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P&O are making a change to their previous policies, P&O has imposed a new code of conduct for passengers that prohibits offensive clothing and will place restrictions on the amount of alcohol brought on board


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The code states that each passenger 18 or older will be allowed to bring only one bottle of wine, Champagne, beer, spirits or liquor up to one litre during initial embarkation. Additional alcohol, including any purchased ashore or in onboard duty free shops will be confiscated and held until the last night of each sailing.


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The new regulations also ban custom group clothing with personal photos or slogans, as well as clothing with offensive messages and fancy dress outside of designated theme nights, which may include 60’s, 70’s, Hawaii, western or black and white.


The policy also requires passengers 17 and older to adhere to two dress codes, these are resort wear or leisurewear for evening casual nights (this includes no light jeans, football shirts, trainers or shorts) and cocktail dresses or evening gowns for women and suits and tuxedos for men on black tie nights

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As Cruising has become more diverse over the years so has the dress code and what to wear and what not to wear is often the question cruisers are faced with when packing for their cruise holiday. Each cruise line usually has its own policy’s regarding this subject and from one cruise line to another they can be very different policy’s. I have put together below a guide for some of the most popular cruise lines and what there policy’s are to help you with what to wear during your trip.



Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara have what they call a ‘Resort Casual’ policy which generally is a very relaxed dress code. Attire such as shorts, sportswear, casual dresses are all perfect for this cruise line. They have no formal nights so formal attire is not expected nor required. Main restriction is no swimwear or Jeans in the dining room however jeans are permitted in the buffet restaurant.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival are quite relaxed with their dress code. The only restrictions tend to be on the formal nights where a more smart approach is to be taken but ties, tuxedos and cocktails dresses can be worn but are not required. In the dining room no shorts, swimwear or cut off jeans are permitted.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises have a ‘Smart casual and above’ policy. What they mean by this is smart casual on informal nights and on formal nights a more elegant attire. On the formal nights either a tuxedo or suit is required for gentleman and for ladies an evening gown would be appropriate. Jeans are permitted on smart casual nights as long as these are not ripped they will be permitted.

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises have a relaxed approach with ‘Resort wear’ being appropriate throughout so basically as along as there are no shorts or swimming wear worn in the dining room then more or less anything goes. Costa cruises do have formal nights but a tuxedo would be over the top so I would suggest suit for the gentleman and evening dress for the ladies.


As Cunard are a more traditional cruise line they have mainly an elegant dress attire throughout. For example their semiformal attire would be a jacket and tie and cocktail dress for the ladies and more formal nights would require black tie or dark suit for the gentleman and evening dress for the ladies.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean have a ‘smart casual’ approach throughout but as with a lot of the American cruise lines they have formal nights which is suit with black tie or tuxedo and evening dress for the ladies.

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises have smart casual throughout aswell as formal nights where guests should wear more elegant attire such as dinner jacket/dark suit and evening dress for the ladies. On the more casual nights sportswear is not permitted but any other casual attire is fine.

Norwegian Cruise line

Norwegian Cruise line have no policy on dress code they pride themselves on being ‘Freestyle’ meaning as you please really!! They have no formal nights meaning you can dress up as much or as little as you want!! There are no restrictions as such just guide lines to guide you as what would be appropriate.


I hope this helps when your packing for your trip but if you need further help/advice please call me directly 0161 798 2518