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white luxury cruise ship behind the palm leaves

Worried about the carbon footprint of cruises? These new luxury cruises are on it, with a totally carbon-neutral cruise coming soon!

Global warming is getting worse and we’re being urged to pay more attention than ever to how our presence on earth is affecting the environment. From electric cars to plant-based diets and zero-waste lifestyles, people are going above and beyond to make sure they’re not contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Travel is one area of our lives that’s truly in the hotseat. Airplanes, cars, cruises; all use fossil fuels. The cruise industry is working hard to improve its methods and has made record strides in the past few years. Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, NCL Cruises and Royal Caribbean are some of the companies who have taken great strides to improve their green rating in the past decade. Solar panels, eliminating water bottles and eco-ballast systems to make sure nothing leaves the ship are some of the advances made, but a new company are about to totally blow them out of the water.

Adding to our amazing selection of existing eco-friendly luxury cruises, Cruise Club UK is proud to present Methane Cruises, exclusive to Cruise Club and 100% free of fossil fuel!

A Luxury Cruise with a Difference — 100% Fossil Fuel-Free

Cows are one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, with 25% of methane emissions coming from their digestive tracts — a substance 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Leading on from the creation of ‘fartpacks’ by scientists in Argentina, the country with the third highest number of cattle, the creators of Methane Cruises have created something far larger: The Fart Ship.

One fartpack from a single cow is enough to power a car for 24 hours, so imagine the power from the 500-strong herd below deck on a Methane Cruise! It’s enough to not only power an ocean liner, but have back-up for the room, too. Celebrity Cruises was the first to adopt solar panels to power their lights, but Methane Cruises are harnessing this natural resource to blow you all the way to Bermuda.

No Animals Harmed in the Making of this Luxury Cruise

If you’re worrying about the cows, then put your fears to rest: these cruises are PETA approved and animal rights-friendly. Every one of the 500 cows is a dairy cow rescued from the slaughterhouse, now peacefully living out their days below deck. The walls are all well ventilated and glass lined, so they still get their fair share of sunlight, and the floor is covered in turf that’s five metres deep with rich soil. Between cruises, the cows are swapped out and peacefully left to graze in some of the many hectares Methane Cruises have purchased at some of the ports, and dedicated cattle hands have been hired to look after each herd. They know each of their cows individually by name and create strong bonds of friendship.

A cow’s natural lifespan is about 20 years, but in the dairy industry, they’re lucky if they make it to being five, due to over-milking and harsh treatment. Methane Cruises are not just a luxury cruise; they’re a retirement home for happy cows.

What if the Farts Run Out? A Luxury Cruise Solution to a Windy Problem

“What if the cows stop farting?” we hear you ask. Never fear: Methane Cruises are equipped with a ‘code flatulence’ for such an emergency. NCL Cruises and Celebrity Cruises may have their vegan options, but all Methane Cruises carry entire pantries of beans ready to convert everyone’s diet to a legume-based one at a moment’s notice. Don’t worry, though: all chefs are trained by Jamie Oliver for high-quality vegetarian cooking, so your taste buds won’t suffer.

When code flatulence is initiated, vents open in the ceilings of all the bedrooms and bathrooms and your farts become converted by a futuristic ceiling ventilation system into methane fuel. The bodily functions of up to 5,000 passengers may not be a permanent solution, but they will carry you to the nearest port in time to change out to a fresh herd of cows and continue on your journey.

Can’t wait to cruise with a clean carbon emission conscience? Look for the launch of Methane Cruises with Cruise Club UK in 2020 and make sure to pack your wellingtons for saying hello to the cows.

Unfortunately (for now at least), this is just an April Fool, but we have many other fantastic and eco-friendly luxury cruises here at Cruise Club UK. Browse our selection today and plan your next adventure.

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a woman enjoying her cruise holiday aboard a luxury cruise

Think that cruises are just for rich, retired couples? Think again. From last-minute cruises from the UK, perfect for young singles, to NCL cruises that keep the whole family happy, there’s no one age or person that can enjoy all the wonderful things a cruise has to offer.

When you mention cruising to people, you’re bound to get one of two reactions: enthusiasm, or disgust. It’s a lot like Marmite, really. Loved by many loathed by some, regarded as a mythical creature by those who’ve never taken one, cruises are a form of travel unlike any other breed. As such, many fallacies have sprung up around cruises.

