Modern Luxury Cruising for Families with Celebrity Cruise Line

Modern Luxury Cruising for Families with Celebrity Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruise line are well known for their “Modern Luxury” cruise ships and are extremely popular with passengers of all ages, including families.

Most people would think a luxury cruise line wouldn’t have much on offer for the younger passengers in the family, and that’s where they are wrong.

With lots of different activities for all on board, there is something for everyone to have a wonderful cruise holiday.

Celebrity have the latest gadgets, games and devices on board their ships for the avid-gamers in the family. They have a partnership with Xbox which enables the cruise line to offer dedicated Xbox stations and mobile consoles on board, to feature one of the largest game and entertainment experiences at sea. Whether there’s a tournament taking place or just a gaming themed night, there is something for the youngest gamer to the most savvy teens on board. (You most likely have to drag them away from their current Xbox game!!)

I am sure we all do one thing the same when we cruise, and that is to over indulge on the magnificent food offered on board. You don’t have to worry about the kids not getting enough exercise, as Celebrity have produced some brilliant organized activities on board to keep them on the move. They have their Sports Court on board which offers the chance to shoot hoops or kick some goals into the net. They can of course do this with their friends and not in an organized group – we all know how independent teenagers are, right? Celebrity’s partnership with Zumba fitness also brings some fantastic activities aboard.

If there are any budding chefs in the family, why not let them take part in one of their classes on board. Celebrity offer some fantastic opportunity’s for young passengers on board to get some great culinary experience with options such as; Cupcake Decorating Classes, Pizza Making Class, Future Chefs Hands on Classes as well as a -behind-the-scenes tour that will give them the insight to how the chefs on board work their magic providing delicious, made-from-scratch meals for the entire ship every single day and night.

One thing that I find absolutely fabulous on board is the Video Project offered to the budding movie directors on board. Young guests will be given the use of a GoPro Hero 3 high definition, wideangle video camera to get the shots required for their movie. When they arrive at the class, the on board visionaries will create a storyboard for the videos they are to make. They are taken out to get the shots required – sometimes underwater too!! With this, they learn how to film and edit their videos. This takes place in the Celebrity ILounge on board. great way to create a holiday video!! Who knows, young Jimmy may be the next Spielberg.

Young passengers more interested in relaxing, well why not hit the Zspa!! With treatments geared towards the “Z” generation, they have the choice of Fabulously Fruity or Acne Attack Facials. If you need some bonding time, try out the Mother/Daughter or Father/Son packages on board.

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