How the cruise lines have helped with hurricane Irma devastation….

How the cruise lines have helped with hurricane Irma devastation….

Hurricane Irma has lefts its devastating marks on the Caribbean and Florida and there are still a few cruise lines that are utilizing there ships to help in the relief effort. The cruise lines continue to supply deliveries and even are donating funds to the most damaged ports towards recovery. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line have all helped by deploying there ships to deliver supplies such as clothes, food and water to the most devastated ports and even in some cases assisted with rescue missions. Carnival also announced that they will donate 100 percent of proceeds for Chris Tuckers upcoming live comedy performances to help. Following suit is Royal Caribbean who have announced that they will match donations up to 1 million for affected communities! also Carnival corporation & plc together with the Miami heat charitable fund and Mickey and Madeleine Arison family foundation have pledged upto $10 million for rebuilding and relief after the wrath of Irma. Islands such as British Virgin Islands, Barbuda and St Maarten have suffered extensive damage from the worst storm for at least a decade however the Caribbean tourist board have said that fewer than 10 percent of hotels and resorts are set to be closed for longer than a week. As holidaymakers understandably worry about travelling in the future to the Caribbean on forthcoming holidays hopefully the below should answer some queries….



When is the Caribbean hurricane season?

The hurricane season runs from June until the end of November and can affect the Caribbean as well as Eastern and southern U.S.

How frequent are Hurricanes in the Caribbean?

On average in a season 10.1 named storms take place with an average of 5.9 becoming hurricanes and 2.5 of these becoming major hurricanes.


I hope this helps going forward for future travel to the Caribbean. In the Caribbean our tourism is relied upon so lets not let the weather stop us travelling!!!


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