thank you.

Better yet – the new booking is emailed over to your original agent, and they’ll look after it for you.

Also with cruise club you’ll get your loyalty points off the onboard deal too.

  • They’re usually flexible too, so if you need to change the voyage once you get home you usually have one free change – and the benefits move to your new voyage.


Again this is generally speaking – and you should always check when onboard for the specific conditions.


Deposit Down,


You don’t know which cruise you want to go on or when you want to go – so you can put down a deposit for future use.

Say you put down £300.00 – that is fully useable for the future, and you receive onboard credits when you spend it.

When you’re home and ready to book – you tell your agent that you already have a deposit paid.

You then get up to $500 onboard credit off your next voyage.


Things to remember

In both instances the payments made are not refundable.

They are also not transferrable to another cruise line.


My recommendation

Before you’re going on your next cruise – have a look at what future itineraries you might like with that cruise line (if you’re certain you’ll sail with them in the future)

If there is a cruise you like – email me – I’ll give you a detailed quote on your chosen cruise, you then print that and take it cruising with you.

Go to the future cruise desk with that quote and see what they can do with it.


When it comes back to me I’ll knock off your loyalty points and cruise club promotions.


If you want and specific advice for your cruise line – get in touch


Tarar for now & Happy sailing.

  • The Cap’n


  • Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  
  • Email or call me to discuss your dream cruise andy@cruiseclubuk.com0161 798 2514
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