Something that really puts a good start to my (and hopefully your) cruise holiday is a great Sail away.

A particularly great view as your ship drops ropes and casts off – A view that you just have to sit and watch as the land disappears while you set course to your next destination.

I’ve got a few of my own that I’d like to share – and let me know if you have any of your own to share too.

#1 Venice.

The ultimate sail away in my book – I hope you agree.

The sail away was so good I missed my evening meal!!

Grandeur Med (103)

#2 New York

Casting off from New York Harbour and sailing along the upper bay – sailing under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Watching the world’s most iconic skyline as it disappears into the distance with a nice cold beer in hand.

An up close view of the statue of liberty (she’s smaller than I expected)

NYC&Cruise 121

NYC&Cruise 142

  • Interesting factoid!
  • The ship I was onboard (Crown Princess) is 1 foot taller than the clearance of the bridge.
  • But due to the “Squat” effect the ship drops in the water the faster she goes (so we took the bridge at full speed)

#3 Miami

Not technically a Sail way – but one of my most memorable starts to a cruise.

When I sailed from Miami on the Oasis of the seas it happened to be the same day as they took delivery of the Allure of the seas (we departed – allure arrived from the shipyard)

As a publicity stunt By Royal Caribbean had the 2 ships side by side in the Atlantic, with a synchronised side-by-side sailing
Miami Oasis (102)



There is even a video if you want to know more

#4 Santorini

A beautiful Island, One of my all-time favourites – so much so I had to go back on holiday.

Sorry the picture isn’t that good – but you get the idea.

Grandeur Med (324)

Honourable mention…

#5 the Caribbean

Yes – they all do start to look the same (this is Grand Turk by the way)

But it’s such a beautiful part of the world.

NYC&Cruise 177 NYC&Cruise 176



This is not what I mean by a beautiful sail away.

A beautiful view of Ikea.


They are some of the ports I’ve visited. Have you a particular favourite?

  • Let me know

Tarar for now


The Capn’

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