Experience the Caribbean with Our Luxury Cruises from the UK

Experience the Caribbean with Our Luxury Cruises from the UK

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A cruise to the Caribbean is the ultimate trip of a lifetime. The perfect blend of culture, turquoise seas and party spirit make it the perfect destination whatever you’re looking for. With its thousands of islands each possessing their own unique charm and history, what better way to experience this region than on a luxury cruise?

Just a few weeks ago, Celebrity Cruises premiered the second phase of their “A Different View” campaign, bringing a taste of the Caribbean to sofas all over the UK. Filmed on the beautiful island of St Lucia, the 90-second ad gives a true reflection of life on a modern luxury cruise. It shows holidaymakers snorkelling in the sea, horse riding on the beach and sampling local food. The end of the video depicts a group playing bowls on a beautiful green, before enjoying a picnic under the warm sun. And where were they? That’s right, on a modern luxury cruise.

Celebrity Cruises aren’t the only cruise line getting in on the action. Princess Cruises, Azamara Cruises and NCL Cruises are all offering holiday goers a slice of the beautiful Caribbean.

Cruises from UK - Carribean Beach

What Is “Modern Luxury”?

Luxury used to mean the best that money could buy. Typically accessible only to those who could afford it, the vast majority of people saw luxury things as a pipedream. Think of everything that defines “luxury cruise” to you: a massage, gourmet cuisine, and guided land excursions.Today, cruise lines have redefined that idea of luxury. Modern luxury is all those benefits, plus more, but far more accessible to the main consumer.

Where Can You Go?

With over 7000 Caribbean islands, surrounded by endless sandy beaches, there’s no end of exploration on offer. See some of the 550 species of exotic birds, or swim with the 1000 species of fish in the turquoise Caribbean sea.

St Lucia

Soufrière is home to Diamond Falls, where wildlife lives in abundance in the botanical gardens. The diamond waterfall is a sight not to be missed, where its waters mix with the volcanism of the Sulphur Springs, creating a kaleidoscope of colour.

Here you’ll also find the Pitons: two volcanic spires, each standing at over 700 meters tall. Take in the sights from the nearby Soufrière beach, or for the ultimate view of the Caribbean, take a hike to the top.

With our deals on luxury cruises in the UK, from lines includes NCL Cruises and Azamara cruises, you’ll enjoy world-class cuisine in the on-board restaurants. But what about onshore? At Castries, you can meet local fruit sellers and sample local flavours at the beachside food shacks, before topping it off with a BBQ on the beach.

Take advantage of a number of excursions, such as a beach and spa day at St Lucia’s Jade Mountain. Or, if you’d prefer to relax on board, enjoy a body massage or work up a sweat in the many gyms.


The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown, a cruise port. Take a guided on-shore walk through this colonial town and listen to the gospel singing at its many local churches. Or, if shopping’s your thing, visit the Collonade building — the tranship hub of Bridgetown, now a modern shopping centre.

Wherever you go in the Caribbean, you’ll stumble upon many opportunities for sightseeing. Barbados is no different. Harrison’s Cave is an underground limestone cavern, complete with towering columns, stalactites and stalagmites, and flowing waterfalls that pool into crystal clear waters.

If you’re looking for stunning views of the Caribbean coast, Animal Flower Cave is a sight to behold. The cave takes its name from the pools of water — some of which are deep enough to swim in — which are full of coloured formations from the oxidation of copper and iron. Then, get a view of the northern coast from the surrounding cliffs while you indulge in authentic Barbadian dining.

Why Visit the Caribbean on a Cruise from the UK?

At Cruise Club UK, our cruise providers have full itineraries, so there’s always something to do, whether you’re on-board or on-shore. Whether your idea of a perfect holiday is to snorkel in the sea, relax on the beach, or get to know the locals at the street markets, we can help you plan the perfect trip.

On deck, you’ll taste food prepared by world-class chefs and enjoy the best in entertainment. Whatever your idea of winding down is — from finding the perfect read to settle down with in a library, or ice-skating, ziplining, rock climbing and even surfing — you’ll find it all on one of our cruises.

Make Barbados your next travel destination with Cruise Club UK. Sample the delights of this stunning region and holiday in absolute luxury by booking a cruise from the UK.




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