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Norwegian Cruise Line are “updating” and “expanding” their on board Cirque shows

After the success of the “Cirque Dreams & Dinner” Dinner show on board the Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Cruise line are going to be offering the programme on board the Norwegian Getaway which will debut in May for the ships full summer season.

The current “Cirque Dreams & Dinner” Dinner show on board the Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Breakaway will be getting a new update, with lots of new exciting material. A brand new show will include a variety of acts and magic. The new show is said to be called “Cirque Dreams & Steam” which will offer a Steampunk theme.

The ships will be saying goodbye to their current Magic and Dinner show which is in the ships Illusionarium, as they will need to make way for their new show.

One of the spokespeople for Norwegian Cruise Line has said that their current Magic and Dinner show is a show with lots of talking, where as the Cirque show is a more visual show and is going to be better for the more international guest mix.

Next week the Norwegian Breakaway will welcome “Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy: The Broadway Hit” and in April the Norwegian Epic will introduce “Cirque Dreams Epicurean” for their passengers.

All shows are here for the foreseeable future and all will be housed in the big-top-like Spiegel Tent! How cool!!

All shows were developed by Broadway director and Cirque Dreams founder Neil Goldberg.

All shows have meals included from a completely new Menu, which has not yet been released. The fee of each show is:

Norwegian Epic: Premium seats – $39.99 / Standard seats – $29.99

Norwegian Getaway: Floor seats – $29.99 / Banquette seats – $24.99

Norwegian Breakaway: All seats – $39.99

I took a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway from Miami for 7 Nights. This was a fantastic cruise which you can read all about here.

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Holland America Line have endless activities on board their sailings, but that doesn’t stop there for the 5* Cruise Line. They have signed a two year brand partnership with “O, The Oprah Magazine”.

They recently announced their partnership with BBC Earth and now they have teamed up with the one and only Oprah Winfrey, America’s most loved Talk-Show Host.

This partnership will bring Oprah’s Book Club on board more than 300 sailings this year and 2018 as well as fitness classes including tai chi and meditation, Enrichment courses and demonstrations on Healthy eating, and the travel-friendly fashion of Adam Glassman, Oprah’s creative director.

During the Alaska sailing, 15th July 2017 departure from Seattle, Oprah will spend two days on board the Eurodam which will be her first trip.

They have named the sailings as “Adventure of your Life”, and have four secured as of now. These will feature special guests who are to yet to be advised.

Started in 1996 by the Queen of Talk Show herself, Oprah’s Book Club has nearly 25,000 active members who share their passion for reading. Members currently have live question and answers, videos and discussions online. You can also get involved and share your thoughts on Twitter by using the hashtag #oprahsbookclub. All books selected to be featured in Oprah Book Club are all chosen by Oprah herself.

If you have a passion for reading and cruising, this is a perfect combination for you. The amazing five star cruise line will not disappoint, that’s for sure.

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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MSC Divina

Have you heard of the membership status match with MSC Cruise Line?

There are a lot of passengers who sail with a particular cruise line purely based on their membership level. I mean, who can blame them, they have taken a long time (usually many years) in building up their loyalty points and membership level with the cruise line they fell in love with 15 years ago.

Well, things change, and cruise lines change. What may have been the best cruise line for you a few years ago, may not be the case now. With more and more ships being built, the cruising industry has never been so popular with returning and new guests.

MSC Cruise line are a wonderful 4* Italian owned cruise line who sail the globe. They offer large inside staterooms, outside, balcony and suite staterooms. If your feeling like splashing out, you could even try their MSC Yacht Club which is their exclusive “ship-within-a-ship” experience.

MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite
MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite

The Italian line offer a ‘Status Match’ programme which is applicable to all other cruise line memberships. They will match your loyalty status from the other cruise lines to their equivalent membership.

For example, I have just booked my first cruise on board the MSC Cruise Line, MSC Divina cruise ship for April 2017. My membership with Royal Caribbean is currently Emerald (with just ONE sailing away from becoming a Diamond member) – this has been matched as GOLD status with MSC, which gave me a discount off of my cruise and also an on board spend! Not too shabby! – especially as I have never sailed with them before, this is the second to highest level in their membership.

As well as my discount and on board spend, I am in for lots of other benefits when I embark my cruise. such as a fruit basket upon arrival in our cabin, exclusive on board discount, a free photograph of my choice, welcome cocktails with the captain and so on.

Unlike other cruise lines, MSC do not just award points based on the category of cabin you have booked and for how many nights the cruise is. Yes, they award points for this, but they also award points for on board spend. For example, every £150 spent on board will give you 100 points.

If you are booked or are thinking of booking an MSC cruise line and are not already a member, get your membership status match!!!!

Check back in May for my blog on the MSC Divina Caribbean cruise I will be taking. (yes I am counting the days already, the ship looks amazing!!!)

