My next few blogs will be a guide to dress codes and how they vary depending on the Cruise line.

Ladies will always find it easier than the men when it comes to packing for your Cruise holiday as a nice dress can always double up either to be casual or evening attire depending on the atmosphere. As for us men a tuxedo is a tuxedo.

Although the cruise lines that hold formal nights will require formal wear you will still have the opportunity to decline and eat in the buffet restaurant on-board your chosen cruise, this is usually the case with people that are not sailing out of the UK and only have the usual 20 kilos baggage allowance.

On the other hand those Cruise ships that do not offer formal nights the passengers can still opt to wear evening attire as dressing up is a big part for many harden cruise passengers.


My upcoming  blogs are an example of what is required, I would still recommend checking with us, your agent or cruise line before you sail as terms and conditions can change regarding dress codes.

Azamara Club Cruises

Dress Code:  Known as ‘’Resort Casual’’ Azamara’s attire includes for both men and women, Sportswear, golf shirts, Chinos and of course skirts and dresses for the ladies.

Formal wear:  On all Azamara Cruise formal wear is not required. Should you wish to dress formerly you would need to take your own tuxedo with you as Azamara do not offer a rental service on board their ships.

Restrictions:  Bare feet, swimsuits, shorts or jeans are forbidden in the dining room and speciality restaurants, nevertheless jeans can been worn in the Buffet restaurant.


Carnival Cruise Line

Dress Code:  Being mostly casual Carnival do have one or two nights that will be evening attire. On casual nights which is the majority for Carnival evenings they recommend long trousers which include jeans, dress shorts are also permitted together with a polo shirt for men and dresses and blouses for the ladies. On formal nights men are required to wear long trousers and shirts with a ties and dresses for the ladies, even though some passengers may choose to wear Tuxedos or evening gowns that would be their choice but it isn’t required by the cruise line.

For those who want to be more relaxed they can always eat in the Lido restaurants which carry a more relaxed dress code.

Restrictions:  No swimsuits or flip flops together with sports and gym clothing is a no no during dinner time in the dining room.


Celebrity Cruises

Dress Code:  Celebrity Cruises states that passengers will need to pack two types of clothing for the cruise. Although most evenings are smart casual which will include sport shirts and trousers for men and for the ladies skirts and blouses and trousers or a more casual dress slacks for men, while women will be comfortable in skirts or pants and blouses, or casual dresses. On “evening chic” nights, both men and women may prefer more dressy attire, though it is not required. Nor are jackets and ties required for men. On the more dressy evenings men and women can dress up in evening attire should they so wish.

Restrictions: Like most Cruises swimwear, shorts and flip flops are not permitted. Jeans can been worn as long as they do not have holes or rips in them.

As mentioned I will be highlighting cruise line dress codes over my next few blogs so keep your eyes peeled! Also most cruise lines have a ‘white night’ so make sure you pack whites

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Did you know here at Cruise Club UK we have a Loyalty Bonus Scheme. Book your chosen cabin type and you can receive up to 50 Bonus Points (1 Point = £1) That’s a saving of up to £50 off your next cruise booked with us.

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