After reading another guys post online it inspired me to make my own list of my top 5 life changing  travel destinations and experiences so here they are

5 – Lake Garda

My very first holiday on my own, and progressively fell in love with Italy. The small towns along the lake are stunning and a definite must see if you haven’t been there before. I stayed with an Italian friend of my dad’s and we drove around the lake sightseeing shopping and tasting local Italian delicacies. I was so taken with the beautiful scenery I forgot to admire the Italian men! It’s also a good base for travelling to the other lakes, Verona, Milan and Venice by train

Lake garda 2

4 – Cologne

This was the holiday that started a yearly tradition of visiting a different Christmas market every year, and I can honestly say that the German and European markets beat the UK hands down. There is so much atmosphere and there’s nothing better than strolling along a cobbled street, along a riverside promenade and taking in the local culture and of course stopping off for the occasional Gluwein


3 – Celebrity Equinox

This was the very first cruise ship I ever saw and wow what a start. Somebody said to me the other day that they had just sailed on their first Celebrity cruise and now they can’t imagine cruising with any other line. I can understand this, these are one of the best cruise lines around, and the Equinox is the sister ship of the award winning Celebrity Eclipse. Now I love cruising it is such a fantastic way of visiting more than one place, it’s like 5 holidays in one. Although I do quite enjoy my sea days too so I get to relax on board and catch some rays

Equinox dining

equinox atrium

2 – Iceland

I am a complete beach lover, however this trip definitely changed my life when I went a few years ago. I can honestly say that I am now addicted to ‘cold’ places. Give me clear blue skies, glistening white snow with the black volcanic soil providing such a contrast I promise you will be speechless at your surrounds, and have hundreds of photos to prove it. Although we mainly booked the holiday to see the Northern lights, and were pretty disappointed when we didn’t, Iceland is an amazing country. From the capital city of Reykjavik, supping a glass of bubbly in the snow at the swim up bar in the Blue lagoon, to getting completely lost in a snow storm attempting to drive the Golden Circle. This was one of my favourite ever trips, and even now I say…..oh did you remember doing so and so in Iceland. If you haven’t been I would say it’s a must do. I went in March but I believe it is also beautiful in the Summer but to me it’s the snow that makes it special


Blue lagoon

1 – Lapland and the Arctic

Well I never thought I would ever say that this is my favorite destination. I’m a beach girl, thrive for the sun. I spent years living abroad, I’ve been all around the Med, visited USA and before this trip I would say Brazil was my favorite country, however I seem to have had a holiday transplant. When I was a little girl everyone’s dream is to go to Lapland and see Santa, fast forward 30 years and my dream came true….without the Santa part. My holiday of a lifetime was going to Finnish Lapland, staying in a little log cabin with its own built in Sauna. The snow sparkled, our hair actually froze, we went snowmobiling, husky riding and got towed along by reindeers, but by far the best part was that I actually got to see the Aurora Borealis, lucky enough to see them every night of our trip but the most memorable had to be lying in bed in our little glass igloo watching them through the glass. It was the perfect end to a perfect holiday. Even the cold never put me off, I can honestly say I didn’t know temperatures so cold even existed.



The next installment was a cruise around the Norwegian Fjords right up to the North Cape,. I honestly cant describe how pretty all the towns are and how you really do feel like your on top of the world stood at the most Northern point of Europe. The sun shone and I even got in a bit of sunbathing, never would’ve thought it got to over 20degrees in the Arctic. Experiencing the midnight sun is something that has to be seen to be believed.

I loved Tromso so much I was back there this year, and once again saw the lights. Which is now my problem, it’s addictive. I honestly thought I would be happy with seeing them once but you want to see them more bigger and better. So my next trip is a Hurtigruten cruise in exactly 13 days, and then next year there is something very special in the pipeline, but yes it is Norway again, this time by train

So I’ve been to the North quite a few times now, and each time it’s a different experience. Whether it’s by ship rail or car, Summer or Winter it’s a magical place and one that I have completely fallen in love with.


If you’ve always wanted to go to any of these places but some things holding you back, get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. And of course I would love to hear everyone else’s experiences too



Thanks for reading!

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