In an Unprecedented move Royal Caribbean are really breaking with the norm.

They are Re-introducing a ship that they “sold” off in 2008.


The much loved Empress of the seas is coming back to Royal Caribbean.

At 48000 tonnes – carrying 2000 passengers she is significantly smaller than anything else on Royal Caribbean’s books at the moment.

  • Current smallest is the Majesty of the seas (74000 tonnes & 2350passengers)

The ship is currently sailing for Pullmantour cruises (a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean & Pullmantour holidays)

At this stage it is unknown what they’ll do with the ship when she comes back to Royal Caribbean in spring 2016 – but they have confirmed that the ship will be receiving an “extensive” refurbishment.


As there is no information at the moment as to what they’ll be doing with the ship – all I can do is speculate.

Here is the capn’s educated guesses….

My money is on…

1= A new Azamara ship.

= Azamara cruises is a luxury small-ship subsidiary of Royal Caribbean specialising in Small port / luxury experience. They’ve been 100% sold out on all voyages for years now and is crying out for more capacity. However… the lack of balcony cabins on the empress may put the breaks on that plan.

Other possibilities

2 = what she was designed for.

Shorter Durations = Bahamas is a great route for Royal, maybe the Empress will return to what she was designed to do.

3 = Splendour.

Royal have sold off the splendour of the seas – the much loved small ship (interestingly she’s bigger then empress) leaving the very popular Greek isles / small ship route empty vacant. Maybe it’s a late substitution.

4 = A rival.

Carnival have recently introduced an Eco-voulentourism cruise line see =

Maybe Royal are going to use this ship to rival their effort.

Vote here for what you would like to see the Empress’s new role should be.


Remember you heard it here first.

Tarar for now


Thanks for reading!

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