We’re here to debunk some of those myths and explain why once you’ve sailed the high seas, you’ll never want to travel in any other way, ever again.

“Cruises Are All the Same”

An NCL Cruise, an Azamara Cruise, a Silversea Cruise; is there really a difference between all the major cruise lines other than just the colour of the sheets? After all, aren’t cruise ships just floating resorts? And aren’t all resorts the same?

Think again, because if you’re into it, there’s a cruise for it. Whether you’re a Star Trek fan or love the night sky, you’ll find a cruise to suit your needs. If you just want a great holiday where you sort out a last-minute cruise from the UK and don’t need to worry about flight connections or checking in and out, you’ll find the right one for you, thanks to the sheer variety the likes of NCL Cruises and Azamara Cruises offer. Depending on the ship, you can find climbing walls, arcades, speaker events, tennis courts; the list goes on. If you can think of something you want to do on holiday, you can find a cruise ship that has it.

“You Have to Be Rich to Cruise”

This is another thing that, quite simply, isn’t true. At Cruise Club UK, we uncover the best industry deals and we specialise in last-minute cruises from the UK, so if you fancy a spur-of-the-moment holiday, you don’t have to break the bank. An easy way to save money on cruising is to stay within Europe. The Mediterranean, which is so close and yet so often overlooked with the whole world out there, offers wonderful coastlines and incredible cliffs and coastal towns making it the perfect (and affordable) location via NCL Cruises or Azamara Cruises

Even if you want to escape to further away, like America or Asia, our last-minute cruise deals and all-inclusive packages make cruising more affordable than you could ever dream.

“Cruising is Just For Pensioners and Families”

Do you imagine that you only cruise around the world when you’re retired, like the 86-year old widow who spent 10 years living on a ship? The average age of a cruise customer is 55, meaning there are plenty of younger cruisers to balance out the older ones.

Cruising has also become more popular amongst those who are young and independent, like entrepreneurs who are taking to the seas. Because a cruise ship creates a feeling of community, it’s a great idea for networking and for businesses. NCL Cruises and other major cruise lines are also working on improving their internet service, so you can stay connected at sea.

“Cruising Isn’t Real Travel”

Cruises are subject to a lot of travel snobbery from other travellers, but there’s really no need for it. You’re not living in a shack in the jungle and learning the indigenous language, but then that’s not for everyone — and why should it be? Each to their own, after all. However, if the idea of floating in comfort and style with interesting people, constant stimulation, amazing relaxation, and fascinating places to visit doesn’t appeal to you… then you may need to get your head checked!

You can even help local communities while taking a cruise holiday, as cruise lines have opened up to voluntourism. Some offer opportunities for helping the locals, while others transport large amounts of goods to the countries they visit — so you’re helping by default.

With so many amazing last-minute cruise deals from the UK on major lines like NCL and Azamara cruises, there’s every reason to try out a cruise and see if it’s the holiday for you. If they’re good enough for someone to spend ten years on a ship, then all these people must be onto something, right? It’s time for you to find out.

Look through Cruise Club UK’s collection of industry-leading deals from major cruise companies, or contact us today so we can find you your perfect holiday!

Spending time on a luxury cruise should be on everyone’s to-do list for 2017. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of the ocean and feeling cool sea spray on your warm skin. With Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), those feelings are closer than ever before. Take a look at six of Cruise Club UK’s favourite NCL 2017 cruises and let the dream of a cruise holiday drift ever nearer!

An infographic of the best NCL cruise deals of 2017

6. Adriatic & Greece (7 nights, £769pp)

Take in the delights of the Adriatic Sea on a seven-night cruise from Venice. Witness history’s most stunning monuments in Athens and see what makes tourists flock to Dubrovnik. You’ll enjoy this week-long cruise even more when you find out that flights, luggage and transfers are all included in the price!

This is the ideal cruise for those who have never sailed before. One week is not too long, so even those unaccustomed to spending days away from dry land will be able to cope. And of course, the stop-off points in idyllic coastal ports will give you ample time to put some land — and sand — underneath your feet.

5. Canary Islands (10 nights, £769pp)

One of our most popular cruises is this 10-night trip around the Canary Islands. Witness the Iberian Islands in all their glory while basking in the subtropical climate. Despite being a part of Spain, the Canary Islands are located closer to Africa than Europe. This may explain the so-called “best climate in the world”. We certainly wouldn’t disagree with that claim!

