Three cruise lines that  you to bring your own alcohol on board

With the exception of wine, the standard policy across cruise lines is that you cannot bring your alcohol on board  a cruise. However, there are three cruise lines that have an exception to this rule and let you bring your own.


Disney Cruise Line

Anybody aged 21 years or older are allowed to bring their own beer and liquor on board for in-cabin consumption. It makes no difference if you bring it on at time of embarking, or you find yourself a bargain on one of the islands and bring it back with you. However, any liquor purchased at the onboard duty-free shop will be held by Disney Cruise Line until the final night of the cruise.

All Beverages being taken on-board must be packed in your carry-on and not checked luggage. You are not allowed to bring coolers filled with drinks. The reason for such a big cruise line having such a liberal policy is simply because, passengers are paying a premium just to cruise with Disney!

Azamara Club Cruises

The luxury two ship line include wine, beer and select brand liquors in their cruise fare, but passengers are still allowed to bring liquor on board for in-cabin consumption. If you wish to drink this outside of your cabin, there will be a $10 corkage fee.

Same policy as Disney when it comes to the on-board duty free. Azamara will hold this until the final night of the cruise.

P&O Cruise Line

The British line allow passengers to bring a small amount of alcohol on board with them. There is no restriction to the amount brought on, but P&O does reserve the right to remove any alcohol at the gangway should the Health, comfort, safety or enjoyment of passengers be compromised.


Most cruise lines allow 1 bottle of wine, per passenger, per 7 day sailing. If you have a 14 day sailing, you can take 2 per passenger and they will keep a hold of the 2nd bottle until the second 7 night sailing.

Always check before you sail incase the policies have changed and you can bring more, or less.




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