Holidaying This New Year? Top Cruises From the UK

Holidaying This New Year? Top Cruises From the UK

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Cruises are growing in popularity, which means the industry is offering deals that are more competitive than ever. From NCL cruises to Azamara cruise deals, we’ve found the top cruise locations and deals for 2017.

There’s an epidemic in the UK. An epidemic of working too much and not using our annual leave. With a third of us not using our annual leave, we’re getting sick, depressed and demotivated. The answer? Make a holiday your New Year’s resolution and get a trip to the sun and a change of scenery.

With free flights, free drinks and the best service you could possibly ask for, a cruise is perfect if you want a stress-free holiday that’ll whisk you away on a cruise from the UK to your dream destination. At Cruise Club UK, we pride ourselves on having the best deals from all the major cruise lines, like NCL Cruises and Royal Caribbean. This means you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and making the most of your precious holiday time.

So, all aboard for our round-up of 2017’s top cruises from the UK. Let’s make that dream holiday a reality!

Norwegian Cruise Lines Free at Sea – the Best Ever NCL Cruise Deal

Multiple Locations

We believe that this is currently the best cruise deal on the market — and it’s definitely the best ever from NCL Cruises! With our early booking offer, you get to choose four free add-ons with your cruise. We’ve combined the benefits of booking early (free drinks and flights) with the low prices of a last-minute cruise deal, meaning you can currently get a ten-day cruise including drinks and flights from only £779 per person.

You don’t have to go to just one location, either. Depending on your time and money, you can really get the most out of your annual leave and, if you wish, cruise all the way to Hong Kong or Australia. Another wonderful benefit of cruising is that, while you’re not totally out of contact, you can leave work on the shore and focus on enjoying your cocktail as you relax on-deck.

Azamara Cruise Deals – A Luxury Experience

The Mediterranean

There are many Azamara Cruises that set it apart in 2017, but their Mediterranean ones are particularly perfect for a 2017 getaway. With so many amazing holiday possibilities, it’s easy to forget that some of the most beautiful destinations in the world are on our doorstep.

For a holiday you can easily fit into two weeks that gives you the luxury of a five star hotel and avoids the stress of airports, Azamara’s luxury cruise deals to the Mediterranean are the perfect option. Experience the warm sun, the delicious food, the beautiful buildings and the vibrant culture. Then, you can return to the UK refreshed and ready to dive back into your work with renewed vigour.

Explore Scandinavia with a Cruise from the UK

Denmark, Norway and more

Who says your holiday has to chase the sun? Surrounded by bodies of water, Scandinavia is the perfect cruise destination and is close enough that you can cruise there directly from the UK with a no-flying cruise and stay. In the first nine months of 2016, Scandinavia experienced a 6% rise in tourism, and 2017 is set to be no different. With their unique culture and beautiful landscape, the likes of Denmark and Norway should be on everyone’s must-visit list.

If you want to explore nature, P&O cruises offer a seven-day tour of the Norwegian Fjords, while Princess Cruises offer a week-long tour around the highlights of Scandinavia. During the summer, expect warm days where the sun never seems to set — perfect for drinking wine along the Nyhavn, or an evening stroll through the Fjords.

With these incredible deals, destinations and countless others, there’s really no excuse for not using up every last second of your annual leave this year, exploring our beautiful planet. Do your part to fight the epidemic of workaholics, because treating yourself to a cruise holiday this year isn’t just a luxury. It’s a public duty.

Call Cruise Club UK today on 0808 163 7698 to book your free flight, free drinks and ten-day NCL cruise from 770 pp, or to discuss one of our many other market-leading cruise deals.


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