Port Highlights of the Eastern Mediterranean

Port Highlights of the Eastern Mediterranean

Istanbul, Turkey . The only city in the world that covers two continents, Istanbul is a city where East and West join, boasting stunning monumental churches and mosques. The Roman ruins of the Hippodrome, where in Roman times, horse and chariot races were held is combined with the modern Grand Bazaar, with its numerous shops and stalls. The majority of cruise lines tend to offer two day visits.

The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Athens, Greece. Athens is the beautiful Grecian capital city which was once the heart of the world’s finest art and culture scene in the fourth and fifth centuries B.C., and much of its history is still evident and on display today. Famous monuments including the Acropolis, the temple of Athena and the Odeon of Herod Atticus, whilst another famous tourist site is the city’s National Archeological Museum

Acropolis, Greece

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is an ideal city for walking, and is rich in interesting history and culture, boasting monasteries, which are centuries old, stunning churches, and synagogues. The Old Town is a medieval walled city that is free of traffic, and you can even walk along the 1.3-mile stretch of wall which is around 80 feet above ground level, offering amazing views. Dubrovnik is rich with Renaissance churches and fountains, combined with its narrow cobbled streets, where you can engage in the shops, or enjoy a drink at one of the many alfresco cafes and bars

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jerusalem, Ashdod, Israel.  Ashdod is the gateway to visit Jerusalem and is just over an hour’s drive from the city, compared to Haifa which can take several hour’s. Visitors tend to have interest in the Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, before heading to Bethlehem.

Ashdod, Israel

Turkey. The famous Ephesus, is around nine miles away from town, visitors are transported back thousands of years to probably the best preserved ancient within the Eastern Mediterranean. Many believe that the Virgin Mary  visited the area between 37 and 45 A.D. There is a  two story library which was once home to thousands of scrolls, and the Terrace Houses have a stunning display of vibrant mosaics and coloured frescoes. The Temple of Artemis, is a famous site, which is where Alexander the Great visited during its construction in 334 B.C. and dubbed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Visitors can now visit the site, on various excursion options

Kusadasi, Turkey

Mykonos, Greece. The rugged terrain of Mykonos is a mere 40 square miles and is dotted with  green bushes, granite stone buildings and architecture,  beautiful windmills and bright white washed buildings. Surrounded by beautiful beaches against the backdrop of the crystal clear blue sky.  The island itself has around twenty spots ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The island has a very cosmopolitan feel, and the island comes to life in the evening, and is said to be one of the best within Europe.

Mykonos, Greece

Venice, Italy. One of the most stunning and romantically renowned city’s of the world. Boasting squares, such as Piazza San Marco, a must do when visiting Venice. The city of Venice is a maze of narrow canals and streets, which stretch over 100 islands.

Venice, Italy

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