MSC Divina - Balcony Cabin
MSC Divina – Balcony Cabin

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Spending time on a luxury cruise should be on everyone’s to-do list for 2017. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of the ocean and feeling cool sea spray on your warm skin. With Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), those feelings are closer than ever before. Take a look at six of Cruise Club UK’s favourite NCL 2017 cruises and let the dream of a cruise holiday drift ever nearer!

An infographic of the best NCL cruise deals of 2017

6. Adriatic & Greece (7 nights, £769pp)

Take in the delights of the Adriatic Sea on a seven-night cruise from Venice. Witness history’s most stunning monuments in Athens and see what makes tourists flock to Dubrovnik. You’ll enjoy this week-long cruise even more when you find out that flights, luggage and transfers are all included in the price!

This is the ideal cruise for those who have never sailed before. One week is not too long, so even those unaccustomed to spending days away from dry land will be able to cope. And of course, the stop-off points in idyllic coastal ports will give you ample time to put some land — and sand — underneath your feet.

5. Canary Islands (10 nights, £769pp)

One of our most popular cruises is this 10-night trip around the Canary Islands. Witness the Iberian Islands in all their glory while basking in the subtropical climate. Despite being a part of Spain, the Canary Islands are located closer to Africa than Europe. This may explain the so-called “best climate in the world”. We certainly wouldn’t disagree with that claim!

This NCL cruise comes with free flights from London Gatwick and free drinks once you’re on board. Plus, if you book an Ocean View cabin or above, you’ll get to choose from another free extra. You could opt for a free speciality dining package, internet access or $200 credit to spend on board.

4. Copenhagen to Miami (15 nights, £1099pp)

If sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in complete luxury sounds good to you, this NCL cruise from Copenhagen to Miami is your ideal match. Experience a whole change in culture as you depart from Denmark, one of Europe’s capitals of cycling, to Miami, home of white sandy beaches and art deco buildings.

If those things aren’t enough motivation for you, then how about free flights, luggage and transfers?

3. Norwegian Fjords (10 nights, £1489pp)

The only true way to see Norway’s natural beauty is from the water. There are more than a thousand fjords along Norway’s coastline and you’ll see the most breathtaking of them all on this NCL cruise. Don’t forget to pack your coat on this chilly ten-nighter, as you take in the quiet seclusion of the watery paradise. From the luxury of your cabin, you’ll witness the spectacular Geirangerfjord, which sits proudly on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

With departures from Southampton and free drinks included in the price, Norway’s fjords are closer than you might think.

2. Hawaiian Tropics (15 nights, £2499pp)

It might seem a bit cliched to describe Hawaii as an island paradise, but when you arrive, you’ll most certainly agree! Departing from Vancouver, this NCL cruise takes you around some of the most scenic islands on planet Earth. Jump in the serene, blue waters of Kona and marvel at the mountains of Kahului, all whilst cruising with NCL. On this fifteen-night cruise, you’ll forget all about your worries and sink into a state of relaxation.

And don’t worry about booking extra flights — they’re included in the price, as well as your luggage and airport transfers.

1. Australian Adventure (22 nights, £2499pp)

Our favourite NCL cruise of 2017 is also the longest on this list. For those who want a more substantial adventure, this 22-night cruise around Australia will get your blood pumping. On this longer trip, you can commit fully to relaxation. Research has found that taking a holiday can improve your skin, promote weight loss and even boost your confidence.

For those who aren’t used to longer cruises, the long time spent at sea may come as a bit of a surprise. We’d suggest starting off with a shorter one to begin with — perhaps the seven-night trip around the Adriatic Sea — and gradually finding your sea legs. However, if you do want to dive straight in, our adventure Down Under comes with free flights, luggage allowance and transfers!

Whether you’re a first-time cruise-goer or a veteran of the seas, our NCL 2017 cruises offer something for everyone. The past year may have been a hectic one, but this one is guaranteed to be more serene if you jump on board with NCL Cruises.

Call Cruise Club UK today on 0808 163 7698 or browse our NCL 2017 cruise collection and find the perfect cruise for you!

Celebrity Cruise line are well known for their “Modern Luxury” cruise ships and are extremely popular with passengers of all ages, including families.

Most people would think a luxury cruise line wouldn’t have much on offer for the younger passengers in the family, and that’s where they are wrong.

With lots of different activities for all on board, there is something for everyone to have a wonderful cruise holiday.

Celebrity have the latest gadgets, games and devices on board their ships for the avid-gamers in the family. They have a partnership with Xbox which enables the cruise line to offer dedicated Xbox stations and mobile consoles on board, to feature one of the largest game and entertainment experiences at sea. Whether there’s a tournament taking place or just a gaming themed night, there is something for the youngest gamer to the most savvy teens on board. (You most likely have to drag them away from their current Xbox game!!)

