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western med 6Short duration cruises of less than seven nights, are the perfect long weekend breaks, and in the past Costa Cruises has been the leader for short duration cruises, with some itineraries ranging from three to five nights, embarking in either Barcelona or Genoa, and calling into ports such as Marseilles, Corsica and Majorca, to name a few. As these durations are becoming increasingly popular, cruise lines such as MSC, Royal Caribbean, Azamara and Oceania have a handful of four and five night duration sailings, the amount of time in port is less than longer duration sailings, however there may only be one day at sea, or none at all.


The more popular Western Mediterranean itineraries are generally durations between seven to twelve nights, and depart from ports such as Barcelona, Rome and Marseilles, and guests can expect to visit the well known ports whilst enjoying some leisurely days at sea in between. Itineraries such as these, can include porting in the Canary Islands, Tunisia and Morocco

A perfect way to cruise the Western Mediterranean region, without the hassle of flying and checking in at airports, is to sail out directly from a UK port, such as the well known Southampton, with Harwich and Dover also being popular embarkation ports. Although this is a great option, not only for ease, but for an unlimited luggage allowance, there is of course a downfall, and this is the famous Bay of Biscay, which can either be a smooth sailing experience, or can be an extremely rocky sailing experience!

A cost effective way to cruise, is by sailing on a repositioning cruise, these cruises generally sail from the Mediterranean, over to the Caribbean, or from the Caribbean over to the Mediterranean. These itineraries can usually be found in April, May, September, October and into early November. These itineraries usually embark in Barcelona or Rome, and call into various Western Mediterranean ports, the Canary Islands and Morocco, before heading to the Caribbean

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Visit two islands with one port of call when your next cruise docks in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Being the most southern islands in the Caribbean, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago lies just 6 miles off of the North-East coast of Venezuela, South America.

Parlatuvier Bay, Tobago
Parlatuvier Bay, Tobago

They have two seasons each year: Dry Season, which is the first five months of the year, with the Wet Season being the remaining seven months of the year.

The two ports which are open to cruise ships are; Port of Spain in Trinidad and Port of Scarborough in Tobago.  Being just a twenty minute ferry ride apart, you can plan your visit to whichever of the Twin islands quite easily, due to the very frequent ferries that operate each day. The cost is also very minimal, at just £6 per adult, each way.

Having visited Tobago myself, it is a haven for beach lovers. They offer stunning, relaxing beaches with local crafts and food for sale. They have small markets close to beaches giving you the option to browse for souvenirs at your own freewill. Be sure to try the fruit here, its cheap and so fresh! Just what you need on a hot summers day in the Caribbean.

Cumana Bay, Trinidad
Cumana Bay, Trinidad

Trinidad is of course renowned for their Carnival which is one of THE most attended carnivals in the world, taking place February each year. Here you can witness the most Extravagant-barely there costumes, vibrant colours, dancing, music, food and some of the most beautiful women on the island. Known as “The Original Carnival” it is certainly something to witness if you are sailing here when it is on.

So if you are sailing into one of the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago on your next cruise, and you want to see the sister island, take a ferry and explore! Be sure to check your “All Aboard” time, you don’t want to miss the boat!

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Italian owned Costa Cruise Line have today announced their partnership with Italian Football team Juventus.

For all of their sailings within Asia, Costa Cruise Line will be offering a Juventus Experience on board for all passengers.

Guests on board will be able to view Juventus content at anytime from the TV in their cabin. They can also learn about Juventus’ history, as there will be a fantastically decorated “Juventus Museum” corner, showcasing related Memorabilia. Of course you can pick up a souvenir, just visit the Juventus Shop on board!

They will have a fantastic mini club on board where children can play with the Juventus Official mascot, Jay. In my opinion, the highlight of the new partnership will be a Juventus trainging program, for children aged 5 to 14 years old. Aspiring footballers are encouraged to sign up regardless of the technical level, as the training will be managed and trained by coaches from Juventus and the program is copied from the Juventus Soccer school “Juventus Academy”.

The cruise line say the new partnership with the Italian Football Giant, will accentuate Costa Cruises Italian DNA and enrich the on board offerings to passengers.

Costa Neoromantica, Costa Victoria and Costa Neoclassica are the three ships kicking off the 2018 Asia Sailings.

Due to the new partnership, cabins will be getting full very quickly, so don’t miss out on your chance to be apart of this new program!

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Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points,

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Bionic Bar, Quantum of the Seas


Afternoon Cruisers.


In this world where technology seems to be taking over everything, I though id discuss the ways technology is even creeping into your cruise holiday.


