Dress code for your cruise.

Dress code for your cruise.


Dress code on board your cruise ship:

We all want to look our best ( not all time) so when we choose a cruise holiday the dress code is really not that complicated, its a holiday but feels like your still staying in a hotel. I love to dress up in the evening especially but its not always necessary when your going for your evening meal its part of my holiday.

So here are some does & dont’s whilst on your cruise holiday



Day time:

Some people dress up all the time even if they are just sitting around the pool drinking a pina-colada, reading there book, or just watching the world go by. Whilst you are relaxing by the pool in your  swim suits remember its better than the birthday suit save this for when your in the cabin. But then again be careful as you can get caught out. Naked sunbathing is not the done thing on board  most cruise lines are american and there rules do not permit nude or topless sunbathing.

Smart casual is all ways a good choice daytime or night time dependent on the days activities. So remember we come in all shapes and sizes and no one is the same.


Evening wear:

Cruising is for relaxing so you may want to just laze around in the pyjamas,dressing gown, ( even again naked but in the privacy of your cabin.) I am sure your fellow traveler on the cruise would not be expecting to see you in your night wear when going to a formal night on board the cruise, but this  has been know to happen that’s going to turn a few heads. There could be a themed celebratory pajamas party option but double check, so  Always be careful when dressing for dinner as there is always that one time when things can go wrong and your in that embarrassing situation and we have all had one.

So the moral of the story is always be prepared for the unexpected.


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Hello My name is Olive and I would like to tell you a few things about me! I have been in the Travel industry for over 25 years now. Enjoyed lots of family holidays, to some great and wonderful places. Now working in the cruise side of the industry for over 10 years and seen some amazing ships whilst keeping my legs firmly on land. Just enjoyed a Royal Caribbean cruise with my daughter & friend, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Great entertainment, staff very welcoming, food fabulous, even took advantage of a drinks package on board and would recommend this for you! A Cruise is for all ages from babes in arms to grandma & grandad. So keep checking for our special offers for your next cruise and let’s make that next dream cruise a reality!! Till then Olive.


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