I am sure we all do one thing the same when we cruise, and that is to over indulge on the magnificent food offered on board. You don’t have to worry about the kids not getting enough exercise, as Celebrity have produced some brilliant organized activities on board to keep them on the move. They have their Sports Court on board which offers the chance to shoot hoops or kick some goals into the net. They can of course do this with their friends and not in an organized group – we all know how independent teenagers are, right? Celebrity’s partnership with Zumba fitness also brings some fantastic activities aboard.

If there are any budding chefs in the family, why not let them take part in one of their classes on board. Celebrity offer some fantastic opportunity’s for young passengers on board to get some great culinary experience with options such as; Cupcake Decorating Classes, Pizza Making Class, Future Chefs Hands on Classes as well as a -behind-the-scenes tour that will give them the insight to how the chefs on board work their magic providing delicious, made-from-scratch meals for the entire ship every single day and night.

One thing that I find absolutely fabulous on board is the Video Project offered to the budding movie directors on board. Young guests will be given the use of a GoPro Hero 3 high definition, wideangle video camera to get the shots required for their movie. When they arrive at the class, the on board visionaries will create a storyboard for the videos they are to make. They are taken out to get the shots required – sometimes underwater too!! With this, they learn how to film and edit their videos. This takes place in the Celebrity ILounge on board. great way to create a holiday video!! Who knows, young Jimmy may be the next Spielberg.

Young passengers more interested in relaxing, well why not hit the Zspa!! With treatments geared towards the “Z” generation, they have the choice of Fabulously Fruity or Acne Attack Facials. If you need some bonding time, try out the Mother/Daughter or Father/Son packages on board.

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For any last minute Christmas ideas I have the perfect solution for you. We at Cruise Club UK have just sent out our latest Christmas brochures featuring so many offers, for the first time ever we have split them into 3 separate brochures to make them easier to read to our passengers, our general mixed mailer, Prestige featuring 5/6* cruise lines and our popular Tour & Cruise progamme.

One of the most exciting is our Prestige mailer featuring a wide selection of our best offers from Azamara, Oceania, and Regent cruise lines just to name a few


We have packaged some fantastic itineraries with Oceania and for 2018 they have some brilliant early booking adminoffers, but they are ending soon. If you can book before 31st December you can take advantage of 50% off deposits, up to $400 onboard credit per stateroom, this is in addition to the O’Life promotions that feature on most 2017/18 sailings.  For those that aren’t aware or are first time cruisers with Oceania, you can choose between either free shore excursions, free house drinks package or onboard credit of up to $300p/p, and on selected sailings they are even including free gratuities, so your cruise could be fully all inclusive, imagine not having a huge bill at the end of your holiday, or having the onboard credit to treat yourself to something different, the speciality restaurants onboard Oceania’s ships are in a league of their own, I’ve been told people sail with them just to eat here. Or perhaps there’s an excursion you wouldn’t normally do, visiting somewhere different can take your holiday to another level. Or one for the ladies here you could spend your day indulging in the Spa onboard on a sea day.


We have featured 4 Mediterranean itineraries in our brochure but we aim for the most competitive price on all sailings

For some winter sunshine head to the Canaries in April on the Riviera. Sailing from Barcelona we have prices starting from £2189p/p for 12 nights

Scandinavia has grown in popularity in the last few years so experience the marvel of St Petersberg with 2 nights onboard the ship on Medieval Marvels, 10 nights from only £2299p/p

One of my favourite itineraries the Adriatic and Greek islands, visit some of the most picturesque ports in the Mediterranean on Nautica in November, from Venice to Athens visiting Italy, Croatia and Greece, you can book an inside stateroom for £1699p/p

If you are looking to try Oceania for the first time and don’t want to spend too much, or just looking for an extra holiday this is our best offer yet, 7 nights from Barcelona on the Nautica around the Western Med with prices starting at £1319p/p. With everything that’s included this is a true bargain and not one to miss out on


For more information on all our latest offers in our Prestige brochure click here 

Or contact myself on or call 0161 798 2516

Looking for luxury cruise travel? Why not visit our exclusive web page, featuring news and information for your forthcoming six star cruise holiday!

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Image result for celebrity cruises

Celebrity Cruises have launched a new promotion for new bookings made from the 29th November 2016 – 28 February 2017. This is applicable to selected sailings in 2018 and 2019 and does not include guarantee categories in classes Z,Y,X,XC,XA and W. The early booking guarantee is applicable to the cruise only element only, which basically means that if there are flights, transfers or any other element that may be subject to a separate deposit, amendment and cancellation fees. The new promotion entitles guests subject to availability to one free change to there booking. This could be either a different ship or itinerary, another promotion on the existing cruise booking or upgrade/downgrade there existing category of stateroom. These changes must occur no later than 31st December 2017 after which time full amendment and loss of deposit applies. Existing bookings that wish to benefit from this promotion that do not fall within the booking period 29 November 2016 to 28 February 2017 that wish to change to an eligible ship and sail date will be required to pay and administration charge and will lose any existing promotional benefits to be eligible for the new promotion.

