Who Goes on Cruise Holidays? Debunking the Myths

Who Goes on Cruise Holidays? Debunking the Myths

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a woman enjoying her cruise holiday aboard a luxury cruise

Think that cruises are just for rich, retired couples? Think again. From last-minute cruises from the UK, perfect for young singles, to NCL cruises that keep the whole family happy, there’s no one age or person that can enjoy all the wonderful things a cruise has to offer.

When you mention cruising to people, you’re bound to get one of two reactions: enthusiasm, or disgust. It’s a lot like Marmite, really. Loved by many loathed by some, regarded as a mythical creature by those who’ve never taken one, cruises are a form of travel unlike any other breed. As such, many fallacies have sprung up around cruises.

We’re here to debunk some of those myths and explain why once you’ve sailed the high seas, you’ll never want to travel in any other way, ever again.

“Cruises Are All the Same”

An NCL Cruise, an Azamara Cruise, a Silversea Cruise; is there really a difference between all the major cruise lines other than just the colour of the sheets? After all, aren’t cruise ships just floating resorts? And aren’t all resorts the same?

Think again, because if you’re into it, there’s a cruise for it. Whether you’re a Star Trek fan or love the night sky, you’ll find a cruise to suit your needs. If you just want a great holiday where you sort out a last-minute cruise from the UK and don’t need to worry about flight connections or checking in and out, you’ll find the right one for you, thanks to the sheer variety the likes of NCL Cruises and Azamara Cruises offer. Depending on the ship, you can find climbing walls, arcades, speaker events, tennis courts; the list goes on. If you can think of something you want to do on holiday, you can find a cruise ship that has it.

“You Have to Be Rich to Cruise”

This is another thing that, quite simply, isn’t true. At Cruise Club UK, we uncover the best industry deals and we specialise in last-minute cruises from the UK, so if you fancy a spur-of-the-moment holiday, you don’t have to break the bank. An easy way to save money on cruising is to stay within Europe. The Mediterranean, which is so close and yet so often overlooked with the whole world out there, offers wonderful coastlines and incredible cliffs and coastal towns making it the perfect (and affordable) location via NCL Cruises or Azamara Cruises

Even if you want to escape to further away, like America or Asia, our last-minute cruise deals and all-inclusive packages make cruising more affordable than you could ever dream.

“Cruising is Just For Pensioners and Families”

Do you imagine that you only cruise around the world when you’re retired, like the 86-year old widow who spent 10 years living on a ship? The average age of a cruise customer is 55, meaning there are plenty of younger cruisers to balance out the older ones.

Cruising has also become more popular amongst those who are young and independent, like entrepreneurs who are taking to the seas. Because a cruise ship creates a feeling of community, it’s a great idea for networking and for businesses. NCL Cruises and other major cruise lines are also working on improving their internet service, so you can stay connected at sea.

“Cruising Isn’t Real Travel”

Cruises are subject to a lot of travel snobbery from other travellers, but there’s really no need for it. You’re not living in a shack in the jungle and learning the indigenous language, but then that’s not for everyone — and why should it be? Each to their own, after all. However, if the idea of floating in comfort and style with interesting people, constant stimulation, amazing relaxation, and fascinating places to visit doesn’t appeal to you… then you may need to get your head checked!

You can even help local communities while taking a cruise holiday, as cruise lines have opened up to voluntourism. Some offer opportunities for helping the locals, while others transport large amounts of goods to the countries they visit — so you’re helping by default.

With so many amazing last-minute cruise deals from the UK on major lines like NCL and Azamara cruises, there’s every reason to try out a cruise and see if it’s the holiday for you. If they’re good enough for someone to spend ten years on a ship, then all these people must be onto something, right? It’s time for you to find out.

Look through Cruise Club UK’s collection of industry-leading deals from major cruise companies, or contact us today so we can find you your perfect holiday!


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