Planning a Solo Cruise? Why NCL Cruises Could Be for You

Planning a Solo Cruise? Why NCL Cruises Could Be for You

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Cruises aren’t just for families or groups of people anymore. Cruise lines are now queuing up to offer singles cruises for the solo traveller. NCL Cruises offers all the benefits of a traditional cruise, but caters specifically to the solo traveller. Have you thought about a solo cruise?

The cruise industry has long been marred by certain stereotypes, like “cruises are for seniors” or “cruises are for couples”. However, this luxurious form of transport and travelling has come a long way since then, so if you opt to travel alone on a cruise, no longer will you struggle to find a single cabin or activities to suit you.

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Why Go on a Solo Cruise?

Travelling solo has some huge benefits. It allows you to meet new people from a range of different cultures, unplug from the world and enjoy some valuable “me time”, to do exactly what you want to do, without having to compromise with whoever you’re travelling with. Do this on a cruise and you don’t have to worry about catching the right connection or arduous bus journeys, either.

Booking a cruise allows you to take in toured shore excursions, or if you choose, you can lie back and relax on board by the pool, or treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. With food and drink all-inclusive in many packages, you’ll also be able to experience some of the best culinary delights on offer.

With a cruise, you don’t have to worry about fearing for your safety or losing your bags. Take your bare essentials while you go off and explore the nearest port town, staying assured that your bags and belongings are safe on the ship.

But Won’t It Cost More?

Solo cruises have surged in popularity in recent years, so much so that cruise providers are jumping on this trend and offering more options for solo travellers, including dedicated singles cruises. The single supplement — paying more because you want to travel alone — is a thing of the past. Book with Norwegian Cruise Line (or NCL Cruises), and you won’t have to pay extra for the luxury of travelling alone.

In fact, did you know that NCL Cruises was the first cruise provider to ever to build staterooms and common areas specifically for the single traveller?

What About Onboard Activities?

You might think that activities on a cruise are catered towards groups. That may be true on cruises aimed at families, such as Disney Cruises. But NCL cruises fully cater to individuals, even hosting singles nights. If you’re single and ready to mingle, what better way to meet people than on the high seas?

On all of Norwegian Cruise Line’s voyages, there is always the opportunity to meet your fellow passengers. Staff host regular bar crawls around the ship, or if you want to share your pride, why not take part in the Friends of Dorothy happy hour happening every night? Even if you opt for a solo cruise to spend some time to yourself, it can still get lonely. Using these events as a solo traveller allows you to meet others to share experiences with — and if you have shared interests, you could even reduce costs by going halves on certain events.

When it comes to spending the night on deck, even the biggest party animals might not want to dance alone. Many cruise lines, NCL Cruises included, employ dancers, or “gentleman hosts”, so you need never worry about not having anyone to dance with.

If you’re single and looking to meet like-minded people on a cruise, for love or otherwise, solo cruises are the way to go. With cocktail parties, speed dating and shared dining experiences, there’s always something on the itinerary for you to do.

If you’re just looking to unwind and partake in your interests, there’s no reason you have to do this accompanied by someone else. From rock climbing to language classes, you’ll meet plenty of other solo travellers — so don’t worry about feeling like the third wheel stuck in a room full of couples. If you strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller and make a friend, that’s a bonus!

Where Can I Go?

When it comes to cruising, the sky’s the limit. With NCL Cruises at Cruise Club UK, you could enjoy 11 nights seeing the European capitals, or if you want a taste of the Transatlantic, why not end your trip on the glorious sands of South Beach, Miami? If seeing the world is on your agenda but you don’t want to have to catch a flight to do it, check out our cruises from the UK.

Solo cruises offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your own time and do the activities and excursions you want to, as well as mingle with the locals and spend time with your fellow travellers, if you choose. With NCL Cruises offering cruises catered to solo travellers, whether you want to experience the diversity of travellers on a traditional cruise or opt for a singles cruise, the only question you need to ask yourself is: “when shall I book?”

Book your solo cruise with NCL Cruises today with Cruise Club UK. Our team are passionate about helping you find the right cruise for you, wherever you want to go. Call us free today on 0808 159 8014.


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