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Cruises from Southampton: Cunard offers many opportunities to explore amazing places sailing from and returning to Southampton. Most popular destinations are the Mediterranean, Atlantic Islands, Western and Northern Europe.

Fly Europe: A luxury way to explore the Mediterranean coast and beyond, you will fly out to meet the ship in Barcelona, Rome, Athens or Venice. Devote 7, 14 or even 21 nights exploring this ancient sea with almost one visit every day and rarely stopping at the same port twice.

Alaska 2019: Cunard’s first trip to Alaska for over 20 years. Truly exclusive experiences around the glacier fields, lakes and snowy mountains. 4 x 10 night round trip voyages from Vancouver offering 6 destinations along the northwest pacific coastline and scenic cruising in the inside passage and Hubbard Glacier.

Winter 2019: Oceans of discovery, including the World Voyage, Grand Voyages and regions of the world, by Cunard


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Cunard Line is making a return to Alaska in 2019 with Queen Elizabeth


Josh Leibowitz, senior VP of Cunard North America stated

“Cunard is thrilled to make our return to Alaska with our youngest ship Queen Elizabeth. Our guests can now explore the region on the best itinerary in Alaska—four 10-night round-trip Vancouver sailings with more time in port and opportunities to visit the natural wonders of Tracy Arm Fjord and Hubbard Glacier.”

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Voyages will begin in May 2019 and will sail throughout June, After this Queen Elizabeth will sail the U.S West coast through the Panama Canal all the way up to New York then make her way across the Atlantic through Iceland and then finish in the UK.


Queen Elizabeth will be offering 10 night cruises out of Vancouver, Canada starting on May 21 and the final voyage will depart June 20. You will cruise the scenic Inside Passage, and make calls into Skagway, Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka.


You can book these fabulous cruises today

If you would like to enjoy the Grills experience on board Cunard are offering an early booking benefit of complimentary drinks and gratuities, available from now until 28th February 2018.

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If you would like any further information with regards to the above sailings please feel free to contact via phone or email.

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If you have read my previous blog you will of hopefully decided that Alaska is next on your list of travel destinations and you will also have a better idea of when you would like to cruise

Most cruise lines offer a variety of sailings, mainly 7 night durations. Your next decision is where to begin and where to cruise. Many begin in either Seattle or Vancouver, sailing North up the Inside passage. The Inside Passage is a waterway of islands than run along the Pacific coast of North America. This is a perfect itinerary for a first time cruiser as the waters tend to be calm and sailing through offers spectacular scenery. The main ports of call are Juneau, Skagway, Sitka and Ketchikan

juneau (1)

Alternatively you can cruise further afield up to the Gulf of Alaska to Anchorage, most itineraries start or end here and Vancouver. Still experiencing the Inside passage this opens up a world of glaciers and opportunities to add on a land tour to Denali National park or visit the Kenai fjords.


There are 2 very different types of cruising here depending on what type of experience you are looking for. The larger mainstream cruise lines such as Celebrity, Holland America and Princess offer the most flexibility on itineraries and tend to have 3-4 ships here every Summer. Here you get to experience the best of both worlds. The luxury of a cruise with your food and entertainment combined with the excitement of cruising to such a destination


Alternatively you have the very small expedition ships, these only carry a few hundred people, but means that you can experience a true Alaskan holiday getting closer to nature. Many of these have experienced guides and zodiaks, small boats that take you as close to the shoreline and wildlife as is possible. These don’t have any of the features of the larger ships but will give you a whole new perspective on your holiday


For this weekend only Celebrity cruises have an Alaskan sale with prices starting from as low as £1699p/p for a balcony cabin in May on their Solstice flagship. These offers also include a complimentary all inclusive drinks package, so whether its a glass of wine to celebrate what you have seen, or a steaming cup of coffee to warm you up after a long day out, everything is catered for.