This NCL cruise comes with free flights from London Gatwick and free drinks once you’re on board. Plus, if you book an Ocean View cabin or above, you’ll get to choose from another free extra. You could opt for a free speciality dining package, internet access or $200 credit to spend on board.

4. Copenhagen to Miami (15 nights, £1099pp)

If sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in complete luxury sounds good to you, this NCL cruise from Copenhagen to Miami is your ideal match. Experience a whole change in culture as you depart from Denmark, one of Europe’s capitals of cycling, to Miami, home of white sandy beaches and art deco buildings.

If those things aren’t enough motivation for you, then how about free flights, luggage and transfers?

3. Norwegian Fjords (10 nights, £1489pp)

The only true way to see Norway’s natural beauty is from the water. There are more than a thousand fjords along Norway’s coastline and you’ll see the most breathtaking of them all on this NCL cruise. Don’t forget to pack your coat on this chilly ten-nighter, as you take in the quiet seclusion of the watery paradise. From the luxury of your cabin, you’ll witness the spectacular Geirangerfjord, which sits proudly on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

With departures from Southampton and free drinks included in the price, Norway’s fjords are closer than you might think.

2. Hawaiian Tropics (15 nights, £2499pp)

It might seem a bit cliched to describe Hawaii as an island paradise, but when you arrive, you’ll most certainly agree! Departing from Vancouver, this NCL cruise takes you around some of the most scenic islands on planet Earth. Jump in the serene, blue waters of Kona and marvel at the mountains of Kahului, all whilst cruising with NCL. On this fifteen-night cruise, you’ll forget all about your worries and sink into a state of relaxation.

And don’t worry about booking extra flights — they’re included in the price, as well as your luggage and airport transfers.

1. Australian Adventure (22 nights, £2499pp)

Our favourite NCL cruise of 2017 is also the longest on this list. For those who want a more substantial adventure, this 22-night cruise around Australia will get your blood pumping. On this longer trip, you can commit fully to relaxation. Research has found that taking a holiday can improve your skin, promote weight loss and even boost your confidence.

For those who aren’t used to longer cruises, the long time spent at sea may come as a bit of a surprise. We’d suggest starting off with a shorter one to begin with — perhaps the seven-night trip around the Adriatic Sea — and gradually finding your sea legs. However, if you do want to dive straight in, our adventure Down Under comes with free flights, luggage allowance and transfers!

Whether you’re a first-time cruise-goer or a veteran of the seas, our NCL 2017 cruises offer something for everyone. The past year may have been a hectic one, but this one is guaranteed to be more serene if you jump on board with NCL Cruises.

Call Cruise Club UK today on 0808 163 7698 or browse our NCL 2017 cruise collection and find the perfect cruise for you!

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Woman in open arms, freedom pose, enjoying the sea on a cruise holiday

Cruises are growing in popularity, which means the industry is offering deals that are more competitive than ever. From NCL cruises to Azamara cruise deals, we’ve found the top cruise locations and deals for 2017.

There’s an epidemic in the UK. An epidemic of working too much and not using our annual leave. With a third of us not using our annual leave, we’re getting sick, depressed and demotivated. The answer? Make a holiday your New Year’s resolution and get a trip to the sun and a change of scenery.

With free flights, free drinks and the best service you could possibly ask for, a cruise is perfect if you want a stress-free holiday that’ll whisk you away on a cruise from the UK to your dream destination. At Cruise Club UK, we pride ourselves on having the best deals from all the major cruise lines, like NCL Cruises and Royal Caribbean. This means you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and making the most of your precious holiday time.

So, all aboard for our round-up of 2017’s top cruises from the UK. Let’s make that dream holiday a reality!

Norwegian Cruise Lines Free at Sea – the Best Ever NCL Cruise Deal

Multiple Locations

We believe that this is currently the best cruise deal on the market — and it’s definitely the best ever from NCL Cruises! With our early booking offer, you get to choose four free add-ons with your cruise. We’ve combined the benefits of booking early (free drinks and flights) with the low prices of a last-minute cruise deal, meaning you can currently get a ten-day cruise including drinks and flights from only £779 per person.

You don’t have to go to just one location, either. Depending on your time and money, you can really get the most out of your annual leave and, if you wish, cruise all the way to Hong Kong or Australia. Another wonderful benefit of cruising is that, while you’re not totally out of contact, you can leave work on the shore and focus on enjoying your cocktail as you relax on-deck.

