A Journey to Iceland

A Journey to Iceland

Looking forward to my trip to Iceland next month, and watching Jane McDonald’s recent cruise around Iceland it made me realise that this island has come along in leaps and bounds over the years since the renound volcanic eruption and is now one of the most popular holiday destinations for both land and cruise holidays with tourists now outnumbering locals.

This will be my 3rd visit to Iceland, each time venturing a little further afield, from my first visit to Reykjavik, to driving along the South Coast last year and this time an escorted tour to the North. It is such a vast island of extremes and is known as the land of fire and ice due to the varying landscapes.


Iceland features greenery, black lava fields, geysers, glaciers, volcanos, wildlife, and if you’re lucky the Northern lights, it is truly tremendous country full of contrasts.

The tourist season for Iceland runs all year, all seasons offer something different. Cruise lines tend to operate their itineraries in Summer, here you get the best weather and most daylight, especially Mid Summer where you get almost 24 hours with the Midnight sun. Most itineraries sail from UK, P&O, Celebrity, Fred Olsen and Norwegian operate cruises from Southampton, with Cruise & Maritime having the biggest base from Tilbury for Northern Europe sailings. Summer provides the most colour with vivid green scenery, activities are a plenty and peak season for whale watching.

Winter does carry the most spectacular contrast, with the blue skies, black volcanic fields and white roads of snow, this island is a photographers dream, and having a glass of fizz in the hot waters of the Blue Lagoon in the snow is most certainly an experience to never forget.


Some cruise lines operate winter cruises where you can see the dramatic changes in landscape, mainly Fred Olsen, Cruise & Maritime and P&O, plus Hurtigruten and of course Jane’s Ocean cruises, although both of these are more expedition ships, much smaller but advantages include a much more indepth itinerary, plus you have the opportunity to call at more and smaller ports than the larger mainstream cruise ships.

I would love to sail around Iceland it’s on my ever growing destination bucket list, which led me into researching all the main ports of call on an Icelandic cruise which I thought I would share with you, please see my next blog for more information


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