Why are cruises to Dubai so popular?

Why are cruises to Dubai so popular?

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Why Are Dubai Cruises So Popular?

Dubai has become synonymous with luxury travel and what better way to visit Dubai than by a luxury cruise holiday? There’s more to Dubai than its iconic skyscrapers and with a packed calendar of events, shows, festivals and exhibitions there’s plenty to see and do throughout the year so pack your bags and get ready to set sail to the stunning Persian Gulf.

Which destinations could I visit on a Dubai cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line have a 21-night Dubai cruise that departs from Rome and visits Naples, Messina, Greece, Cyprus and Israel before entering the Suez Canal to take in Jordan, Egypt, Oman and eventually Dubai. If you’re looking for something a little shorter, then try the ten night Arabian Gulf and Emirates cruise from Azamara which starts and ends in Dubai and visits Khasab, Muscat, Al Manamah, Doha and Abu Dhabi.

Luxury cruise line Oceania has some stunning cruise itineraries which include cruises to Dubai. Their ships are smaller and more intimate than larger cruise liners allowing them to visit boutique ports which the larger ships are often too large to enter. Oceania also has a high staff to guest ratio to offer a superior level of service. Remember a luxury cruise doesn’t have to break the bank — there are always cruise deals available which are well worth looking for.

Dubai cruise excursions

Guided tours can show you the highlights of modern and historic Dubai such as its contemporary architecture, the eighteenth-century Al Fahidi Fort and the landmark hotels and malls. You might choose to explore further afield with a sand dune safari and visit a Bedouin campsite or take to the skies in a helicopter or hot air balloon to admire the cityscape and views of the Hajar mountains. If you’d prefer to stay on the water then take a trip along the Dubai creek in a traditional Arabian sailing vessel known as a dhow, many of which now offer a dinner service whilst you’re enjoying the sights.

Shopping in Dubai

The traditional Arabian markets, known as souks, are a cultural highlight in Dubai. There are specialist souks for perfume, spices, gold and textiles which are well worth a visit whether you’re looking to buy or just want to soak up the atmosphere. For a luxury shopping experience, head to one of Dubai’s many modern malls to visit the designer boutiques or even use a private shopper service.

Cruises To Dubai

Why choose a Dubai cruise?

Whether you’re looking for stunning beaches, a vibrant city experience or some serious retail therapy a cruise to Dubai can guarantee all of these making it one of the most popular cruise holiday destinations. It’s worth investigating what’s happening during your visit as there’s always something to see in Dubai whether it’s the traditional festivals such as Ramadan and Eid or the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series which Dubai will host in October 2016. So what are you waiting for, start looking for your dream cruise to Dubai now!


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