Azamara Cruise Deals – A Luxury Experience

The Mediterranean

There are many Azamara Cruises that set it apart in 2017, but their Mediterranean ones are particularly perfect for a 2017 getaway. With so many amazing holiday possibilities, it’s easy to forget that some of the most beautiful destinations in the world are on our doorstep.

For a holiday you can easily fit into two weeks that gives you the luxury of a five star hotel and avoids the stress of airports, Azamara’s luxury cruise deals to the Mediterranean are the perfect option. Experience the warm sun, the delicious food, the beautiful buildings and the vibrant culture. Then, you can return to the UK refreshed and ready to dive back into your work with renewed vigour.

Explore Scandinavia with a Cruise from the UK

Denmark, Norway and more

Who says your holiday has to chase the sun? Surrounded by bodies of water, Scandinavia is the perfect cruise destination and is close enough that you can cruise there directly from the UK with a no-flying cruise and stay. In the first nine months of 2016, Scandinavia experienced a 6% rise in tourism, and 2017 is set to be no different. With their unique culture and beautiful landscape, the likes of Denmark and Norway should be on everyone’s must-visit list.

If you want to explore nature, P&O cruises offer a seven-day tour of the Norwegian Fjords, while Princess Cruises offer a week-long tour around the highlights of Scandinavia. During the summer, expect warm days where the sun never seems to set — perfect for drinking wine along the Nyhavn, or an evening stroll through the Fjords.

With these incredible deals, destinations and countless others, there’s really no excuse for not using up every last second of your annual leave this year, exploring our beautiful planet. Do your part to fight the epidemic of workaholics, because treating yourself to a cruise holiday this year isn’t just a luxury. It’s a public duty.

Call Cruise Club UK today on 0808 163 7698 to book your free flight, free drinks and ten-day NCL cruise from 770 pp, or to discuss one of our many other market-leading cruise deals.

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The festive period can be stressful. There are presents to buy, faraway friends to visit and not enough hours in the day. Sure, we’d all like to relax a bit more over Christmas, so why can’t we?

On a cruise from the UK, you can do your Christmas shopping and visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, all in serene luxury. And, if it’s all too much for you, you can escape to sunnier climes and forget about Santa altogether.

Grab Some Winter Sun

Part of the reason to get away over the Christmas period is the appalling weather. The UK gets an average of thirteen days of rain or snow each December — almost half the days in the month! If you’re eager to top up your vitamin D reserves and avoid a drenching, a cruise to sunnier climes could suit you.
The benefits of getting winter sun range from improving your sleep, to lowering your blood pressure. With the weather in the UK leaving many people down in the dumps, a Christmas break to warmer shores is the solution. A trip to the Canary Islands on a Celebrity cruise will make you forget all about the rain!

Infographic about Christmas Cruises from the UK

Indulge in Natural Beauty on NCL Cruises

Christmas time is stressful for many reasons. One of the best methods of de-stressing is to be amongst nature, which has been shown to reduce anger, fear and stress. Going on an NCL cruise gives you the chance to witness the natural world in all its splendour and could be great for your health. On these cruises from the UK, the Northern Lights and Norway’s stunning fjords are well within reach.

Explore Europe’s Christmas Markets on a Cruise from the UK

If you want to be a little more active on your cruise break, take the opportunity to browse Europe’s finest Christmas markets. Visiting Germany and Denmark on a short cruise could be perfect for picking up some unique gifts. Germany is famous for its Christmas markets and there are dozens to visit while you’re there.
Alternatively, you could opt for an even more local destination: Ireland. It’s allegedly the world’s friendliest country and the Emerald Isle is also ideal for Christmas shopping. A cruise needn’t be a long and exotic journey, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable. While you’re there, you can put that old urban legend to the test and see if Guinness really does taste better in Ireland.

Go Even Further from Home

Escaping the stresses and strains of Christmas might sound appealing to you — we’re all tempted from time to time! If you’re one of those people who finds the festive period a hassle, consider skipping the whole holiday season on a month-long cruise. Taking a break from work and the stresses of daily life can be essential for maintaining good health. And, let’s face it, Christmas is more hectic than the rest of the year combined!