Today’s mega ships are embracing technology more and more – and I have to agree with the cruise lines. For me it makes my cruise even better.


Here are some of my Cruise techology likes and dislikes.


Interactive room television.

Digital Wayfarer onboard royal caribbean cruises

HITS = checking my bill and seeing which restaurants are busy / quiet before I set off.

MISS = it’s only a matter of time until the stateroom TV replaces the daily guide.


Ships Horns that play music


HITS – it’s a bit of fun, I quite like this video.

MISS – I hope that’s not the sounds it plays when its genuinely foggy


Keyless cabin doors

wow band
yes, its your room key – just hold it to the door.

HITS = gone are the days of having to walk back to reception because I’ve managed to accidentally wipe the magnetic strip because I put the Key next to the magnet in my camera case.

(Bonus hit = not having to find your room key while you’ve got hands full of refreshing beverages)

MISS = could keyless rooms / the signal emitted by your “room band” be used to track your onboard movement.


Robot Bartenders

Bionic Bar, Quantum of the Seas
Bionic Bar, Quantum of the Seas

HIT = it’s fun to watch, they do mix a good drinks

MISS = its only a gimmick, but it gets people talking (good PR stunt).


Robot on board assistants.

HIT…… (Can’t think of one)

MISS, too many misses to mention.



HIT – Planning your cruise in advance, seeing what other ships are coming into port and when, what the weather will be (there is an app for everything)

MISS – cruise lines apps themselves – major cruise lines have so much potential to create great experiences, but I haven’t tried one yet that really impresses me.


What’s your thoughts on technology?

Are you embracing the technology or is it destined for your recycle bin.


Let me know your thoughts


0161 798 2514


Ta rar for now

  • The capn.
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Cruise lines now are moving towards offering customers the option to pre book a drinks package, making your cruise experience ALL INCLUSIVE. If you time it right and book when Cruise Lines have their monthly campaigns, a all inclusive drinks package could be included in the cost saving you $$$£££, prior to your sailing. At time of publish the following cruise companies offer drinks inclusive:

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Opting for a luxury cruise line would include most of your drinks – Azamara, Silversea, Regent, Seabourn to name but a few

I feel this is the way forward for the cruise line’s, as more and more people are choosing to cruise with there families and friends

Pacchetto giovani

Each cruise line offer different options: 

Basic drinks package

Drinks at meal times only

Soda only

Full Monty

Kids drinks

Not just the adults are included, the children can choose a soda option too, which does make it easier on the parents. No more asking to refill their drinks, as they just have to go to the bars for their refills of soda…

Each company is different though and here we give you the low down:

Holland America Cruise Lines

Opt to pre purchase a beverage card, ranging from soda only at $25 per person giving you $50 to spend once on board

other options include:

$50 non alcoholic beverage card

$50 to $200 beverage card, including soda, coffee’s, spirits, wine, beer

Keep checking back with us as we sometimes include a beverage card on selected sailings!


Drinks packages with P&O can be booked in advance or once on board, options include:

Soft drinks package – £35 per person, includes 20 refills

Costa Coffee Card – £21.50 per person, includes 10 Primo Coffees – latte, Americano, iced coffees

Wine packages ranging from 4 bottles at £88, you can mix and match wines from a dedicated list (you actually save 15% when pre purchasing)


Packages! Brindiamo, Piu Gusto, Intenditore package’s do vary in the cost and  are unlimited in the restaurants, bars ,  and your stateroom  payable in Euro’s from 29.99pppday to 43.99pppday,  dependent on the option you preference of drinks package you choose!!!..


The Allegrissimo unlimited drinks package for 22.00 Euro’s per day includes with a wide range of drinks and cocktails, a dedicated wine selection by the glass, draught beers, soda’s and fruits juices. They also have a wide selection of drinks package’s to choose from choose the one that suits your preference!!!


Princess have introduced a drinks package from $57pppday includes any individual beverage item in the package up to the of $10 ( retail value ) with the likes of cocktails, spirits, wine’s, beers, coffee & tea’s. This is not including wine by the bottle but can be purchased at the bars, dinning rooms and speciality restaurants at a 40% discount price. Princess again do have a wide selection of drinks package’s to suit all customer’s weather you like a nice bottle of wine or just prefer and nice cappuccino or latte

Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Ultimate drinks package for the ages 21 is $79.00 per day. This gives you a wide selection of soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wine by the glass and bottled water.

Cork and caps wine and beers are from $59.00 per day similar to the ultimate but excludes cocktails and the bottled water:

Soda package’s vary in cost from $5.50- $750 per day:

Pacchetto più gusto

I have worked in the travel industry for over 24 years and seen lots of changes in the buying trends as the years go by!

