Cruises from the UK: Planning a Festive Cruise Break

Cruises from the UK: Planning a Festive Cruise Break

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The festive period can be stressful. There are presents to buy, faraway friends to visit and not enough hours in the day. Sure, we’d all like to relax a bit more over Christmas, so why can’t we?

On a cruise from the UK, you can do your Christmas shopping and visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, all in serene luxury. And, if it’s all too much for you, you can escape to sunnier climes and forget about Santa altogether.

Grab Some Winter Sun

Part of the reason to get away over the Christmas period is the appalling weather. The UK gets an average of thirteen days of rain or snow each December — almost half the days in the month! If you’re eager to top up your vitamin D reserves and avoid a drenching, a cruise to sunnier climes could suit you.
The benefits of getting winter sun range from improving your sleep, to lowering your blood pressure. With the weather in the UK leaving many people down in the dumps, a Christmas break to warmer shores is the solution. A trip to the Canary Islands on a Celebrity cruise will make you forget all about the rain!

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Indulge in Natural Beauty on NCL Cruises

Christmas time is stressful for many reasons. One of the best methods of de-stressing is to be amongst nature, which has been shown to reduce anger, fear and stress. Going on an NCL cruise gives you the chance to witness the natural world in all its splendour and could be great for your health. On these cruises from the UK, the Northern Lights and Norway’s stunning fjords are well within reach.

Explore Europe’s Christmas Markets on a Cruise from the UK

If you want to be a little more active on your cruise break, take the opportunity to browse Europe’s finest Christmas markets. Visiting Germany and Denmark on a short cruise could be perfect for picking up some unique gifts. Germany is famous for its Christmas markets and there are dozens to visit while you’re there.
Alternatively, you could opt for an even more local destination: Ireland. It’s allegedly the world’s friendliest country and the Emerald Isle is also ideal for Christmas shopping. A cruise needn’t be a long and exotic journey, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable. While you’re there, you can put that old urban legend to the test and see if Guinness really does taste better in Ireland.

Go Even Further from Home

Escaping the stresses and strains of Christmas might sound appealing to you — we’re all tempted from time to time! If you’re one of those people who finds the festive period a hassle, consider skipping the whole holiday season on a month-long cruise. Taking a break from work and the stresses of daily life can be essential for maintaining good health. And, let’s face it, Christmas is more hectic than the rest of the year combined!

A trip to New York or the Caribbean will have you forgetting all about turkey and the trimmings. You may even find that you return with renewed productivity, improved happiness and a spring in your step. If you take care of your body, don’t neglect your mind. A cruise from the UK over Christmas might be good for your head as well as your heart.

Cruise Club UK offers cruises for everyone, regardless of your opinion of Christmas. Browse our huge range of cruises from the UK and find the getaway that suits you.


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