Having worked in the Travel Industry for numerous years, you come across some very funny Cruise questions. I wanted to share my top 10 with you:

  1. How much noise do sunbeds make when being moved? Also do you know the times of day they will be moved around?

This is a rare one, but I have been asked this, I think the customer was trying to suss out if they would hear the scrapping noise of the sunbeds from their cabin below

  1. ‘Your flight leaves at 1400 hours’, customer: ‘Is that in the morning or afternoon?’

In Travel we tend to use 24 hour military time to make it easier when explaining flight times

  1. Do we stay on board the ship at night or do we stay in a hotel?

Yes, of course you stay on the ship in your cabin overnight.

  1. I want to sail from Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a great add on, however it’s in the middle of a desert. You would have to embark in: San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego

Las Vegas

  1. What’s the difference between a veranda & balcony cabin?

One is how the Americans say it, the other is English!

  1. Do you know what the weather is going to be like?

HOT!!!! The answer is we don’t know, we can guess on previous years

  1. If I pay the cheapest price will my cabin be next to the engine room?

No, not at all!

  1. Do I need a passport if I sail from the UK? Even if I don’t get off the ship?

Yes, your sailing international waters and are required a passport to board

  1. I’m worried about the ‘Captains Cocktail Evening’ how can he host the dinner and sail the ship at the same time?

He’s the Captain for a reason and being in charge means he can delegate

10. If we book an ocean view cabin will it be below the water? 

No, none of the cruise lines have cabins below seas level.

It always makes our working day that much brighter with questions like these.

Share your experiences with us. Tell us some of the things you have been asked

Thanks for reading!

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