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Football Fan? Cruise Fan? Why not take a cruise and go see a world cup football match in 2018?

The FIFA world cup 2018 will take place in Russia. Across the country, many different stadiums will play host to the games, with one being the Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg. The stadium holds a massive 64,287 people for the World Cup Event. This is great news for Cruise passengers who want to see a game, as Oceania Cruise Lines and Azamara Club Cruises will both dock in St. Petersburg on the dates of the games at the Stadium, giving passengers a chance to see a FIFA world cup game. Who’s your team?

Saint Isaac Cathedral across Moyka river, St Petersburg, Russia
Saint Isaac Cathedral across Moyka river, St Petersburg, Russia

There are just Seven dates with football matches at Krestovsky Stadium, and they are:

15th June 2018 (Group B)

19th June 2018 (Group A)

22nd June 2018 (Group E)

26th June 2018 (Group D)

3rd July 2018 (Round of 16)

10th July 2018 (Semi-final)

14th July 2018 (Third Place Match)

Construction of the Arena: Krestovsky Island, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Construction of the Arena: Krestovsky Island, Saint Petersburg, Russia

 Azamara Club Cruises: The small-intimate Azamara Journey Cruise Ship will set sail from London Greenwich on the 17th June 2018, sailing for 12 nights to Stockholm, Sweden. This sailing will offer Three full days in St. Petersburg on the 25th, 26th and 27th June 2018. This offers passengers the chance to see the Group D match on the 26th June 2018. She will then begin another sailing for 12 nights on the 29th June 2018, from Stockholm, Sweden to Southampton, UK. This sailing will dock in St. Petersburg for Three days on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th July 2018, offering passengers a chance to see Round of 16 match on the 3rd July 2018.

Oceania Cruise Line: The beautiful Oceania Marina cruise ship will set sail on the 12th June 2018 from Stockholm, Swede taking 10 nights to sail to Copenhagen, Denmark. This sailing will offer a stop in St. Petersburg for Three days on the 14th, 15th and 16th June 2018. Passengers on this sailing have the chance to see Group B match on the 15th June 2018.

If you would like any further information with regards to the above sailings please feel free to contact via phone or email.

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What is the first thing you do when you embark a cruise ship?

When I embark my cruise, the first thing I do is head straight up to the top deck by the pool and grab a cocktail. I will generally sit and stay here for an hour or so, taking in the new surroundings and people on board. In this time my husband has usually made his way to the buffet restaurant to get a head start on the “eating” week ahead. After an hour or so relaxing and checking out what the top deck has to offer, we make our way down the ship, deck-by-deck. This gives us a chance to see some of the ship before the rest of the passengers are on board.

When we are finished with having a walk around, if our cabin is ready we will go and check it out. Then we will head back up to the top deck to soak up more sun and cocktails.

I am sure most of you agree, one thing I hate to have to do when I embark is go to the muster drill. I feel as though my holiday has just got going and then It is put on hold for a very short while for the drill. Sitting there waiting for the other passengers to arrive at the drill is almost as annoying! I try to be the last one there, so I am the first out. And, lets be honest, the Drill is not the most entertaining to keep your attention.

This is why I think Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd are brilliant to have introduced an eight-minute video for their muster drill, which is designed to bring some fun to the dreaded drill on board!


All three brands; Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruise Line & Royal Caribbean Cruise Line will all be introducing the new video across their fleets. Azamara Club Cruises and Celebrity Cruise Line have already been showing the video on their ships, RCCL will introduce on their ships this month.

Named as “Operation: Little Bear” – The new muster video is a short film following the adventures of a secret agent who has been sent on board a cruise ship to intercept a gold teddy before it gets in to the hands of the wrong person. The agent on board has an off ship partner who supports her and helps her navigate around the ship and all of the safety procedures she will need to follow along the way.

According to the Cruise Company, the film will dramatize the do’s and don’ts of the safety on board in an entertaining way and promote the recall of safety messages.

