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If you are a parent sailing on MSC Seaside you will soon be able to locate your children in public spaces using the MSC for Me app.

The app, which was released back in March, is already up and running on both MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside, but doesn’t include the child-finding capability, which launches in a “few weeks” on MSC Seaside.

You will be able to locate your children (from ages 1 to 11) on a map of the ship, so long as your children are in a public space. There are no sensors in the cabins, so it will not tell parents if their children are in their room.

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For now, cruisers can use MSC for Me to find their way around the ship via turn-by-turn directions enabled by 3,275 beacons (essentially serving as onboard GPS satellites). Other functionalities include the ability to make restaurant reservations, book shore excursions or see the day’s schedule.

Further down the road, MSC will not only update the app but the technology onboard its ships as well, adding facial recognition that will enable the ship to push personalized messaging to people as they move through the ship.

Smart cabins are also in the works, as are robotic entertainment and virtual and augmented reality, which should be rolled out on ships in 2019. (Virtual reality is already in use by the future cruise sales office as cruisers on one ship can use VR to see what the experience on a different ship is like.) The line will also be improving its Wi-Fi technology.

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