Celebrity Edge anounement (must be soon)

Celebrity Edge anounement (must be soon)


Afternoon cruisers.

Back in June I started speculating about the new design of ships coming from celebrity cruises.


Back then we didn’t have any ideas as to what celebrity cruise had up their sleeves, and unfortunately we still don’t know much.

Time is ticking for Celebrity.

Image courtesy of STX France / cutting of steel ceremony.


Celebrity boasted that the new design of ship will be debuting in fall 2018. Well time is nearly up for them now as 2018 / 2019 cruises go on sale at the end of November.

What do we know?

There are 4 ships on order

The “Celebrity Edge” launching 2018

The “Celebrity Beyond” launching 2020

  • The other two – as yet unnamed ships are scheduled for 2022 + 2024.

The ships will be 117 thousand tonnes, and will accommodate 2900 passengers (ratio of 1/40.34)

  • The Celebrity Reflection (current flagship) is 126 thousand tonnes and at 3046 guest is a ratio of 1/41.35

The concept for the celebrity edge is “Project EDGE will deliver small ship itineraries with large ship amenities”

There are rumours that the ships will not feature a main dining room and will have up to 14 “eateries” onboard. I would guess that few of those are free and most will be “for a fee”


As the 2018 itineraries are on sale 29 November they’ll need to do some announcing soon.

  • People are unlikely to book a ship they know nothing about
  • We can’t sell the cruises without a deck plan, or an idea as to how the dining works.

If they delay the cruise going on sale, they’ll be creating a big hole in their schedules – opening up more rumours in the industry.


New ships are usually kept a secret until they absolutely have to announce – and this time they’re really waiting until the last minute to announce.

As soon as I know more – I’ll let you know.


One thing I do know is that if there is another Southampton preview cruise – I’ll have to do another CCUK members event!!


Tarar for now.

  • The Capn.

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