Cruise Rituals

Cruise Rituals

Afternoon cruisers

During my years I’ve heard many tales of cruising rituals, traditions and the little touches that make your cruise holiday perfect.


I thought I’d put some down in a blog. Maybe you have a ritual of your own that you would share with me?

Sail away with a fizz

  • One customer of mine ALWAYS has a bottle of the finest bubbles for every sail away.


Lucky Mascot

I have seen many cruising mascots – even on my own cruises. Do you have your own / what’s the strangest you have seen?

A strong start to the day

I have seen this in person! A gentleman who had a shot of the ships finest Scotch every morning after his breakfast!


Im guilty of this one – I like to pick up a miniature snow globe from every new place I visit.


Ive also heard of fridge magnets, Tea Towels and thimbles and of course the souvenir cocktail glass!



Yes I’ve also met passengers on ships who “acquire” items from each cruise – im pleased to say that it’s always been small items (a teaspoon, a towel and a mug) I’ve not had any large-scale criminal activity.


Somebody (who will remain nameless) does like to know what ships are in port on the same days as themselves. Will keep an eye out for the arrival / departures of other ships. It’s great to watch a sail away – but sometimes it’s just as much fun to watch another ship sail away!


Sampling the local cuisine


I once met a large group of cruisers – they were very well travelled and visiting Europe as a group of friends. Every day they would all go on shore and do their own thing. Meeting up at the sail away bar every afternoon. Their challenge was to select and gather some local delicacies.

They had cold meats, questionable seafood, fresh bread, bottles of wine and some items I can’t even imagine what was in them.

They would sit as a group and share their late lunch amongst them having a great time.

I didn’t know you could bring all those items onto the ship – but I liked their idea.

So over to you, do you have your own cruise rituals – I’d love to know

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Tarar for now – and happy cruising.


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