A trip to New York or the Caribbean will have you forgetting all about turkey and the trimmings. You may even find that you return with renewed productivity, improved happiness and a spring in your step. If you take care of your body, don’t neglect your mind. A cruise from the UK over Christmas might be good for your head as well as your heart.

Cruise Club UK offers cruises for everyone, regardless of your opinion of Christmas. Browse our huge range of cruises from the UK and find the getaway that suits you.

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Cruises aren’t just for families or groups of people anymore. Cruise lines are now queuing up to offer singles cruises for the solo traveller. NCL Cruises offers all the benefits of a traditional cruise, but caters specifically to the solo traveller. Have you thought about a solo cruise?

The cruise industry has long been marred by certain stereotypes, like “cruises are for seniors” or “cruises are for couples”. However, this luxurious form of transport and travelling has come a long way since then, so if you opt to travel alone on a cruise, no longer will you struggle to find a single cabin or activities to suit you.

ncl cruises solo cruise traveller

Why Go on a Solo Cruise?

Travelling solo has some huge benefits. It allows you to meet new people from a range of different cultures, unplug from the world and enjoy some valuable “me time”, to do exactly what you want to do, without having to compromise with whoever you’re travelling with. Do this on a cruise and you don’t have to worry about catching the right connection or arduous bus journeys, either.

Booking a cruise allows you to take in toured shore excursions, or if you choose, you can lie back and relax on board by the pool, or treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. With food and drink all-inclusive in many packages, you’ll also be able to experience some of the best culinary delights on offer.

With a cruise, you don’t have to worry about fearing for your safety or losing your bags. Take your bare essentials while you go off and explore the nearest port town, staying assured that your bags and belongings are safe on the ship.

But Won’t It Cost More?

Solo cruises have surged in popularity in recent years, so much so that cruise providers are jumping on this trend and offering more options for solo travellers, including dedicated singles cruises. The single supplement — paying more because you want to travel alone — is a thing of the past. Book with Norwegian Cruise Line (or NCL Cruises), and you won’t have to pay extra for the luxury of travelling alone.

In fact, did you know that NCL Cruises was the first cruise provider to ever to build staterooms and common areas specifically for the single traveller?

What About Onboard Activities?

You might think that activities on a cruise are catered towards groups. That may be true on cruises aimed at families, such as Disney Cruises. But NCL cruises fully cater to individuals, even hosting singles nights. If you’re single and ready to mingle, what better way to meet people than on the high seas?

On all of Norwegian Cruise Line’s voyages, there is always the opportunity to meet your fellow passengers. Staff host regular bar crawls around the ship, or if you want to share your pride, why not take part in the Friends of Dorothy happy hour happening every night? Even if you opt for a solo cruise to spend some time to yourself, it can still get lonely. Using these events as a solo traveller allows you to meet others to share experiences with — and if you have shared interests, you could even reduce costs by going halves on certain events.

When it comes to spending the night on deck, even the biggest party animals might not want to dance alone. Many cruise lines, NCL Cruises included, employ dancers, or “gentleman hosts”, so you need never worry about not having anyone to dance with.

If you’re single and looking to meet like-minded people on a cruise, for love or otherwise, solo cruises are the way to go. With cocktail parties, speed dating and shared dining experiences, there’s always something on the itinerary for you to do.

If you’re just looking to unwind and partake in your interests, there’s no reason you have to do this accompanied by someone else. From rock climbing to language classes, you’ll meet plenty of other solo travellers — so don’t worry about feeling like the third wheel stuck in a room full of couples. If you strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller and make a friend, that’s a bonus!

Where Can I Go?

When it comes to cruising, the sky’s the limit. With NCL Cruises at Cruise Club UK, you could enjoy 11 nights seeing the European capitals, or if you want a taste of the Transatlantic, why not end your trip on the glorious sands of South Beach, Miami? If seeing the world is on your agenda but you don’t want to have to catch a flight to do it, check out our cruises from the UK.

Solo cruises offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your own time and do the activities and excursions you want to, as well as mingle with the locals and spend time with your fellow travellers, if you choose. With NCL Cruises offering cruises catered to solo travellers, whether you want to experience the diversity of travellers on a traditional cruise or opt for a singles cruise, the only question you need to ask yourself is: “when shall I book?”

Book your solo cruise with NCL Cruises today with Cruise Club UK. Our team are passionate about helping you find the right cruise for you, wherever you want to go. Call us free today on 0808 159 8014.