Celebrity Cruises introduces The Wine Show

Celebrity Cruises introduces The Wine Show

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For those of you who enjoy cruising and are partial to a glass of wine, I am sure you are aware about Celebrity Cruises  teaming up with the Wine Show

Boasting 13 restaurants and one of the biggest and rarest wine collections at sea, Celebrity Cruises also employ some of the best wine specialist who are among the best in the world.  Adding to all those ingredients Celebrities partnership with the TV series The Wine Show will now take it to a different level.


One of the wine experts on board will be Joe Fattorini.  Mr Fattorini has 25 years’ experience within the wine industry which has given him an impressive database for contacts around the world from wine producers to vineyards. Joe is not just known for presenting the Wine Show he is involved in several things, from hosting Wine dinners to conferences and he also writes for leading wine magazines.

Another wine expert on board is Amelia Singer. Amelia is also known for putting on interactive tastings, dinners and events in central London. Amelia is known as the new face within the wine industry. She picked up her wealth of knowledge over the years by working with well-known retailers and also online fine wine merchants.


Celebrity Cruises on board wine experts have selected several shore excursions for guests to enjoy:


In Barcelona you will have the chance to visit one of Spain’s most celebrated wine cellars belonging to the Torres great wine family who have been part of the Wine culture for over three centuries. Whilst on the tour you will be able to participate in wine tasting as well as taking in some breath-taking scenery that’s on offer.


In Italy you can book an excursion to visit Lazio’s wine district one of Italy’s most ancient wine regions. Here you will step back in time and learn about the Pallavicini family who boast a history within the wine industry dating back to Roman times. Also what could be better than pairing your wine tasting day with my personal favorite Italian Food Bruschetta as well as Pasta tossed in real Italian Olive oil?



Dating back to the 3rd century BC you will get the chance to visit the Chateau de Cremat which is one of the oldest vineyards in France. The area is mainly known for its Rose but at the Chateau de Cremat they also produce red and white wine which you will be able sample taking in some amazing aromas.

So there you have it. The above are just an example of some of the excursions that are on offer.

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