Keeping fit at sea may not be at the top of everyone’s priorities whilst on a cruise! However you may be surprised to know that it is becoming more and more popular as we all try and live a more healthier lifestyle.

There are now a huge array of ways to keep fit whilst on a cruise with something to suit all levels of fitness. I just wanted to touch on some of these to give you a taster of what you can expect to find and the great news is that the majority of them are FREE!

Wraparound promenade decks/running tracks

A lot of ships have these features and this is great way to get some excercise without really thinking about it! On the larger ships it will tell you how far it is to walk or jog around the deck and you will be suprised at how far this can be. Just walking around the deck twice on some ships could burn off enough calories to enjoy a guilt free treat that day!


Fitness classes

From laid back Yoga to some high intensity Spinning you can find it all on board. As you would expect there are class times daily, for all levels from beginner to advanced, which will be listed in your daily newsletter. There is no charge for the majority of the classes so a great excuse to give something a try for the first time and who knows you might actually enjoy it!

State of the art Fitness Centres

Ships are now very well equipped in their gyms on board. Treadmills and Cross trainers will normally face out through the panoramic windows giving you fantastic views whilst working up a sweat! Various weights equipment, rowing machines and even boxing rings can be found on some ships! If you want to take up a few hours with a personal trainer or dietician this can be arranged on board for a fee.

Sports Courts

Football, Basketball and even Tennis can be arranged on board on ships that feature the sports courts. Tournaments can be signed up for on board or you can just have a bit of friendly competition with your traveling companions.


Every ship is different as to their facilities so this is just a general overview of what you can expect.
You can find full information on individual ship facilities on the relevant cruise lines websites.

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Thanks for reading!

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