Please find below a list of applicable ships and destinations…

  • Celebrity Eclipse – Europe & Caribbean
  • Celebrity Reflection – Europe & Caribbean
  • Celebrity Equinox – Europe & Caribbean
  • Celebrity Silhouette – Europe & Caribbean
  • Celebrity Constellation – Europe, Caribbean, Dubai & Asia
  • Celebrity Solstice – Alaska, Australia & Hawaii
  • Celebrity Infinity – Alaska, Caribbean, Panama Canal & pacific coastal
  • Celebrity Millennium – Alaska, Asia, Australia & Hawaii
  • Celebrity Summit – Caribbean, Bermuda & Canada

If You would like to discuss any Celebrity cruise feel free to contact me directly.

Top 50 Cruise Blog High Res

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For the first time ever, Cruise & Maritime Voyages will offer sailings departing from Wales

For the first time ever, in 2017 Cruise & Maritime Voyages will be sailing from Wales. They have announced their 800 passenger-ship Marco Polo will offer a number of cruises from Cardiff.

The Stunning Cardiff Bay
The Stunning Cardiff Bay

The sailings will include the Norwegian Fjords, plus Spain, Portugal & France voyages. There will be a special summer cruise from Cardiff which will be the Gardens & River Seine.

Due to the popularity of the Cardiff sailings, the line are hoping to be sailing from wales in 2018 also.

The latest, largest of their fleet is the 1,400 passenger-ship Magellan, which will offer sailings from Newport. Sailings will include a mini-cruise to Dublin, Norwegian Fjords and also European Medieval cities.

The Norwegian Fjords
The Norwegian Fjords

For the Carry-On fans, why not sail the Magellan for their special Carry On themed cruise on the 20th May 2017.

With Cruise & Maritime offering the no-fly cruises from Cardiff, this is sure to boost the cruise sector in Wales, which means we could hopefully be seeing more cruise lines sailing from the port.

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Cuban Government have given approval to cruise lines to sail Cuba

I’m not sure about you but Cuba is on my bucket list of places to see, so the recent news that the Cuban government are allowing cruise lines to sail from Cuba or visit as a port of call is fantastic!!

Currently Royal Caribbean have announced that they will be deploying two cruise ships to Cuba. Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas have also had approval from the Cuban government.

The Luxury Oceania Marina 1,258 passenger ship will offer stops at Havana on select Caribbean itineraries. Many will be for more than one day.

The Grand Theatre, Old Town Havana
The Grand Theatre, Old Town Havana

Another luxury liner; Regent Seven Seas will have the Mariner 700 passenger ship offering two cruises visiting Havana in 2017.

The Norwegian Sky, a 2,004 passenger ship will offer 4 night sailings from Miami to Havana throughout May 2017. These will be overnight stays in Havana.

Excursions offered by all ships will be focusing on Cuban culture, as well as Art and History. Due to the strictness of the Cuban government, this is a must for all cruise lines excursions. US citizens have been told they are not allowed to just engage in purely tourist activities whilst on their visit to Cuba, they must engage in activities intended to enhance contact with the Cuban people – Very strict don’t you think?

We are hoping to receive full details for the dates and itineraries at the end of December. Check back for more information!

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Set to be fleet wide by March 2017, Holland America Line have announced their plans to build upon their partnership with BBC Earth, by revealing new enrichment activities and “feature cruises” with the line.

The programme has been available on select ships since April 2016 and is destination-focused. For all guests interested in the places they visit, this is a great programme to be involved with.

BBC Earth will now feature a concert, based on the TV series “Frozen Planet”. Musicians perform live, as images are shown on the background screen from around the world.

They will introduce gameshows, trivia and “Inside Earth” documentary films.

Holland America Line have revealed four feature cruises which will offer passengers the change to sail with the BBC Earth experts for a behind-the-scenes look at the TV channel’s documentaries. Experts will include the shows producers and cameramen who will all host master classes and of course, Question and Answers.

The have four different ships offering four different feature cruises.

The brand new ship is the Koningsdam, which will offer a seven night eastern Caribbean sailing from fort Lauderdale. The beautiful Oosterdam will sail on 7th April from Tampa to San Diego on an 18 Night panama canal transit.

Maasdam will sail from Montreal to Boston for a seven night Canada & New England cruise.




Last but not least, the Volendam will sall Taiwan and Japan from Shanghai, ending in Hong Kong.


Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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