Britain’s Favourite Cruise Line

Britain’s Favourite Cruise Line

Over the last 6 months if not more I have noticed a huge demand in the popularity of a P&O cruise. Whether it’s the conveniency of skipping airports and sailing from Southampton, not having to worry about a fluctuating exchange rate as prices are all in GBP, or the security of knowing that you are sailing on a British cruise line, bookings on P&O cruises are increasing by the day

One thing I do get asked a lot from new cruises is what their ships are like, with 8 ships in their fleet each one offers something special

P&O oriana

For the adults amongst you let’s begin with the 3 adult only ships, something which is extremely popular with all ages who want to get away from it all without having to worry about children running around

Firstly the Arcadia a mid sized ship carrying 2094 passengers. This is a classic P&O vessel described as a combination of chic and classic cruising. She offers stylish décor with a relaxed feel so your holiday really is all about the sail and the destinations.

Unique features include exterior glass fronted lifts and an extensive onboard art collection with over 3000 pieces of art. The highly acclaimed chef Atul Kucher also has one of his restuarants Sindhu onboard for those special occasions when you feel you deserve a treat.

P&O arcadia sindhu_food_montage

Arcadia spends most of her Winters on her world cruise itinerary and Summers in Europe

Oriana has only recently been transformed into an adult only ship, a favourite with P&O passengers this seemed like the natural step and has just had a refit to improve the elegant atmosphere onboard. One of P&O’s smaller ships at 1880 passengers guests enjoy the friendliness of meeting fellow passengers and crew and seeing them on a regular basis, this is where firm friendships form.

Classic features of Oriana is by far her teak decks and tiered stern with a touch of an art deco feel, along side an open atrium with Tiffany glass ceiling and panoramic Crows nest bar.

P&O oriana dining

As a smaller sized vessel she can travel to destinations that others can’t which is why many loyal guests love this ship to always explore somewhere new.

Adonia has just been brought back into P&O’s fleet this year due to high demand, the smallest ship carrying 710 passengers she has a very intimate homely feel.

I would say these ships cater for seasoned cruisers who want to experience something new, for example you can sail down the Amazon which is a first for P&O, or sail around smaller Caribbean ports that you can’t reach on a larger ship.

P&O Adonia atrium

Adonia has a more traditional feel to her like old style cruising in a modern way, she has a grand staircase with wood panelling in the Atrium, but following a recent refit lighter furnishings have been used to give a brighter more modern feel.

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