So, lets hope the muster drill is no longer dreaded and is more welcomed by passengers.

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The time is here for a new brochure, and we have filled it full of fantastic deals, including our wonderful Prestige offers.

Here at Cruise Club UK we produce a new brochure every 8 to 12 weeks full of fantastic offers from all the cruise lines. If I say so myself, our new Destination 2018 brochure is our best yet. With offers from the most luxurious cruise lines at sea, you can be wowed for less!!!

With the fantastic Six Star Crystal Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas, Oceania Cruise Line and Azamara Club Cruises to choose from, there are lots of brilliant offers to be had.


Fancy Christmas and New Year in South Africa? No problem. We have you covered with a spectacular itinerary from Crystal Cruise Line. With their outstanding smaller, more intimate ships, you will sail the most unique itineraries. The Crystal Symphony holds just 922 passengers on board.

We also have a fantastic offer for a Mauritius stay followed by a Unique itinerary from Crystal, sailing to Madagascar and the Indian Ocean, before sailing to South Africa.

How about a Bali stay and then a cruise to Australia? Azamara Club Cruises are taking their 694 passenger ship, Azamara Journey, from Bali to Sydney. We have put together a 3 night stay in Bali prior to the cruise. If you want to add a longer duration or stay in Sydney to see the sights, that’s no problem. Give us a call to see what we can do.

The sister ship of the Journey, the Azamara Quest (which is identical) will be staying closer to home from Rome to Barcelona on a 7 night sailing. They will hold a magnificent AzAmazing evening whilst in Livorno, with the Three Tenors singing Italian Opera Favourites. Yes, this is complimentary for all guests on board and must not be missed!!!

Sunbeds on board Azamara

If you want to have a luxury cruise, but don’t want to travel too far, why not try Oceania Cruise Line on their “European Serenade” which sails from Rome to Venice for 8 Nights, stopping in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. This is on board the Riviera cruise ship, which cost a whopping $500 million (USD) to build.

Head East with Regent Seven seas on board the Seven Seas Voyager, taking in a stay in Singapore before sailing Thailand & China. Finishing in Hong Kong, why not spend a few nights there? Regent Seven Seas offer unlimited Beverages on board for all guests, as well as up to 25 Shore Excursions for each passenger.

Hong Kong by Night

If you want a copy of our wonderful Brochure, which include all of the Luxury sailings above, please contact me on 0161 798 2512 or email me Michellehaslam@cruiseclubuk.com

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Breaking news from Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean……..

On board credit, offered as part of a promotional campaign, can now be spent before you even step on board your ship!

This is fantastic news as previously any on board credit given could only be used to make on board purchases, once on board the ship.

In my opinion this is a great benefit from Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean, I do not know of any other cruise line to offer this, and gives them a unique edge over their competitors.

A lot of guests like to use their on board credit to book shore excursions on board and I sometimes wonder if the most popular tours in St Petersburg, for example, are available once on board due to limited spaces. No worries on this count now as any excursions can be booked in advance using the credit!

The speciality dining packages are great value for money, which is another popular way to spend on board credit. By pre booking these online it means you can reserve your chosen restaurant, time and date. I have left this to do on board the ship in the past, to use my on board credit, and found the most popular times and restaurants already booked.

For those of you with Elite or Elite Plus Captains Club status, where you get discount on internet packages, you can now pre book these on your cruise planner and utilise any promotional on board credit to offset the amount.

All in all this policy change will be welcomed with open arms I am sure and leaves you free to fully enjoy your first day on board rather than having to sort out these finer details!

Below is an example of how your on board credit will show, once you are logged in to your cruise planner, to give you an idea of what to look out for.

On board credit celeb

Note; Azamara Club Cruises are hoping to follow suit, they are just working out logistics on this and have not given any indication on time scale as of yet.

