What is Princess OCEAN Medallion?

What is Princess OCEAN Medallion?

Introducing the new OCEAN Medallion from Princes Cruises

This is a brilliant concept that will allow for a more personalised cruising experience and here’s why:


The OCEAN (One Cruise Experience Access Network) Medallion is free and valid on the following cruise ships:

Regal Princess from November 2017

Royal Princess from January 2018

Caribbean Princess from March 2018


The medallion is sent to you prior to departure, it’s also wearable as a wristband. It holds your unique digital identity and with the aid of digital readers on board the ship it communicates with them, allowing crew to know your needs. It will be used to unlock your stateroom and help speed up embarkation. It will be used as a payment method on board too.

Order with ‘Here & Now’ – Place food and drink orders and have them delivered to your current location… Never miss a moment of ‘Movies Under The Stars’


Ocean Concierge will send you invites and suggestions to events and activities based on your preselected preferences


Ocean Compass is the cruise planner onboard. You fill in a survey prior to your departure, via the cruise personaliser. Once onboard the device can then recommend excursions, shows and entertainment, dining venues plus lots more based on your requirements. With touchscreens available throughout the ship, your stateroom tv and your own personal device it couldn’t be easier!


Ocean Navigate helps you find your way around, so you don’t get lost onboard. Know where you family and friends are by communicating with each other via the instant messenger service

There & Then Order a beverage at a dedicated time and have it delivered to where you will be at that time

The more you engage with Ocean Compass the more exciting your opportunities become!

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For more information on Princess Cruises, contact me direct: Becky@cruiseclubuk.com 0161 798  2518

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