Calling all Casino Lovers

Calling all Casino Lovers

The latest announcement in the cruising world caters for those who like a little flutter whilst on their holiday

Anyone travelling on a Norwegian, Oceania or Regent Seven Seas cruise line can now benefit from a brand new reward scheme that Norwegian Cruise Line holdings Ltd have just announced.

“Casinos at Sea” is a first within the cruising industry, a loyalty reward programme for Casino players as sea, featuring 25 ships within these 3 cruise lines. Norwegian have 15 ships in their fleet, Oceania have 6 and Regent the smallest at 4.

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You can enrol on board any of their ships, the more you play, the more you win, the more points you receive, the higher up the rewards tiers you can progress. There are collectively over 4000 games fleet wide, and passengers can have their own Casinos at Seas Player cards to provide a exciting membership club. With 5 different levels here are some of the main benefits

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Tier 1  Jade Beginners

Exciting promotional offers

Reedem points for play

Transfer points from ship to ship


The following tiers also receive all of the above plus

Tier 2 Pearl – From 5000 points

Stateroom discounts on NCL

Special Birthday offers


Tier 3 Sapphire  – From 15,000 points

Convenience free waiver

Stateroom discount (Oceania and Regent)


Tier 4 Ruby – From 35,000 points

Complimentary drinks whilst playing


Tier 5 Elite – From 100,000 points

Complimentary drinks whilst playing

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It’s easy to join all you need to do is head over to the Casino host desk and pick up your casino player card and start playing, these can be used against your favourite slot machines or table games

Use your players card whilst playing your favourite slot machines and table games. The more you play, the more you get rewarded.

Table Games – Points are based on average bet, session play or hands played and game type

Reel and Video slots – For every $5 coin-in, receive 1 point

Video Poker – For every $10 coin-in, receive 1 point

Points can then be redeemed towards slot and table game play, charges off your final bill or you can save them for your next cruise. If not redeemed on your current cruise points will show on your account for 18 months

Contact me to book your perfect cruise and start playing today

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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