Happy pre booking everyone and bravo to Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean!


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Alaskan Highlights:

Azamara Quest: 

The decision to have the ship the Quest in Alaska for the 2019 cruise program Plus Special event cruise’s:

11 New sailings covering either 8-10 days Throughout the months of May – September 2019. 

The 1st Time for Azamara to be in Alaska so making a very exciting venture for not just the cruise line but also the cruise passengers as well.There will be options to do pre & post cruise excursions making sure you have the best  experience of the Alaskan scenery and wildlife.

Always giving you some extra times in port and longer to explore your surroundings.

Special event cruise 2019 program: 


Edinburgh Tattoo

Cannes film festival

Spanish  and Monaco grand prix


Solar Eclipse Indian ocean  

Rouen festival

All of the above are now on sale with Azamara Club Cruise’s something different for everyone to enjoy, from being a film buff, car enthusiast, astronomy

Never be lost with the wide selection above to choose. Azamara will  give you an  Aza azamazing evening as part of there program.


Perry Golf

Not only all of the above they have also so teamed up with Perry Golf to offer 8 Golf themed cruises taking in The British Open – The masters tournament:

I believe this will appeal to both Male & female as Golf is a popular sport for everyone Young and old alike.

The new program is going to pulling away from the Turkish ports and black seas traditional Mediterranean to focus on giving the cruise customer more options in one country with the likes of:



New Zealand


  Norway – Spain – France-Italy- Greece

So all this in mind for the new program for 2019 and them just have the two small & fabulous ships Quest & Journey there has never been a better time to make the changes to the program for the future cruise passengers.

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Azamara Club Cruises are proud to announce there brand new and largest ever Shore Excursion Programme. Azamara Club Cruises have prized themselves on being a cruise line which offer longer stays and immersive experiences, which has completely worked for them, because they offer the longer stays they no wants guests to be able have longer and even better options for shore excursions.

The new Shore Excursion Programme will be rolled out 2018 and include one country cruises to destinations featuring Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Croatia, Mexico & Costa Rica. These destinations will be served by both ships Azamara Quest & Azamara Journey. Both ships carry 694 passengers and weigh in at 30,277 tonnes. Azamara Club Cruises currently offer just over 500 excursions but once they introduce there new programme this will more than double to just over 1200 excursions.

Azamara Club Cruises will also introduce cruises around Japan an Island which has proved popular with all passengers, as we all know Japan is an interesting place to visit but can work out experience to tour around, Azamara will offer an itinerary that simply sails around the Island and offer more ports and longer stays which will give guests the chance to see all sides of Japan, these itineraries will be available for 2019 sailings.


Azamara have also unveiled there new Cruise Global – connect local initiative, which will focus on passengers being able to experience an excursion like a local. The cruise line also gives you the chance to “Meet Locals” a variety of shore excursions which will offer you the chance to meet local people in the private homes and villas of local families.

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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So these days keeping in touch with your family and friends on land or out at seas on your cruise  is easier than ever now. The multitude of cruises out there all offering a different spec on the ships from: Apps, Wifi, social media, using either your own phone or the ships own Ipad, you are more than  covered.


The difference in speeds vary from cruise line to line dependent, on the sailings locations and brand width. Royal Caribbean seem to be the leader at the moment in 2016 making the connectivity speedy and affordable at seas. There new stream is called Voom-surf and stream at sea and has been added to all ships across their fleet.

All the cruises companies offer different options on board:

Royal Caribbean

Dependent on the amount of devises you wish to use:

One device $9.99 per day

Up to 5 Cost $31.99 per day


The Leading Cruise Operator of the United Kingdom has now updated there Ships with satellites and networks bringing them in line with all the other Cruise line companies, now moving away from selling by the minute they have now gone to offering always-on- deals for the customer, its not making the internet at seas any faster but more accessible:

Amended prices:

Access to Social media per day of £12:50 a day – £87.50 on a 7 nights cruise.

