How Do You Choose What Cruise to Book?

How Do You Choose What Cruise to Book?

Cruises are becoming more and more popular and as the industry grows the expectation of quirky new concepts are eagerly awaited by cruise fans. The bigger the ship the more exciting facilities they offer once onboard.

Is bigger always better?

Customers choose their cruises based on various aspects:


Price – Cruising with a family can be expensive, with school holiday sailings always the dearest. Cruise Lines always have promotions on so booking early isn’t always going to get you the best deal. The most popular time to book is after Christmas and into January, this is when the cruise lines all offer competitive promotions. Working within the cruise industry we know and see the daily trends, for example we’re in July at the moment and most of the cruise lines have already sold their cabin capacity for 2017 sailings and put their focus on 2018 sailings, offering enticing promotions.


Itinerary – For me this is the reason I would book a cruise. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of worldwide destinations, so for me choosing somewhere I haven’t seen would be my first choice, followed by price and then dining options. Things you need to consider are:

Fly cruise or sail from the UK?

If you choose to sail from the UK please bear in mind that only having 7 days holiday won’t get you to the Canary Islands as these tend to be longer durations due to distance.

What is your maximum flight time?

There’s no point in looking at sailing from Singapore for example if you only want to fly for a maximum of 7 hours. These are questions our experienced sales team would ask you if you didn’t have anything specific in mind.

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Facilities – If you’re travelling with kids then a good waterpark and kidsclubs are important. That way the kids can choose to join in with other kids in the clubs or spend quality family time together doing fun family friendly activities. On the larger ships kids will be spoilt for choice, from zipwire, super slides, dodgems, minigolf, cinema, the list is endless.

Food – Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a good buffet restaurant onboard?

Choose what you want, go back for more! I recently sailed onboard the new Majestic Princess and within the buffet area they had a fresh bakery which proved very popular especially the cookies!

A lot of the larger cruise lines offer quirky dining venues, from Alice in Wonderland themed dining to celebrity/Michelin chef’s venues onboard. Most of these would incur a surcharge to dine in, but for me it’s worth the money just to experience something a little different. Plus if you’re open to sampling something different on your palate then why not!


Cruise Line – We all have those friends who went somewhere on holiday, they hated it and you loved it. That’s because not everyone’s tastes are the same and if they were, would it not make our world dull? Most customers go off personal experience or recommendations from friends and family. A great example here is Carnival Cruise Lines, they advertise as fun ships and have a huge American following. That personally put me off straight away, however when I sailed onboard Carnival Vista last year I have to say it’s my favourite ship so far! I had preconceived ideas that this was a party young ship with pool activities all day long. How wrong was I! There was a good mix of nationalities, a great mix of speciality dining and my favourite was the lobby area of an evening with live music.

Cruising is big news and more and more people are choosing to cruise because of the multi destinations and variety of facilities. With over 40 new ships on order by 2026 you won’t be stuck for choice either.

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