For more information please call myself on 0161 798 2516 or email marcia@cruiseclubuk.com

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Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

One of my dreams is to visit Alaska but I as many of you probably can’t decide when to go, so sat at home on Sunday evening watching the beginning of a new series called Wild Alaska live it opened my eyes to the different times of year to visit. I always wanted to go at the beginning of May, thinking I’d catch the end of the snow, and still having a slight chance of seeing the Northern lights. What I didn’t realise was that the wildlife you see can depend on the month that you visit, I was fascinated to watch all the Salmon moving down the rivers which happens only in July and August


So to help me and all of you fellow adventurers here’s a quick brief on the different months to visit

Alaska season starts in May, the nights begin to get longer and the temperatures are on the up. May is also one of the driest months. Wildlife is rife as animals begin to come out of hibernation, particularly Moose and Dall sheep which are slowly moving down the slopes of the hills for better grazing, sightings of Bald eagles are also high where they will be preparing their nests for their young. At the beginning of the season prices tend to be lower and fewer crowds so would suit more people in the smaller ports and towns


June is the beginning of peak season, the temperatures are on the up and the nights are getting longer with long days and sparse nights, later June and into July tends to be very busy for cruise passengers, which does see a rise in prices as you can expect. Anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the famous Brown bear this is the time to visit, heading into Salmon season you can spot the bears doing a spot of fishing for food, building up their strength before hibernating again in the Autumn. If you can get close enough to see the salmon swimming up the river beds is something that you will never forget.

inside-passage (1)

August can be a great time for whales orcas and dolphins navigating the inside passage, in an ideal world I would be sitting on my balcony watching them swim alongside our ship, imagine the photos to take home to show family and friends.


September is the beginning of the end of the season here, prices tend to drop and similar to May it can be less crowded, this is classed as shoulder season. It can be slightly more rainy, but I believe the weather just like the UK is extremely changeable where you can have just as sunny a day as in June. The nights are drawing in and this starts the Autumn season, most cruise lines stop by the second week, tourist resorts close down but the biggest thrill is that Aurora season begins and so begins the possibilities of seeing the Northern lights in the North in Denali and Fairbanks.

Alaska really does have everything, from glaciers, forests, wilderness, rivers, bears, whales, wolves, and eagles, this is a combination that really does make a holiday of a lifetime. See my next blog for some fantastic special promotions

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Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  


Exclusive Princess Alaskan Rail Service Direct to the Wilderness

Discover 500 miles of unspoilt scenic wilderness with Princess Rail. Only Princess offer a service that takes you from the ship through the heart of Alaska in a day to their exclusive Wilderness Lodges. Click here for more information on Wilderness Lodges, which are located on the doorstep of legendary national parks.


Rail guides: Onboard staff narrate your journey, pointing out wildlife, scenery and talking you through the history of the popular rail route.

Huge wrap around glass domed windows and openair observation platforms provide magnificent views. Enjoy a formal dining experience of Alaskan cuisine, plus table service drinks.


The service operates from mid-May to mid-September

Combine a cruise with landtour to get the most out of your Alaskan holiday.


Prices include transfers to/from train stations/lodges

Getting to the Alaska wilderness is just as spectacular being there when you travel via Princess Rail.


General information on Alaskan Cruisetours:



Time Zone: -8 GMT also bear in mind that during the summer months the sun doesn’t set and will remain in daylight hours

Meals: these are at your own expense. A pre-paid meal package for the land part of your Alaskan Cruisetour can be pre booked, this includes a service gratuity and tax. Prices start from £170pp which includes 2 breakfast, 1 lunch and 2 dinners. More information can be found on your cruise personaliser once booked. Please see below for approx. meal prices in Alaska $$$


What to bring:

Alaska has a variable climate, with that in mind its best to wear layers and comfortable shoes. The below table gives you an example of weather:

Alaska is a casual destination during the day and evenings. Active sportswear is the best option. Good walking shoes and a warm jacket for the evenings as temperatures drop. Also recommended items include: binoculars, insect repellent, collapsible umbrella

The best time for wildlife encounters by month:


You don’t have to worry about luggage wither, that’s all taken care of every step of the way, Princess transport luggage from one location to the next. It’s strongly advisable that you pack an overnight bag on cruisetours as your main luggage will be transported separately from you and will not be accessible during transit. Recommended items of clothing, sleepwear, shoes and anything else you might need at your lodge, but don’t need access to during the day.

