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Having just experienced Destination Immersion from Azamara Club Cruises, I felt the need to share the experience and explain why it’s so amazing:

aza Azamara 3DI is a virtual reality experience that provides it viewers with a 360 degree view of their ships and shore excursions. It’s a fabulous way to bring past and future passengers as close to ‘being onboard’ as possible.

 Having never sailed with Azamara Club Cruises before it really brought the ship to life and felt I was actually on board (if only for a few minutes)

 What to expect:

 On board personal tour including cabins

Examples of shore excursions: sail through the Panama Canal, Take a horse drawn carriage through Colonial Colombia or take to the heights and zipline trough the Costa Rican Rainforest

 Now for the technical bit:

 Easy for desktop users – click ‘view video’ and make sure you have the volume up to experience not only the sights but the sounds

For mobile users: Touch the screen to navigate. You may need to download the free app


The technology is powered by Oculus Rift, which is used for adding virtual reality aspects to video games. Azamara Club Cruises are the first to use this within the cruise industry


It’s a world travel adventure you have to see for yourself

View the videos from here:

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Pretty much all cruise lines operate in the same way with regards to the Dining arrangements on board a cruise ship. However, there are some that like to be different. Here I explain how…

Seasoned cruisers will be aware of dining arrangements on board cruise ships, whereas it can be quite confusing to passengers who are new to cruise, or not used to certain arrangements. With the arrival of newer, more modern cruise ships, we have seen new ways of dining being introduced.


The traditional way of dining would offer two set times for passengers to dine. These are usually 6pm and 8.30pm. There are different names for these dining times. 6pm could be known as: First Sitting, Early Sitting or Main Sitting whereas 8.30pm could be known as: Second Sitting or Late Sitting.

If you are to choose a traditional dining time, this means you will have your evening meal in the main restaurant at this time, each day of your cruise. You will also be seated at the same table each evening, with the same other passengers. This is a brilliant way to meet fellow passengers on board.

Some cruise lines now offer another dining option, in addition to the Traditional times, which is commonly know as ‘Anytime’ dining. This can also be known as Open Dining, Select Dining and MyTimeDining. If you are to choose this option, it is just as it sounds. You can dine in the Main restaurant anytime you like, between the opening hours.

‘Anytime’ dining does not guarantee you the same table or table size. You could be seated with different guests each night. If you are someone who prefers a small table for 2, keep in mind you may well receive a large table for 10, and vice versa.

Most passengers will be thinking, why doesn’t everybody do Anytime dining? This is because most people like to have the same table with the same guests each evening, and know they will be eating at that time. It is possible to have to wait for a table for some time when on the anytime dining option, as one may not be available when you arrive at the dining room.

There are some cruise lines that offer Anytime dining only – no traditional set times.

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Keeping fit at sea may not be at the top of everyone’s priorities whilst on a cruise! However you may be surprised to know that it is becoming more and more popular as we all try and live a more healthier lifestyle.

There are now a huge array of ways to keep fit whilst on a cruise with something to suit all levels of fitness. I just wanted to touch on some of these to give you a taster of what you can expect to find and the great news is that the majority of them are FREE!

Wraparound promenade decks/running tracks

A lot of ships have these features and this is great way to get some excercise without really thinking about it! On the larger ships it will tell you how far it is to walk or jog around the deck and you will be suprised at how far this can be. Just walking around the deck twice on some ships could burn off enough calories to enjoy a guilt free treat that day!


Fitness classes

From laid back Yoga to some high intensity Spinning you can find it all on board. As you would expect there are class times daily, for all levels from beginner to advanced, which will be listed in your daily newsletter. There is no charge for the majority of the classes so a great excuse to give something a try for the first time and who knows you might actually enjoy it!

State of the art Fitness Centres

Ships are now very well equipped in their gyms on board. Treadmills and Cross trainers will normally face out through the panoramic windows giving you fantastic views whilst working up a sweat! Various weights equipment, rowing machines and even boxing rings can be found on some ships! If you want to take up a few hours with a personal trainer or dietician this can be arranged on board for a fee.

Sports Courts

Football, Basketball and even Tennis can be arranged on board on ships that feature the sports courts. Tournaments can be signed up for on board or you can just have a bit of friendly competition with your traveling companions.


Every ship is different as to their facilities so this is just a general overview of what you can expect.
You can find full information on individual ship facilities on the relevant cruise lines websites.

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How many times have we all booked a couple of excursions on a cruise, sat down, added up them and basically its cost us all small fortune?


Here at #CruiseClubUK we use a company called #CruisingExcursions which guarantees you to save up to 65% on shore excursions with them rather than paying the over inflated prices that the cruise lines charge.


They offer excursions in every port that a ship docks into, regardless of which cruise line you choose an excursion will be available for you. They have all local guides which will accompany you on all excursions, they will pick you up from the dock and whisk you away for the day to explore the destination of your choice.