So would I recommend the all inclusive? I thinks the answer is yes, it makes life easier on board and hassle free, so what more can I ask for..

So lets start looking for your next holiday, why not consider a cruise for the family and give us a call and I can get you booked on your next family adventure!

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Tour and Cruise holidays are on the rise, have you ever fancied trying one instead of the conventional fly / cruise package? Us here at Cruise Club UK have put together a new mailer featuring some of the best itineraries in the Mediterranean. We will be offering various sailings from August 2016 through until October 2016 and sailing aboard the likes of Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruise Lines, Costa Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines.


Take the stress out of travelling to the airport, standing in long queues and paying for overweight suitcases, this option gives the convenience of one of six local pick ups, where you will board the luxury coach and travel down to Dover, where you will then catch a lunchtime ferry over to France where you will spend three nights hotel accommodation in Lille, Luxembourg and Italy, staying on a bed and breakfast basis. Once you arrive at the hotel you will have the afternoon and evening at your own leisure to discover the local area.

On all cruises drinks packages can be added to the cruise to make the sailing stress free and not fearing the dreaded drinks bill at the end of the cruise, drinks packages with Costa Cruises can be added on at £21.00 per person per day giving you an All Inclusive package, MSC Cruises start at £22.00 per person per day, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have various different packages which range from Water packages, Wine packages, Beer packages and a Premium All Inclusive package, if you choose one of the sailings provided by Norwegian Cruise Lines then you will receive a complimentary Premium drinks package available on all cabins.

The ships we use for the Tour & Cruise sailings are all 4 star rated and have many amenities onboard for all guests.

After the cruise has finally docked back into port after a very relaxing seven nights sailing you will then have a further two hotel stays on bed and breakfast before arriving back into the UK at the various drop off points.

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Following on from my previous blog about the Harmony of the Seas, some cruise news out this week got me wondering, are cruise ships are becoming too big?

Royal Caribbean this week announced that they will be selling the Legend of the Seas to Thomson Cruises in March next year. This is the second of their smaller ships to be sold to Thomson following Splendour of the Seas earlier this year.

Thomson Discovery, formerly Splendour of the Seas

This follows the new that Royal Caribbean have now got orders in for 2 more Oasis class ships and 2 more Quantum class ships, all to be built within the next 5 years. These 4 ships alone will hold over 18,000 people between them. So they are essentially selling their smaller ships and replacing them with much ships that carry 3 times as many people.

Add this to the fact that MSC, Norwegian Cruise Line and Costa all have ships on order that will all accommodate 4000+ passengers, Princess have 3 more ships on order that will all hold over 3500 passengers and Celebrity are also ordering 4 more ships that will all hold 2900 passengers each.

MSC Seaside will hold 5,179 passengers

Do we really need all of these ships? The cruise lines obviously think so but is bigger necessarily better? I don’t think so. Personally I think you lose some of the quality that long time cruisers are used to. Likewise I think you lose some of the intimacy of a smaller ship. And at the end of the day not everybody wants ropes courses, skydiving and water slides. Obviously this is only my opinion but I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us. 

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Anyone that has been on a Costa cruise will know that if you want to eat informally the options are usually very limited.  Usually the only informal option is the pizzeria which consists of pizza, pasta and salad only.


Well times are now changing… Costa Diadema now has an informal option available which is open for dinnertime as well as each evening between the hours of 7.00pm & 10.00pm! That is certainly good news as usually there are just the set settings which are 7.00pm which is the early option or 9.00pm which is the later option.


Now they have the more casual option of the Corona Blu self service restaurant. This is great news especially if your travelling with children as often they require a more informal style of dining. If you have been out all day on an excursion or if the children have been at the Squok club all day you really don’t want to be dressing up for a sit down formal meal at set times every night. Costa are changing with modern times and I for one will welcome the self service option as I have a 4 year old daughter. A good point to make is that there will be all the dishes created by the Costa chefs from the main restaurant as well as children’s food and a wide range of vegetarian food plus a vegan option.


Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.  

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Costa Cruises have some unbelievable prices that cannot be beat on many sailings throughout the world.

From the Mediterranean, Far East, Caribbean and world wide sailings.

shutterstock_299975516Costa Cruises are very competitive with their pricing structure and offer many different ports to embark from throughout the Mediterranean from the likes of Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Marseille, Genoa and their home port of Savona.

