First time cruiser? Not sure what style of cruising will be best for you? Check out some top tips below for some of the top cruise lines in the industry.

With cruise lines becoming more and more like floating islands, with so many things to do on-board, choosing the right cruise line can be tricky, and you may even find yourself on a cruise that just isn’t right for you.

For the Families and the Fun loving passengers:

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) – offer passengers a freestyle approach to cruising. Forget the traditional classical music and white glove service, NCL offer guests a casual, relaxed style of cruising. With no set dining times and a minimum of 12 restaurants on board one ship, finding something for everyone at meal times is not a problem. You can dine as you want. The latest ship to join the NCL fleet will be the Norwegian Escape forecasted for arrival October 2015. Huge waterslides are available for the children and adults on board. Sail with NCL and you are guaranteed a fun time aboard any of their ships. NCL are an American owned 4* Cruise Line – Currency on board is USD. – I am set to sail on the Norwegian Getaway in September 2015, which will be my first time with NCL, come back for my blog on that later.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) – My favourite Line! What can I say, they have it all…. I travel as a couple and enjoy RCCL thoroughly. They have everything to offer for families, couples, groups of friends and the older generation too. They really do have a mix. The newer ships have taken the Cruise Industry to a whole new level. Offering indoor sky-diving, robotic bar tenders, the seaplex arcade offering dodgems & skating, RCCL have introduced us to the ‘Smart Ships’. Set dining times are offered to passengers as well as the “my time dining” option. Guests with children can take advantage of the “My Family Time Dining” where children will be served their meals first before being picked up by a member of the adventure ocean club (RCCL kids club) for a night of fun. Result for mum and dad!! I will be sailing the oldest RCCL ship in August this year, as a pre-cruise cruise prior to my sailing on the getaway; this will be the Majesty of the Seas. Come back for my blog to see how I compare the older ship to the newer ships like the Oasis and the Allure. RCCL are an American owned 4* Cruise Line – Currency on board is USD.




Carnival Cruise Line If your looking for fun, sun and cocktails, Carnival may well be the line for you. Offering passengers a majority of mid-sized ships, Carnival pack their ships full of fun stuff. If you are at sea for a day on a Carnival Cruise ship, this is called ‘a fun day at sea’ not just a day at sea. I have never sailed with Carnival yet but I would like to try their new ship, the Carnival Vista for a Caribbean cruise. Carnival are a 4* American owned cruise ship offering cruises departing from the USA. – Currency on board is USD.


For the more relaxed, reserved passengers:

Holland America Line (HAL) – Passengers who are looking for a more traditional cruise, with exceptional service should check out Holland America Line. The majority of the staff on board are Filipino and are simply fantastic! Soft music is played by the pool in the day, don’t expect any live, loud music. A very relaxing style of cruising. I would not recommend this cruise for families travelling with children. Holland America Line are a 5* American Owned Cruise Line – Currency on board is USD.

Cunard Cruise Line The traditional cruise line. Guests should have their Tuxedos and ball gowns at the ready for a sailing with Cunard. Established back in the 1800’s by Canadian Samuel Cunard, the cruise line have kept their traditional, high class service to this date. Classical Music and Art fans will be in their element on board any of the three ships with Cunard. Whether its the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth ship you sail on, you are guaranteed a traditional cruise from the one and only Cunard Cruise Line. 5* Cruise line operate USD currency on board.

Azamara Club Cruises – With two ships on offer, the Quest and the Journey, Azamara have a totally different approach to cruising compared to other main cruise lines. Both ships have a guest capacity of 686 and offer a ‘club’ like feel on board – hence the name! Both ships are small and offer a HUGE advantage of being able to sail to places the larger cruise lines cant. For example, if a large cruise ship docks in Bangkok, it will be a few hours away, where as the Azamara ships will be on the doorstep where all the fun is. Smaller ships mean you don’t get lost as much on board! so, instead of spending the entire sailing trying to get to know where things are on board, you can do this when you board. Azamara are a 5* premium brand who are owned by the same company as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Sailing with Azamara will include pretty much everything in their cost, including shore excursions and drinks, making it Azamara All Inclusive. Currency on board is USD.


Guests that like a little bit of both:

P&O Cruise Line – English owned 4*

Celebrity Cruise Line – American owned 5*

Costa Cruise Line – Italian Owned 4*



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