Email service for £7.50 per day but will not allow services such as Gmail.

The works package

This is the option where you can stream You tube, spotify, apple music sighing into this package for £24.95per day:

£174.65 a week: may seem expensive but comparable with Royal Caribbean at the moment:

The Other cruise companies below are staying in line with each other for the 7 days package’s                                                                                                                                          

Norwegian cruises

The package cost for the Wifi £161.50

Celebrity Cruise:

The cost for a weeks package is £176.00:

 Fred Olsen:

The cost for the package is £163.00

Holland America:

The package on there cruise ships

Starting prices from $99 per day  up to 200 minutes

Up to 600 minutes $199 per day.


I will be testing the waters soon so i can text the service onboard for myself. Don’t miss the opportunity to  keep you up to date with the family and friends and the news of the day.

Come back and check my blog next time after my Cruise On the Navigator of the seas!

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Cruise lines now are moving towards offering customers the option to pre book a drinks package, making your cruise experience ALL INCLUSIVE. If you time it right and book when Cruise Lines have their monthly campaigns, a all inclusive drinks package could be included in the cost saving you $$$£££, prior to your sailing. At time of publish the following cruise companies offer drinks inclusive:

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Opting for a luxury cruise line would include most of your drinks – Azamara, Silversea, Regent, Seabourn to name but a few

I feel this is the way forward for the cruise line’s, as more and more people are choosing to cruise with there families and friends

Pacchetto giovani

Each cruise line offer different options: 

Basic drinks package

Drinks at meal times only

Soda only

Full Monty

Kids drinks

Not just the adults are included, the children can choose a soda option too, which does make it easier on the parents. No more asking to refill their drinks, as they just have to go to the bars for their refills of soda…

Each company is different though and here we give you the low down:

Holland America Cruise Lines

Opt to pre purchase a beverage card, ranging from soda only at $25 per person giving you $50 to spend once on board

other options include:

$50 non alcoholic beverage card

$50 to $200 beverage card, including soda, coffee’s, spirits, wine, beer

Keep checking back with us as we sometimes include a beverage card on selected sailings!


Drinks packages with P&O can be booked in advance or once on board, options include:

Soft drinks package – £35 per person, includes 20 refills

Costa Coffee Card – £21.50 per person, includes 10 Primo Coffees – latte, Americano, iced coffees

Wine packages ranging from 4 bottles at £88, you can mix and match wines from a dedicated list (you actually save 15% when pre purchasing)


Packages! Brindiamo, Piu Gusto, Intenditore package’s do vary in the cost and  are unlimited in the restaurants, bars ,  and your stateroom  payable in Euro’s from 29.99pppday to 43.99pppday,  dependent on the option you preference of drinks package you choose!!!..


The Allegrissimo unlimited drinks package for 22.00 Euro’s per day includes with a wide range of drinks and cocktails, a dedicated wine selection by the glass, draught beers, soda’s and fruits juices. They also have a wide selection of drinks package’s to choose from choose the one that suits your preference!!!


Princess have introduced a drinks package from $57pppday includes any individual beverage item in the package up to the of $10 ( retail value ) with the likes of cocktails, spirits, wine’s, beers, coffee & tea’s. This is not including wine by the bottle but can be purchased at the bars, dinning rooms and speciality restaurants at a 40% discount price. Princess again do have a wide selection of drinks package’s to suit all customer’s weather you like a nice bottle of wine or just prefer and nice cappuccino or latte

Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Ultimate drinks package for the ages 21 is $79.00 per day. This gives you a wide selection of soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wine by the glass and bottled water.

Cork and caps wine and beers are from $59.00 per day similar to the ultimate but excludes cocktails and the bottled water:

Soda package’s vary in cost from $5.50- $750 per day:

Pacchetto più gusto

I have worked in the travel industry for over 24 years and seen lots of changes in the buying trends as the years go by!