At present they have some great cruise only prices with 7 night cruises from Dubai onboard the Costa Fortuna starting from as little as £349.00 per person based on an Inside Cabin and Balconies starting from £499.00 per person. For sailings throughout January to March 2016.

Costa Diadema has 7 night sailings from Barcelona on a cruise only basis starting from as little as £229.00 per person and Balconies from £349.00 per person again with sailings from January to March 2016.

Costa Cruises are a great 4* cruise line, I can personally vouch for them having been on them 4 times. I have sailed with them twice onboard the Costa Luminosa and Costa Fortuna. Both sailings were out of Dubai and the Mediterranean, I found all staff onboard to be the most curteous people around with nothing being to much hassle. The service on both ships and all 4 cruises was first class. The facilities onboard were great, food delicious (even with me being the fussiest person on earth when it comes down to food)

I would recommend onboard and this is a must if your on a sailing for 7 or more nights, take the drinks package they offer from £22.00 per person per day, as we all know drinks on a ship are very expensive and can make the bill at the end a very expensive one. With the drinks package you can help wine, beer, spirits, cocktails and all soft drinks by the glass, there are some exclusions but these are not on the menu. The 15% gratuity on all drinks is included in the above price.

Dont forget though with Costa Cruises they do operate a mandatory service charge at 9 Euros per person per day which will be added to your onboard account.



Every cruise line has a loyalty scheme and if you are a regular cruiser it is definitely worth registering for these, membership is free all it takes is a quick phone call or click of a mouse and you have your own personal membership number. The more you cruise with the cruise line the better the benefits from extra discount to priority boarding to freebies on board



Costa cruise lines have just announced as part of the 15th anniversary of the Costa club they are completely revamping their club beginning at the start of 2016, and now not only is it exclusive for existing members there is also a preview level for guests who haven’t already travelled on their cruise

Previously there were 4 tiers, starting with Acquamarine, then Coral, Pearl and the highest tier for the most travelled passengers Gold pearl, this gave them a host of onboard benefits. However there are now 2 new tiers, starting with Club Ambra, so you can now join before you’ve traveled and start reaping the rewards, and for the most loyal of Costa members there is now Club Pearl Diamante, however you need a whopping 26,000 points to reach this level.

Points are usually given dependent on how long your cruise is, the type of cabin you book but mainly on your onboard spend, so I see that as an excuse to spend more onboard, women’s logic means that if we want that extra spa treatment or cocktail we can because in the long run we are benefiting from it

costa spa

This has been taken directly from Costa’s website showing how you can earn extra points and gives a good breakdown of how they can be accumulated. The more points you have, the faster you move up
The basic number of points awarded for each cruise day will still be 100 like before. What’s changed is that there will be extra daily points awarded depending on the type of cabin you are travelling in:
100 points for inside cabins
150 points for outside cabins
175 points for outside cabins with balcony
Premium cabin guests still have their points doubled, meaning they receive 200 for inside cabins, 300 for outside cabins and 350 for outside cabins with balcony. Suite guests will receive a total of 450 points a day. We have also introduced points for the cost of air travel, up to a maximum of 500 points.
But that’s not all: the points for onboard purchases are doubled, meaning you earn 2 for each euro spent, including purchases made before departure on the website www.costacruises.co.uk. This is also valid for onboard purchases made on cruises at a special promotional rate. As in the past though, the cost of the cruise ticket for these cruises does not entitle Members to points.

I must admit too that the privileges were good before once you got to a high tier such as welcome back gift, priority boarding, discounts on board and 10% off your cabin at booking, but looking at the new benefits for the top tier is absolutely outstanding and I for one have a fair few passengers where this will benefit them nicely

costa club

Have a look at these

  • 1. Enjoy free access to the Club Restaurant for the duration of your cruise, not just for dinner but also at lunchtime and for breakfast.
  • 2. A special staff member will be available to you, without charge, for booking excursions, the spa, restaurants and other services. Just call and they will help you with making your special arrangement. No more queues on board!
  • 3. “Super upgrade” when you take one cruise more than the previous year: if you buy an inside cabin you’ll travel in a Suite!
  • 4. In the Theater for evening shows/performances, the first rows will be reserved just for you in the theatre. During dinner you may dine leisurely knowing that you will be accommodated in the first rows for the show.
  • 5. You may personally select the contents of Minibar in your cabin, to be sure your favorites are waiting for you there.
  • 6. Instant boarding: only you will have the chance to be the first on the ship.
  • 7. Complimentary day at the spa for complete relaxation and wellbeing. (Treatments and services are not included)
  • 8. Special excursions with a limited number of participants will be available to you.

So don’t delay book a Costa cruise today and start building up those points