Methane-Powered, Green-Friendly Cruise Ship Scheduled for 2020 Release

Methane-Powered, Green-Friendly Cruise Ship Scheduled for 2020 Release

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Worried about the carbon footprint of cruises? These new luxury cruises are on it, with a totally carbon-neutral cruise coming soon!

Global warming is getting worse and we’re being urged to pay more attention than ever to how our presence on earth is affecting the environment. From electric cars to plant-based diets and zero-waste lifestyles, people are going above and beyond to make sure they’re not contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Travel is one area of our lives that’s truly in the hotseat. Airplanes, cars, cruises; all use fossil fuels. The cruise industry is working hard to improve its methods and has made record strides in the past few years. Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, NCL Cruises and Royal Caribbean are some of the companies who have taken great strides to improve their green rating in the past decade. Solar panels, eliminating water bottles and eco-ballast systems to make sure nothing leaves the ship are some of the advances made, but a new company are about to totally blow them out of the water.

Adding to our amazing selection of existing eco-friendly luxury cruises, Cruise Club UK is proud to present Methane Cruises, exclusive to Cruise Club and 100% free of fossil fuel!

A Luxury Cruise with a Difference — 100% Fossil Fuel-Free

Cows are one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, with 25% of methane emissions coming from their digestive tracts — a substance 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Leading on from the creation of ‘fartpacks’ by scientists in Argentina, the country with the third highest number of cattle, the creators of Methane Cruises have created something far larger: The Fart Ship.

One fartpack from a single cow is enough to power a car for 24 hours, so imagine the power from the 500-strong herd below deck on a Methane Cruise! It’s enough to not only power an ocean liner, but have back-up for the room, too. Celebrity Cruises was the first to adopt solar panels to power their lights, but Methane Cruises are harnessing this natural resource to blow you all the way to Bermuda.

No Animals Harmed in the Making of this Luxury Cruise

If you’re worrying about the cows, then put your fears to rest: these cruises are PETA approved and animal rights-friendly. Every one of the 500 cows is a dairy cow rescued from the slaughterhouse, now peacefully living out their days below deck. The walls are all well ventilated and glass lined, so they still get their fair share of sunlight, and the floor is covered in turf that’s five metres deep with rich soil. Between cruises, the cows are swapped out and peacefully left to graze in some of the many hectares Methane Cruises have purchased at some of the ports, and dedicated cattle hands have been hired to look after each herd. They know each of their cows individually by name and create strong bonds of friendship.

A cow’s natural lifespan is about 20 years, but in the dairy industry, they’re lucky if they make it to being five, due to over-milking and harsh treatment. Methane Cruises are not just a luxury cruise; they’re a retirement home for happy cows.

What if the Farts Run Out? A Luxury Cruise Solution to a Windy Problem

“What if the cows stop farting?” we hear you ask. Never fear: Methane Cruises are equipped with a ‘code flatulence’ for such an emergency. NCL Cruises and Celebrity Cruises may have their vegan options, but all Methane Cruises carry entire pantries of beans ready to convert everyone’s diet to a legume-based one at a moment’s notice. Don’t worry, though: all chefs are trained by Jamie Oliver for high-quality vegetarian cooking, so your taste buds won’t suffer.

When code flatulence is initiated, vents open in the ceilings of all the bedrooms and bathrooms and your farts become converted by a futuristic ceiling ventilation system into methane fuel. The bodily functions of up to 5,000 passengers may not be a permanent solution, but they will carry you to the nearest port in time to change out to a fresh herd of cows and continue on your journey.

Can’t wait to cruise with a clean carbon emission conscience? Look for the launch of Methane Cruises with Cruise Club UK in 2020 and make sure to pack your wellingtons for saying hello to the cows.

Unfortunately (for now at least), this is just an April Fool, but we have many other fantastic and eco-friendly luxury cruises here at Cruise Club UK. Browse our selection today and plan your next adventure.


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