They offer over 12,000 unforgettable tours and activities in 700 ports. Plus if you only want a port transfer they can also offer you that.

They also guarantee to get you back to the ship on time, If for any reason you cant dock into a port where you have an excursion booked then that excursion will be fully refunded to you. They have professional English speaking guides and drivers and also offer a price match guarantee service.

In destinations where Visas are required Cruising Excursions have already taken care of this for you, you can sit back, relax knowing that you don’t have the hassle in trying to obtain one for yourself.

From tours round the Vatican, a stroll through the narrow winding streets of Venice to the hussle and bustle of St. Petersburg or even Dunns River Falls in Jamiaca there plenty to choose from.

Please visit to see which wonderful excursions you can book for your cruise.

Happy Cruising everyone 🙂



Welcome to the latest addition of my blog as i explore the amazing Cruise destination Cuba

Never visited but always loved the fascinating history of this place, why I’m CAPTIVATED BY CUBA and you will be too:

Brief History:

Fidel Castro seized control of the Country back in 1959, he began to restructure the government and developed a relationship with the Soviet Union. A trade embargo was then placed on Cuba (economic and travel embargoes were meant to put pressure on Castro, weakening his rule), however he spent nearly 50 years in office before stepping down in 2008.


Ships that could visit would be small (approx. 1,000 passengers) and owned by none American companies

Back to the present day….. American travel restrictions have now been lifted (hooray), giving American Ships the opportunity to experience the largest Island in the Caribbean. For cruise passengers old and new this is a very exciting time to venture somewhere new.

My images of Cuba consist of vintage cars in bright colours, decaying buildings mixed with the new, deserted streets and the occasional game of dominos being played by the locals, whilst smoking one of their famous Cuban Cigars.

Quick facts on Cuba:

22% of Cuba is protected by natural areas

Don’t expect wifi connections, only 5% of the population have internet access

There is only 90 miles of ocean between Cuba and the tip of Florida

Cuba is still largely unspoilt, Havana is a city for culture and music lovers. With Sierra Maestra Cruise Terminal located opposite the old town cruise passengers can easily wonder around at their own leisure. On the plus side there are only a few cars on the road making it easy for you to get about. There are numerous pedestrian zones, plus a 4 mile seafront walk with local musicians and food vendors to tempt you! The nearest beaches are within a 20 minute drive, with palm fringed white sandy beaches.

Taxis are metered in Cuba and widely available. Opt for a quirky taxi and hail a vintage car, also official and at the same rates as a normal taxi (much more interesting)

Or why not combine a cruise with a hotel stay and experience the tourist beach resorts of Varadero Guardalavaca or Cayo Coco

From December 2016 MSC Armonia MSC Opera will operate 2 alternating itineraries of 7 nights until April 2017. MSC Opera operates from December 2016 all year round in 2017.




Itinerary One:

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Belize City, Belize

Isla De Roatan, Honduras

Costa Maya, Mexico

Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Itinerary Two:

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Cozumel, Mexico

Havana, Cuba

With 3 nights in port, gives you ample time to experience all that Cuba has to offer

*Tourist cards are required for Cuba, please check with your Airline/booking agent

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norwegian_box_thumbHere at Cruise Club UK we like to offer our customers a friendly booking experience and of course offer the best prices. To do the latter we make each cruise enquiry unique by offering our customers a choice of departure airports to suit their needs. Recently we have been using Norwegian Air….The one question I always get asked: ‘Who are they?’

Read on to find out who, what and why

 Norwegian Air are the 3rd largest low cost airline in Europe

130+ Destinations, from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Thailand and USA

The reason you will hear more about the airline is due to its quick growth, young fleet and new aircrafts. With bases in the UK at Gatwick and Manchester, the flying routes are forever growing and they are becoming very competitive against other well established airlines.

 Because they continually introduce new aircraft’s to their fleet it helps keep air fares cheap… HOW? New aircraft’s consume less fuel and require less maintenance, plus they are environmentally friendly

They use Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner for longhaul flights – LED mood lighting, enhanced seat pitch, increased leg room


Premium available on longhaul routes only – Extra leg room, lounge access (selected airports), pre departure drinks, 3 course dinner on board including drinks, seat reservation and order snacks by touchscreen

 WiFi on board:

Bringing high speed broadband to the skies (on most of their aircraft) watch online tv, work, play games and read online newspapers.

With ‘video on demand’ passengers can rent movies and tv shows directly to their devices (how fab is that)

 Standard 20 kilos luggage allowance per person, plus 10 kilos hand luggage

   Have you flown with Norwegian Air? What was your view(s)?

I haven’t flown with them yet so any feedback is more than welcome

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Over the last few years I’ve loved experiencing ‘afternoon tea ’ in various locations, each time comparing it to the last. My favourite being a champagne experience at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester, it was a lovely sunny day (I know very rare in Manchester) sat out on the terrace, chatting and watching the world go by. To me it’s like a fine art, from the table setting to the delicate way the cakestand is presented.