So would I recommend the all inclusive? I thinks the answer is yes, it makes life easier on board and hassle free, so what more can I ask for..

So lets start looking for your next holiday, why not consider a cruise for the family and give us a call and I can get you booked on your next family adventure!

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For those of you who have never tried sailing with Azamara then you are missing out on a truly memorable experience


I have just returned from my second cruise with them, both ships in the fleet have just gone through extensive refurbishment this year, which was exciting for me to compare the before and afters and I was most impressed. The whole ship seems much brighter and spacious than before, the choice of carpet and décor suits the ship perfectly and accentuates the lightening of all the wood panelling from dark brown to a lighter shade. Azamara have relaunched both their ships around all the senses of nature, the best description is taken from their website and describes the concept perfectly.

Earth – A muted color palette of earth tones is incorporated throughout our ships to evoke a serene, elegant, and warm sense of home.
Water – Azamara’s new spa suites features rain showers with ocean views, double vanities, and outdoor soaking tubs overlooking the sea.
Air – To freshly entice the senses, we’ve introduced new open-air venues and experiences.
Fire – Sunrises and sunsets can be relished at the new outdoor Pool Grill & Bar, followed by dazzling nights in our completely revitalised entertainment areas.


If this doesn’t make you want to book a Azamara cruise right now then I don’t know what will. Everything is perfect, from the ease of checking in, so quick and efficient in comparison to other cruise lines, to the complimentary glass of fizz to begin your cruise the right way.

Although they are a 5* plus cruise line there is no formality at all, so relaxed, my only way to compare is to say it’s almost like a home from home but surrounded by luxury. With longer stays in ports, open dining and no formal evenings, apart from their famous White night, their moto is to relax and enjoy yourself in a modern stylish environment.


With a full entertainment programme, the highlight for me is the complimentary Azamazing evening that is offered on all sailings apart from Transatlantic crossings. These often feature when the ship is either late in port or docked overnight, ours was in Livorno Italy and featured the Three Tenors in a lovely old theatre in the heart of Livorno. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Opera, well I’ve never really experienced it live before but this was unbelievable, for 1.5hours we were enthralled by the singing of 3 Italians singing all the greats. And as for the organisational skills of the staff and crew you can’t help be impressed, it certainly takes some skill to transport 800 guests from ship to destination and back again without any mishaps.


Azamara are as close to all inclusive as you can get, there are a selection of complimentary drinks including a different wine by the day, cocktails, spirits, beer, soft drinks and coffee from the coffee bar on deck 5, the only downfall is every time you go for a coffee I defy you to resist any of the tiny pastries that are available on display, varying throughout the day, from croissants in the morning for breakfast, to bagels and sandwiches in the afternoon, followed by mainly cakes for afternoon tea. Gratuities are also included in your selling price so there is no need to worry about tipping unless you want to of course. I can honestly say the service is exceptional and every one of the crew work so hard in ensuring your cruise lives up to expectations.

One of my favourite new features is the changes to the Sky Lounge, renamed as the Looking Glass, during the day it used to be closed, in the evening a late lounge bar, but now from 5-8pm it is turned into a Tapas bar, offering a variety of tapas for those that either want a small snack before their meal or for those that may only want a light bite in the evening. Washed down with a nice glass of wine it can be the perfect end to a busy day or the beginning of your evening

Another feature which I didn’t realise beforehand was every Le Club Voyage member receives 30 minutes of free internet, which can be used on wifi on your personal devices or their internet café. Or for showing off there is also a large screen ipad in the Looking Glass where you can email photos and messages to your loved ones for free. This caused no end of fun after a few cocktails


I’ve cruised on many cruises, small ships, large ships, old and new and I can truly say that you have to sail on Azamara at least once just to experience their cruises. Although I do still love big ships too, I am quite partial to this cruise line, and not only for their itineraries. The advantage of a small ship is that the itineraries are never the same and you can visit ports that larger ships can’t access. I have passengers that will not cruise with any other line, just ask anyone you know that has sailed with them, Azamara really does captures a little bit of your heart.

