Is cruising for you?

Some people say it is not for everyone, which is something of a misnomer, for example, my lovely lady wife, really does not like the seas, in fact she can feel sea sick looking at a ship that is in port and not moving !  It was not without considerable persuasion that I managed to book us on a short three night trip from Southampton on the P&O Azura.  Murphy’s Law says it was going to be rough for those three nights and it was, however, I made sure we had a mid ship balcony cabin low down deck wise, mid ship as there is less movement and a lower deck as again there is less movement, A balcony cabin allows you to be able to open the patio doors on to your balcony for fresh air, this makes a huge difference for those nervous or prone to motion sickness as fresh air helps alleviate the symptoms. My wife also took anti motion sickness tablets and I am delighted to say, absolutely loved it. She enjoyed the ship, the fresh salty air and visiting Bruges. A great success, so much so that we have taken 6 other cruises since.

Is cruising for you? you will not know until you try it.

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