The history of afternoon tea originates from the early 19th century. In those days it was common for people to eat two main meals a day, breakfast and dinner at around 8pm. During late afternoon Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford complained about feeling hungry, she used to have tea and cake in her room each day. Friends would often join her and from there invites were sent out. Word got round to other socialites, making it respectable enough to move to the drawing room. This is now a worldwide know ‘British Tradition’

So what do cruise ships offer?

Celebrity Cruises

Champagne High Tea

$25 Cover charge per person

Served once during a 7 night sailing and minimum twice on longer sailings

Live string quartet

Wedgewood china used for this fine spread, including tea, coffee, lattes, sandwiches, desserts, pastries, scones and truffles! Well worth the cover charge I’d say

Cunard Lines

Traditional afternoon tea

Included in the price of your cruise

Served daily in the Queens room

White gloved waiters


Sandwiches, salad, scones, followed by pastries, cake, fruit tarts and eclairs

*Be prepared to queue as very popular

P&O Cruises

 Traditional afternoon tea

Britannia – £15 cover charge per person, only available on sea days. Created by award-winning patissier Eric Lanlard

All other ships this is included in the price of your cruise

Served daily at 4pm

Very English crumpets

Holland America Lines

Offers 3 afternoon teas, once during a 7-10 night sailing

Royal Dutch Tea – traditional

Indonesian Tea – Staff wear traditional outfits with a musical accompaniment from the region. Fritters, cake and coconut rice balls offer something a little bit different

Cupcake Tea – Choice of cupcakes on offer

Included in the cost

Fred Olsen

Cover charge of £6.95 per person

Again very traditional and popular, worth pre booking once on board

Princess Cruises

 British style afternoon tea served daily

Finger sandwiches, cookies, biscuits and cakes


What’s your favourite on board afternoon tea?

 I’ve heard really good feedback regarding Cunard, after all they are the epitome of elegance!

 Look forward to hearing your views





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Having experienced sea sickness whilst enjoying a show on board Norwegian Epic, I came away feeling nauseous. Since then I’ve read lots of articles and done some research to help prevent feeling this way again.

For those of us who have endured the swaying and queasiness (not nice) here’s the science bit to help understand why we feel this way:

Basically your inner ear and eyes send different signals to the brain making it confused, hence feeling queasy and causing sickness

A few tips when choosing you cabin:

Try to get a cabin midship and the lower down the better

Cabins at the front (forward) on ships get the most movement

Try to avoid numerous days at sea

Inside cabins can upset your natural balance and need for daylight

Choose a large/newer ship as they come with modern day technology and stabilisers, which means motion is reduced

*Most cruise lines have medical centers onboard, offering tablets or a sickness injection. Be warned, they will charge you approx £60 per visit. I would recommend checking your travel insurance to see what you’re covered for! Wristbands can normally be purchased in the on board shops

No matter the size of vessel I’ve always been told to look up and out. Look out to the horizon and avoid reading anything, from a menu to a book!

Drink COKE, it contains the same ingredients as an over the counter anti nausea drug


d. coke blog

Invest in a pressure band – basically a bracelet which touches the acupressure points on the wrist

If you’re thinking about taking tablets, start them a few days before you travel as they need time to kick in! Also bear in mind that tablets can equal side effects, so read up before you travel. Medicated patches that you wear behind the ear are very popular, again check for side effects.

Eat a little but not a lot! Relax, close your eyes and stay sober on rough sea days!


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What are Guaranteed Cabins ? Passengers taking the ‘Guaranteed’ cabin basis from cruise Lines. What does this actually mean?

 .Prior to travel, most passengers like to know what cabin they will be staying in on their cruise. However, this is not always possible. Depending on the availability and promotion the cruise line are offering at the time of booking, passengers may be confirmed on a what they call a ‘Guaranteed’ basis of a cabin category and not given a cabin number.

This means the cabin that passengers will have, will be selected by the cruise line anytime up to the sailing. The cruise line can only ever give passengers the same category or higher, they can never give passengers a lower category.

This can work out very well for some, as you may receive a higher category to what you have paid. but, keep in mind, if there is a particular area of ship you would not like to be, you may well be given a cabin here and you cannot do anything about it, as you took the option of guarantee, leaving the choice to the cruise line.

So, if you have a particular place you wish or don’t wish to be, I would advise you always book a cabin number.

Sometimes, cruise lines will offer passengers a big discount for taking a guaranteed cabin. This means you save money and may well get a category upgrade.

If you are to make a booking very close to the sailing date of the cruise, you may find cruise lines only have guaranteed cabins available.

If you need some more information on the guaranteed cabin basis from cruise lines, call me on 0161 798 2512