For any information on this cruise line or to book your next cruise please feel free to get in touch Marcia@cruiseclubuk.com

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  




For some, cruises can work out to be an expensive holiday. Booking the cruise is only the beginning, you then have to account for drinks, gratuities, excursions and spending money.

I’m here to help a little with that, in the way of advise regarding excursions. Dependent on the length and destination of your cruise, excursions can build up and prove costly, I must admit I do prefer doing my research before I go away and have an idea of what there is to do and how easy it is to accomplish this on my own, rather than being hearded from one place to the next and only having limited amounts of time. However there are some ports where it is most beneficial to book an organised tour.

Take Rome for example, the first time i visited Civitavecchia I listened to the advise of various people and knew the train station was only 5 minutes away and the trains into Rome ran regularly and pretty cheap. What I didn’t take into account and only learnt on the day was do not do this if your visit falls on a weekend. We arrived on a Sunday and found out the the trains were running infrequently only every hour or 2, which meant that by the time we got to Rome it would probably be time to come back. So when I booked a cruise that featured Rome I decided to be far more organised.

 Cruise lines excursions can prove costly, however Cruise Club UK has began working with a excursion company called Cruising Excursions. Most tours are very similar as offered by the cruise lines, however at a fraction of the price, mainly because you are cutting out the middle man as they say. They offer both fully guided tours, the option of booking Hop on Hop off buses or just shuttle buses to and from the city and free time, but giving you the confidence that by using them they guarantee to have you back at the port in plenty time for your ship departure

I cannot recommend the Rome tour enough, costing £64 each in comparison to almost £100 if I’d booked directly with a cruise line for almost the same full day excursion. The only difference is rather than meeting on the ship you meet your guide at the port entrance, and if there is more than one ship in port you may have people from various ships. This is the 4th tour I’ve booked with them and I cant praise the company highly enough.



We began on a fully air conditioned coach with a very knowledgable guide who was actually from Rome itself. Bless her she even allowed a toilet break on the way as it is a good hour into the city centre. Our first stop was the Colloseum and although we didn’t have entrance tickets in we had plenty time there to feel the experience, plus the queues were unbelievable to enter, if anyone does want to visit independently we were advised to book your tickets online before you arrive. The next stop was a walk through the streets of Rome visiting the Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain, our guide told us how the fountain had just been cleaned and even she couldn’t believe how sparkly it was. It is true what they say, as this is one of the most famous landmarks in Rome prepare for an abundance of people but a fantastic atmosphere, particularly seeing everyone have their photos taken throwing coins into the fountain, 1 to return to Rome 2 to meet your future partner, I was tempted to throw in 10 coins but I thought that may jinx things a little! The small cobbled streets as we walked towards many of the famous Piazzas were full of small cafes, restaurants and street vendors selling some beautiful paintings. The only downfall was that we didn’t really have much time to stop and look, although with my shopping habits this was by far a blessing in disguise.  Our next stop blew me way, The Panthean, not knowing much about this before it was very interesting and worth while queuing to go inside as the dome roof has got to be seen to be believed, I will keep you guessing as a surprise for when you visit Rome yourselves. The famous Piazza Navona followed by a short coach trip over to the Vatican, where we had missed the Pope by only 30 minutes, every Sunday at Noon he appears from his balcony to great the public.

Trevi Fountain


All in all its a jam packed day and your ready to relax by the time you get back on board your ship, however for value for money this is a fantastic way of seeing the best bits of Rome in a day. My only recommendation is take plenty water and a hat as it was hot in May so I can’t imagine what it will be like in the height of Summer

For any information on this tour or for other excursions visit our website and follow the link or give me a call 0161 798 2516

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1). That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.