Our team of specialist sale advisors can assist you when booking an Alaskan Cruisetour with Princess Cruises – there really is nothing else like it in the World.




Cunard have announced their plans to offer Alaska Cruise Itineraries for the first time in 20 years

Cunard are set to offer Alaska as part of their destination guide in 2019, under the ‘Oceans of Discovery’ program, after more than 20 years…

Recently announced ‘Grand Voyages’ itineraries, includes a 27 night voyage, departing from Yokohama in Japan, over to Vancouver in Canada on board Queen Elizabeth. Featured Alaskan ports of call include Anchorage, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan and the Icy Strait Point

Cunard are not strangers to Alaska, itineraries were offered, prior to the current ships within the fleet.

Details have also been released for alternate Cunard sailings from 2018, right through to May 2019.

Itineraries are set to include all three ships, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth visiting 49 countries between them with a total of a 109 destinations, with 21 of these being new ports of call, including ports within India, Philippines and Japan

Queen Victoria’s World Cruise will feature a Westbound Circumnavigation sailing, sailing through the Panama Canal, and will feature ports of call such as New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, departing from, and returning back to Southampton.


Queen Mary 2, is set to feature ‘Grand Voyages’ and their new ‘Regions of the World’ program, which will allow passengers to sail through the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, the Far East, as well as through the Mediterranean



Bookings for these sailings are open to the public, on Wednesday 29th March 2017

Watch this space for more information!

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Welcome to installment 5 of cruising Alaska as we look at the wonderful world of Vancouver

Vancouver was my point of disembarkation after a fantastic cruise on board Coral Princess around Alaska.

Due to the late flight home we had a full day to explore the city which was a bonus in my eyes. I have never visited Canada before and it wasn’t somewhere that ever crossed my mind to visit…until this particular day!

Princess Cruises gave us the use of a day room at the Four Seasons hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver. This was such a handy location to do some sightseeing, so after leaving our luggage in the conference room off we went off to explore.

Welcome to part 4 of cruising Alaska , today we will be discussing Skagway

Skagway was my last port of call and I have to say it was my favorite! It is only a relatively small town with around 1000 occupants but back in the gold rush times the town would have been thriving with gold prospectors hoping to make their fortunes from the surrounding areas.

The picture below was my first sight of Skagway, at my usual breakfast spot, and I couldn’t wait to get off the ship and explore.

Welcome to the third installment of Cruising Alaska as we look at the wonderful port of Juneau.

Juneau is the capital of Alaska and has been previously known as Rockwell and also Harrisburg. These are all names of gold prospectors from the area at the time.

The city itself sits at sea level at the bottom of some very steep mountains which at the top is the Juneau Ice Field.

My first glimpse of Juneau was from the restaurant at breakfast time and the ship was docked right next to the side of a mountain which had all sorts of ships logos painted on them. I learned that it is a ships right of passage that on their first visit to Juneau the date and name of the ship is etched on the mountain face for all to see. I think this is such a great idea and makes very interesting reading over breakfast!

Welcome to part two of cruising Alaska – Ketchikan

Ketchikan was the first port of call on my Alaskan cruise and is known as ‘The Salmon Capital of the world’. This was definitely one local delicacy I indulged in! The variety available was huge and it was hard to choose which one to try which is why I ended up bringing some home with me!

The town itself is so pretty, very quaint and has an old world feel to it. The name of the town originated from the creek which runs through it called ‘Ketchikan Creek’ and along the creek there is a variety of shops, bars and restaurants which is known as ‘Creek Street’.