Welcome to part two of Cruise Norway As I begin the journey back south sailing from the Midnight sun

The journey back South was just as delightful, perhaps even more so as my 2 favorite ports were on this leg



This was one of my favourite places, and one that I have since returned too. It’s the largest city in Northern Norway, known as gateway to the north, the centre is about about 8km from port, RCCL had a shuttle bus for $8p/p return into the town centre

They had a tourist train that took you to the main places. I’d say make a full day here as there is a lot to see and do. Lots of museums including Polaris, a big Arctic centre that gives info on Northern Norway, the Northern lights and an aquarium with bearded seals

Main recommendation is the cable car up Mount Storsteinen, BUT I’d go in afternoon rather than morning as we arrived just as a million tour buses came and queued for over an hour. It cost £15 to go up and there’s a huge area where you can walk, admire the views, café with terrace overlooking Tromso and even a kids playground. Really beautiful and fabulous views over the neighbouring islands and mountains with a scattering of hill snow.

Back down there is the Arctic cathedral made out of glass. They have midnight concerts so in the summer you can too experience the Midnight Sun and in the winter the Northern lights. Its easy to walk around and there is a pedestrianized shopping street. Just incase anyone asks you can take the number 20 bus from where the Rccl bus drops you off to the Arctic cathedral or num 24 to the Cable car




My favourite place

So beautiful, this is actually down the fjord which is spectacular sailing back out into the sea, Geiranger is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet and has been awarded a Unesco world heritage site. We booked an excursion with RCCL as was told there wasn’t any other trips, however when we got back to the centre they offered their own independent bus tours (left 09.45), sightseeing bus or hop of hop off bus.


You arrive in the centre of town by tender, there is literally a little marina, few shops and restaurants or you can walk up to the Visitors centre, think it was about 1km away (uphill). The best views are from Mount Dalsnibba (fabulous unless you don’t like heights), its 1500m above sea level and there are 11 ‘hairpin bends’, ive never seen anything like it, the bus drivers are talented! think really narrow windy roads then imagine a really tight bend and that’s the bus going uphill, not sure if it was worse going up or down, especially when we ended up passing all these cyclists on a bike race. The views from the top however were unbelievable, you can just see green mountains sprinkled with snow, numerous waterfalls and then the ship in port looks like a tiny dot

Bergen –

Known as the gateway to the Fjords. Again walking distance of the ship, they had hop on hop off buses and a little tourist train (£15-£20) but not really needed, you could easily walk around and see everything. One thing that is a must is the Funiculur up Mount Fløyen, again mainly for the views, café, restaurant, walking/hiking trails up there. The fish market is famous and you can see live King crabs and lobsters which are a speciality in Norway, however don’t eat there as it’s expensive and not great food. Bryggn is the old part of town (most of the pictures you see are of this, little red and yellow wooden buildings along the front). You can basically just wander round and soak up the atmosphere

Kristiansand –


Again very pretty town and in walking distance from the ship, although they do have a tourist train that you can get from the port (£10 for half hr)There is an older part with lots of wooden buildings mainly restaurants along the water, then you get further into the city, they have a long promenade that you can walk along that leads onto a manmade beach which was pretty cool


All in all I’d defo recommend it as a cruise, it is surprising how much I did enjoy it you get the best of everything sun, picturesque scenery and adventure, and when other time can you tell people that you sunbathed in the Arctic circle

So if you read this and still aren’t convinced get in touch and I promise you it will one of the most special cruises you’ll go on

Thanks for reading!

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